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on June 1, 2009
I'm an Arizona bankruptcy lawyer, and when my clients gasp in horror about losing their Rolexes, which are far too expensive to be exempt under Arizona exemption laws, I tell 'em not to worry. I tell 'em to buy an Invicta!

Nine out of ten people won't notice the difference if you normally wear a Rolex and switch to an Invicta (as long as it has the coin bezel, which this watch, per the photo, does).

From the perspective of the moral high ground, this watch doesn't say it's a Rolex. It doesn't have the word Rolex anywhere on it, and it does have the word Invicta featured on the face where the word Rolex would be, and the word Invicta deeply engraved on the edge of the watch on the other side from the stem.

This watch weighs about the same as a Rolex, is water-resistant to the same depth as a Rolex, and is an automatic (self-winding) watch, just like the Rolex Submariner.

The colors are similar as well.

There are two principal differences between this watch and a Rolex. One is that the gold colored links on the Invicta are gold-plated, and they will eventually scratch.

The other is the price; this thing is dramatically less expensive than the BAND on a Rolex, and the quality is similar.

In fact, it costs less to buy this watch than to CLEAN a Rolex!

For traveling, you absolutely want this watch instead of a Rolex, because when you're robbed, you get to think, "hey, now I get to buy a new one!" rather than thinking, "Seven thou out the window!"

Actually, there's another thing. If you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arizona, you get to keep this watch. You don't get to keep the Rolex, unless you buy it back from the Arizona Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee.

And, yes, I wear one every day of my life. In and out of the shower or the pool.

And they always run, and never need new batteries. I've never even cleaned one in the many years I've have these, and they, to steal a phrase, just keep ticking.

So does it sound like I like these things? That would be wrong.

I love these watches. Too cool for school.
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on May 18, 2005
I really like this watch for everyday wear! This was my first Invicta watch purchase. I am HARD on watches - some last less than a year before they fail or break or fall out of favor.

I've become a great fan of Invicta Sports watches. Invicta is to Seiko what Infiniti is to Nissan. Better quality, design and engineering - more attractive styling at a great price.

I chose this model 8928 for a match to my University ring and school colors. This is a VERY attractive watch. With a Japanese auto-wind movement (visable through mineral glass transparent back), water resistance to 660 feet (I've had it to 130 ft with no problems) - superior quality on fit and finish - it makes a striking statement on your wrist. It looks (intentionally) very much like a Rolex Submariner (who watch collectors qualify as a very good $800 watch that sells for $3,000!).

Things I like:

1. VERY attractive timepiece - striking design and engineering
2. Fit, finish, style and quality are superior to more expensive watches
3. A great diving watch for a great price
4. Transparent mineral glass watch back reduces chance of skin irritation for wear every day
5. Two tone stainless wrist band is high quality, attractive and comfortable
6. Timekeeping is tolerably accurate for an autowind
7. No batteries
8. Watch movement should last 4-5 years before major servicing
9. Watch face magnifier for date

Things I'd like to see improve

1. Power reserve - watch will wind down if not worn every other day
2. Requires a seperate watch "autowinder" to keep time and date if not worn daily
3. NOT a chronometer - time must be adjusted monthly after "break-in" period
4. 23k gold plate links on wristband prone to scratching
5. Too inexpensive to invest in a 4-5 year major maintenance - buy another one?

The Invicta sports model series 8926 (all stainless) diving watch has been their franchise for many years. All 89xx series are attactive well made watches that look much more expensive than they are.

I've seen prices from $118 to $155 for this model - all merchants claiming low price. Be careful of a vendors reliability and customer service. Invicta may not honor its warranty from gray market merchants. If not an authorized dealer - be sure the seller offers an in-house warranty that promises fast turnaround on repair.

The Invicta 8928 is an attractive, low cost, high quality time piece. You can't go wrong with this model.

[I'm a contributing member of,, and and invite all watch lovers to learn more about Invicta and other watches sold on]
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on June 23, 2009
I like this watch. Other positive reviews are right on the mark so I won't rehash them, but I will note a couple of things that might be of interest to potential buyers.

The first is that this is a throwback watch. It goes to the days before batteries when watches had mainsprings and had to be wound every day. the automatic winding was an innovation to reduce or eliminate this necessity.

So as some have pointed out it is less accurate than electronic quartz watches. That's just the nature of this type of movement. Shouldn't be a deal breaker unless you are obsessed on accuracy. Just set it once a week or so.

You will see reviews that indicate you might want to purchase a watch winder. In fact the Invicta instruction booklet recommends a watch winder box. I beg to differ. This watch sells in the vicinity of $100. If you check the prices of watch winders you will see that the starting price is around $40 and goes well past the cost of the watch itself.

Do you want to pay half the price of the watch for an automatic winder? I didn't think so. So here's the deal, you can wind this watch up everyday just like all the old time watches. I wind it for about 60 seconds a day and it never stops. I do this because I don't produce enough daily motion (couch potato) to keep it running.

Why does Invicta recommend a winder? Simple. This is a waterproof watch and the stem is threaded and must be kept snugged down to maintain the waterproof integrity. Since the stem is spring mounted it takes some pressure on the threads to do this. So if you unwind the stem over and over you will eventually either strip or wear out the threads.


But if you don't need the waterproof aspect then just unwind the stem, release the pressure, wind the watch, and JUST LEAVE THE STEM OUT. In other words don't screw the stem back on.

Now one word of caution. On old windup watches you wound the stem until it stopped. This kept you from overwinding the mainspring. I don't know if this watch has a stop. Probably not. So be careful about too much winding. You can figure out how much you need based on the overall wrist motion you achieve for automatic winding.

My other advice, if you have good eyesight, have a little patience, and are not a type A personality, is to purchase the Heavy Duty Watch Band Tool Link Pin Remover for about $3.75. I got my wife a companion watch and successfully removed several links from both watches with no problem. You are going to have to either do this yourself or go get someone to do it for you. That is unless you want to use the watch as a bracelet. I have known a couple of folks that did this with genuine Rolex watches. They didn't want to remove the gold links & maybe lose them. Or maybe it was a style issue.

Anyway that's my 2 cents. All the good things that have been said about the watch I give a ditto to. The watch is gaudy & it will get noticed. The folks a table away in the restaurant will suppose it's a Rolex.
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on January 18, 2013
So I got this watch for the purposes of picking up chicks at clubs... It's nice, flashy, and most of all it looks almost exactly like a rolex.

For the price it can't be beat -- the only slight letdown is that it can't keep time very well. after no readjustments for about a month or two it is a little more than 4 minutes off. But hey, I didn't buy it to keep track of time.
review image review image
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on March 7, 2015
If you're on the borderline of buying this watch or another, buy this one. It is such an awesome and professional timepiece.
review image
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on April 10, 2015
The watch looked nice for about a month, and then I noticed all the scratches and paint peeling off the bezel as well as the gold plating. I wore the watch monday-friday for about a month straight and I haven't dropped or slammed the watch into any hard surfaces so it comes as a surprise to me as to how all those scratches appeared. I've attempted cleaning it, and the result is the picture I linked below. That is only the chain links, and doesn't depict the blue paint peeled off on the bezel.
review image
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on February 4, 2011
This Invicta watch was a Christmas gift. It operated from Dec. 25 to Dec. 30th. When it stopped working, it was beyond the 30 day return policy, so I sent it to Invicta for warranty repair. They didn't send me a post card upon receipt (as their warranty states), so I contacted them and was told it should be returned by APRIL 18TH.
The "repaired" watch was returned on April 6th. Now it gains OVER FIVE MINUTES PER HOUR. So I contacted them via email requesting replacement and they wrote back that they only replace if the watch has the same problem three times. They want me to ship the watch back to them and wait ANOTHER THREE MONTHS while they ship it back to their overseas repair center again. NOT CUSTOMER CONSIDERATE.
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on January 14, 2014
Having only owned this watch for two weeks I will stick to first impressions. Too soon to rate durability and function over time.

First, you should note, this is a sub $100 automatic watch. Try to find any automatic watch for less than $100. It's slim pickings. Some of the reviews I've read compare this $89 watch to $1000 and up.

I've paid as much for a fossil quartz analog, quartz movement is much cheaper and far less costly to manufacturer. It wasn't anywhere near as good looking.

This watch is stunning. The face is a deep blue/purple. I liken the color to ball point pen ink. The attention to detail, which is a large contributor for high cost watches, is actually really good for the price. The gold logo, hands, crystal bevel, crown and movement are very nicely detailed.

The band is certainly passable but it is not the greatest. However it is absolutely on par, if not better than steel bands found on similarly priced watches. The gold plating is beautiful, even if I know it is very very thin.

The movement is 24 jewel miyota (according to my research) and it's a tired and true durable movement. In the two weeks I've been wearing it I have only had to make minor adjustments, a minute or so, to keep it on atomic clock time. That's pretty good in my book. The key is to keep the watch properly wound. I want it all the time except at work so I manually wind it a bit and it's kept good time. I will amend this review if that changes.

I'm actually surprised invicta can produce this watch at such an affordable price. It mimics the classic good looks of a Rolex submariner yet with invicta branding, it makes no attempt at being a knock off.

I am very impressed with this watch so far, it exceeded my expectations. I feel comfortable recommending to friends and family.

Update: This watch has been flawless! I wear it daily, only removing for work. I sleep, shower and everything in between wearing this watch. It requires a manual wind about once a week or it starts to lose time. Otherwise it's been basically as accurate as a quartz. This watch hasn't been pampered, it's been bumped, dropped, scraped and banged. Other than tiny superficial scratches on the band it is still flawless. The crystal is completely free of defects. I am astounded at what a great watch this has been and it still looks incredible. Can't recommend any higher, this by far has been the best watch I've ever owned.
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on March 16, 2015
Terrific watch. I wear it to work and it looks great. I would recommend it to anyone. The picture is my Rolex.
review image
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on May 26, 2011
BUYER BEWARE. Stopped running within the first 90 days. The watch has been at their service center for about 4 months without a word from them. This is the worst service imaginable, I will NEVER buy another Invicta product!!! Out of frustration, I bought the Croton version of this watch, and it runs and feels like my Rolex President.
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