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on January 1, 2010
I just added a comment to my review so look for it at bottome. I still have this product 5 years later and all good! RJ 11/28/15
Read all the reviews on this. Mind you, I was a bit skeptical at the price, but in the end, I locked and loaded on this one and am very happy. Below is my written review and I've also attached some video. Read the review first.

As for it being complicated to put together, I really did not find this to be an issue. Sure, there were a couple of vague areas, but I found if I just paused, thought about it for a while, the answer came to me. Aside from putting one bolt in backwards (kids could have bonked their head on it so just turned it around) it all worked out nicely. One adult can do most of the work, but you must have two for the mounting of the back board and hoop.

As for quality. It's just fine.
For little kids, I think this is perfect. If I was buying it for older kids, I might get one of the other models with a bigger back board and where the board is extended off the pole. I recorded a couple of videos which shows you how the back board sits right on the pole. As one reviews stated, if you were running and slamming, you'd run right into the pole. Sometimes the ball hits the pole and kicks it back out. So this hoop system is really more for "goofing" around than serious play.

If you have a limited budget and / or you just want something for goofing around, or for little kids who have an interest in Bball, really I can't find any faults. The price can't be beat. The system is very stable and sound.
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on December 26, 2006
This backboard works perfectly for our purpose. It is portable, but I recommend sand for weighting so you don't have to worry about water freezing. Also, changing the height of the pole is a two-person task. We have a nine-year-old daughter for whom it was purchased, and she can't put enough power into her shots to do any damage, but if you have kids who want to hang on the rim or shoot from a long distance, this probably isn't the right set for you.
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VINE VOICEon July 30, 2009
The Lifetime 1221 Pro Court basketball system is a reasonable choice for the budget conscious family. It is a free-standing basketball hoop that is great for light, family oriented play. Given the price, I think you will get more than you expected and your kids will be more than satisfied with the new source of summer fun.

But remember, this is not a professional set up. The backboard is made out of molded plastic. This is somewhat softer than plexiglass or wood and dampens the characteristic bounce that you might get with a harder surface. The fact that the base is weighted, rather than fixed to the ground, also increases the give on the backboard. Even so, the backboard perfroms competently. So unless your kids are budding NBA stars, the effect on play is minimal and the backboard is more than adequate.

You can fill the base with water or sand. Water has the advantage of being easier to remove whereas sand weighs more and would make the base more stable. However, even with water the hoop is far more stable than I would have imagined. It stays firmly planted even when the ball is thrown at the backboard with force.

Although portable, the structure is not easily collapsible. The hoop only reduces down easily to a minimum of 7 1/2 feet. So if you want to store it for the winter you will need to have enough room to store such a long structure, actually disassemble the hoop, or simply let it stay outside and brave the elements. It is not difficult to raise and lower the height in six inch increments, but this requires removing a screw and extending the pole assembly. Not too difficult, but more challenging than lever operated systems. The whole assembly is much lighter than you would expect, given the hollow, metal construction and molded plastic backboard, so it is actually easy to move around. Even with the base full of water, my 13 year old can tip the assembly back on its wheels and move the hoop easily on a blacktop surface.

In terms of assembly, things weren't too bad. Minimum equipment is required--a hex ratchet set and Phillip's head screwdriver are all you really need. The skill level needed is minimal (hey, I was able to put this together). Set aside an hour or so to put the thing together and make sure you have another adult (or large child) to help with the last steps. The directions are about average for this kind of do-it-yourself variety of product. The steps are multilingual, but really the most important aspect of them is the pictures. The drawings are clear enough to distinguish like pieces from each other, but certainly could have been clearer. On the bright side, Lifetime included life-size pictures of the hardware used for each step at the top of the page, so there is little ambiguity as to which screw or nut should be used. If you can put together the more simple Ikea furniture, you can certainly put this thing together without a problem.

The major difficulty in the design here is the hoop-backboard assembly. This is the part that requires two adults. 4 screws attach the hoop through the backboard to the pole in the last steps of the assembly. The pairs are, of course, going in opposite directions and it requires two adults and a lot of balance to hold the three parts in place while the nuts are being secured. The position of the bottom two screws is also somewhat awkward as there is barely enough room to fit the hex wrench around the head of the screw. Lifetime could simply have placed a groove on the end of the hex screw allowing you to use a screwdriver instead of a hex wrench.) Apart from this step, however, the assembly is simple and straight forward. Lifetime could have made it a tad simpler if all their hex nuts and screws were the same size, but this is a minor issue.

Given the price of this no-frills item, I think you definitely get your money's worth on this one. Once again, this is not a hoop made to withstand high levels of punishment, but it is a great choice for a backyard one-on-one with your elementary or high school aged child.
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on February 19, 2012
I did a ton of research and read many many reviews on portable and in ground baskets in different price ranges and decided for my 5 year old's birthday (and 7 year old daughter), it was best to go with a small investment for 4 reasons: 1) I'll be needing a new driveway in a year or 2 and I didn't want to commit to something in ground until I know where exactly it would go, 2) At least for a few years, I'll be at the 7 1/2 foot setting so not worried about the adjusting effort on this model for a while (it's not big deal regardless), 3) When they are older, I'll invest in something bigger and better (for me too), and 4) Turns out for $100 bucks my folks bought it as a birthday gift and all I had to pay for was my effort and the sand. Good deal.

I'd start out by saying now that I'm 100% ready to go, this hoop is at least as good or better then my reasonable expectations. Totally fine for my kids, but I think once you're up to a regulation 10 foot basket for kids 9 or 10 and older, it may not be good enough. The 44 inch backboard will be too small, and it just may not be sturdy enough for some more serious basketball, but again, for $100, it's really pretty solid and I'm very happy with it. In 3-4 years I'll upgrade (although for my 3 year old this will still be good). All in all, I give it 5 stars and recommend for smaller kids and/or a small budget.

Box came in just 3-4 days, no damage, and everything accounted for. I'm fairly handy, but made sure I took my time so I didn't do anything wrong. I organized the parts, reviewed the direction and got started. I can see how someone could get this together in 90 minutes or so, but it took me longer. No issues, the directions are clear and it's really not very complicated. Once I had it together, I noticed the rim angle was tilting up, so I bought some extra washers (same size as those included), removed the backboard, put the washers behind the backboard on the upper two hole connections (2 high and 2 low), and it worked perfectly. The rim is 100% level now.

The sand is pain, but I got into a good routine with my kids helping. Bought 6 50 pound bags, and it could probably hold another bag. My method was to empty the sand bags into a wheel barrow first, and then fill a small bucket (used for car washing) with a few shovel fulls, and pour the bucket into the funnel while my kids held the funnel. Once empty, tilt the basket to get the sand to slide to the front, and repeat...fill the bucket, pour into funnel, tilt to slide the sand and so on. Probably took a few dozen or more to get all 6 sand bags in, but it moved quickly. Use the fill hole near the back of the base.

One last thing I noticed is that there is some play at the bottom of the pole either side to side or front to back. I stuffed a few nails in the gap between the pole and base to act as shims and it did reduce the play a bit.

I hope this is helpful. Get a review, give a review. Have fun.
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on May 26, 2009
I ordered this from Amazon, and it came very quickly. It wasn't the most difficult or complicated product to assemble but it wasn't a walk in the park either. There was one missing bolt, but I happened to have one laying around.
If you will not be changing height often, this is an awesome set up. If you have multiple children with dramatic differences in skills and height, you may want to consider something else. Mainly something with an easier adjustment feature.
my two boys (2nd grade and Kindergarten) love this 'hoop'. To change the height you have to tip it over( using physics its not that hard). But, you will need one person to pull the backboard out, and hold it steady so you can re-insert the removable bolt.
There are some who will 'poo-poo' any portable system. if you want professional quality backboard feel and quality, then....get a professional quality system...but if you have kids under 12, and want something to play with, then this is a great system.
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on June 1, 2010
This arrived quickly from Amazon and the directions were good. I'm a 41-year old mom and I put this together by myself. I needed our wheelbarrow to prop it up. It took me about 90 minutes. I tried to put sand in the base, but the hole is so small that it was taking forever so I finally filled it up with water (I'll remember to dump it in the winter before it freezes).

This is for my 5 year-old. He is autistic; he had a Little Tykes basket and would just make 10-20 baskets in a row, it was amazing, but it was already on the highest setting. So I upgraded him to this one. After it was up, he took 4 shots and they all missed; I was a little worried that it was too tall even at the lowest setting. But then he just stood there, starring at the backboard for the longest time - and then his fifth shot went in. Now he loves it!! And it will grow with him! I love that!

I highly recommend!
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on January 18, 2007
I didn't expect this to perform like a more expensive glass backboard, but it performs fine for my kids. The assembly was simple, although the part to install the backboard and hoop requires two people. After filling the base with water (you can also use sand), I can easily tilt the pole forward to move it around given that I'm only 5'6" and weighs 150 pounds.

I set the height of the hoop at the lowest setting of 7.5 feet, and it can be set at 6-inch increments up to 10 feet. The backboad is sturdy although it needs a better backboard support system. Since this is a portable system, the backboard is not as stable as a permanent one and the backboard does not provide as good of a bounce to the ball. I think the backboard will be more stable if I fill the base with sand instead of water.

For $100, I'm happy with the purchase. It's durable and serves the purpose for me and my kids.
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on April 15, 2011
If you are looking for the best deal for a portable basketball hoop, this is it. I searched all over and decided on this one. This is not a professional quality hoop, this is an amateur hoop just for fun. The backboard size is a lot smaller than a professional size backboard, and it is not nearly strong enough to handle dunks and heavy abuse. For everyday casual play and shooting hoops, it is great! I set-up the entire thing by myself in about 1 hour. You can set this up with 1 person fairly easily, the only tricky part is attaching the backboard and goal to the post. If you are going to assemble this one 1 person, I would suggest using some Cables to Go 43038 Cable Ties - 100 Pack (Black) to hold the backboard and goal together to the post while you are attaching the hardware. While I assembled this, I really needed an extra pair of hands, and using the zip ties saved me! I am lucky I had them laying around. If you don't have zip ties already, get some to help you put this together. Also, while I was assembling I was worried that the hoop would be falling over without any weight in the base, and this was not the case. It is actually fairly stable even without weight in the base. Before you fill the base with water or sand, you will want to at move the goal portion of the hoop up against a wall or something to prevent it from falling over. Moving this hoop around is not too difficult. I found it easier to slide the entire thing rather than lean and roll it, but this was on a smooth concrete floor inside a warehouse. Check out the customer images for this product to see a picture of this hoop installed the warehouse of our business.
review image
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My kids have been wanting a hoop for the driveway, but I really didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a set up and have them lose interest. This one seemed nice for the price...and it IS!

It arrived in a big cardboard extra shipping cost. It is heavy though. I had to move it by myself out of the driveway, and just used a scooter to roll the box to our patio for assembly. You can assemble with one person, although 2 makes it easier. READ the directions. We had some bolts included that were different from the ones described, but could figure it out. Make sure you tip it over to attach the backboard to the pole...there is no standing on ladders (in fact the directions say you shouldn't put it upright until it is attached. My husband and 12-year old son did most of the assembly together, but they did get stuck where the two little metal arms screw into the backboard. They said that it didn't line up correctly and got stuck. Mommy figured out that the backboard needed to be pulled up at the top (not the whole thing sliding north) and the last two screws went in easily then. There is a little crater in base to hold the ball, which is nice.

We just filled our reservoir base with water (not sand) because for our needs, we knew it would be drained more easily in the fall when it will be rolled into the garage. I don't know how you would get sand out of there. There are wheels on the front of the base so it can be tipped, but it is really heavy to move around when full. I guess this is a good thing (my nephew never filled his on his hoop and it tipped over and broke his windshield one night!) but if you want it to move around often, it won't be easy. We also don't change the height up and down with any regularity, but it would probably behoove you to use two people for this task.

The kids have really had a blast with it. We have it at the 10 foot height, since they are 12, and it is pretty close to regulation...however the backboard seems smaller than a "real" one. Some reviewers noted that they did not like the pole not being offset from the backboard. And a more expensive hoop would have that feature, but we haven't had any trouble with it...the base is big enough that you really aren't running under the basket.

Overall, we are very happy with it. We have played many games of horse and simple one-on-one with it. It is a very well-spent hundred bucks! Much better than so many other expensive toys that just sit untouched after a month or so. I even used taking foul shots as a game to let them choose chores (the winner got to pick the job he wanted...the loser had to take the other one.)Even mommy and daddy like to bet a few dollars on hard shots! ha ha!!
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on July 15, 2009
Pretty reasonable price ($99) and I would say you get what you pay for. It isn't as nice as the $200 models, but it didn't cost $200, so I don't think that is a fair comparison. I read all of the reviews on this site and others before setting up the hoop. By taking the advice of the reviews (ex. leave bolts in backboard loose until in place, use dry sand, make sure you know which pole you are using), it wasn't bad. I couldn't agree more about using dry sand. Overall, I am happy with the hoop, especially for little kids, since it is about as basic as they come. The only negative comment that I have is that the pole is connected pretty much directly to the backboard (versus separate poles separating the two), so it has the potential for injury if you you aren't careful when going for a layup. Overall, good value and I'm happy with the purchase
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