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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 10, 2014
This is my first review. I usually never bother, but after experiencing my cat getting sick and resorting to the internet to find out why, I decided to let everyone else know what I found out. I bought this food, after looking into a healthier alternative for my 3 yr old Siamese based off of a friends recommendation that I should stay away from Purina and other 'grain' based feline diets. I switched my cat over and he seemed to like it just fine. He tends to be a gobbler, so I portion control him and have him eating from a feeder ball, (<WHICH IS AWESOME BTW)
He immediately started vomiting, but knowing how my cat likes to eat his food too fast, I wasn't worried. When he started doing it multiple times throughout the day, and his litterbox usage started getting irregular I became worried. My BF even remarked that it seemed odd and thought it might be the food. I came home today and there was yellow bile vomit on the floor which he has never done. I immediately started researching why and if I need to take him to the vet and I found this link as one of the top results: [...]
Needless to say I'mtossing this bag right now and going out to buy my cat something else! All of the good reviews were from an older version, the 83 1 star ones were from the past couple months of the new improved formula. And I don't want to be one of those parents putting down their furry friend for trying to put them on a healthy diet. ;(
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Thanks for the post! For cats, we always recommend a 7-10 day transition to a new or changed food. We are sorry to hear that the food did not work for your cat.

Whenever there is a reformulation on cat food, there are generally cats that do well and others who don't. The reformulation was intended as an improvement as we moved the protein to the first ingredient, removed by-product meal and artificial colors and flavors.

We appreciate your comments!
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 29, 2013
Thanks, Hill's Science Diet, for reformulating this great dry cat food without telling anyone thus causing my cat to vomit all over the house. My cat had been eating this for nine years. We finished our last bag, went out and bought a new one, only to find the whole thing had been reformulated to contain much more fat. Further, since we were all out of the previous formula, there was no way to introduce this slowly to our cat. She gobbled it up, and has been throwing up for the past five days. We've added water and a little canned pumpkin to her bowl, and started giving her smaller meals to help her sensitive tummy adjust, but I'm beginning to think that there is something wrong with the food itself. In any case, it's awful that they changed the formula unannounced.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Thank you for your comment! We recently gained access to respond to posts!

We are sorry that you did not know ahead of time that the products were being reformulated. It sounds like your previous bags did not contain the in-pack messaging about the upcoming change.

We changed the product to include meat first, no chicken by-product meal and no artificial colors or flavors in response to customer requests.

Again, we are sorry this food did not work for your cat.
on October 9, 2010
My cat is picky, especially when it comes to dry food. She will happily go days refusing to eat anything if I push a kibble she doesn't like on her (damn torties!. I switched my cat from friskies to Hills Scienc Diet when she grew to adulthood. Then I decided to try one of those natural diets, with no fillers, and only uses real meats and blah blah blah. One she wouldn't go near, and the other she would eat reluctantly. Except the super active, petite 7lb 4oz tortie grew to just over ten pounds, waddled when she walked, because she was horribly obese, and slept 24 hours a day, waking up only to eat, and her coat was staritng ot lose it's shine. That scared the hell out of me! So I switched back to Hills. With a week, she was starting to show interest in toys again, and was already starting to lose that swaying flabby fat belly. Now she's back down to 7lb 7oz, and very active, healthy, and happy. I will NEVER switch her food again!
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The reviews here on Amazon seem to be for a variety of products, ranging from kittens to adults. To be clear, I am reviewing the Science Diet dry cat food for adults, aged between 1 and 6 years.

I got my cat from the local animal shelter about 7 months ago and she is now about 2 years old. She has become a treasured pet. The Hills Science Diet company provided food to my local shelter as to many others: a classic example of doing well by doing good. I received a complimentary bag when I adopted my cat.

I did some serious research on cat food and learned more about it than perhaps I care to know. Informed views vary, as with virtually any subject, on the merits of dry versus wet cat food, on the qualities of different brands, and on cost.

On dry versus wet -- I feed my cat predominantly wet food consistently with most but not all recommendations. But she gets at least some dry food daily and I feed dry food when I am going to be out of the house for most of the day, as it can be eaten at the cat's own pace. Make sure the cat has plenty of water available.

Hills Science Diet is a long time manufacturer of pet food with an established reputation. This dry food for adult indoor cats is a high quality product which has been advertised as suitable for weight control, with proteins and antioxidants. The product is nutritionally complete and balanced in accordance with established and recognized standards (AFASCO). With some wishful thinking, perhaps, I have designated my cat as "indoor" although she looks yearningly outside. She had this food at the shelter and after some experiementing I have settled on it as her indoor cat food. She always eats it readily, both when I feed it as her daily food and when I feed it as a supplement to her wet food, and leaves nothing left over. The food comes in small pellets, sometimes triangular but more recently round in what I think is an improved version. I am confident in and trust this product and the cat likes it. It has received high reviews from impartial and capable professional reviewers. I have relied upon several detailed reviews in addition to my own experience with the product.

The product is not the most inexpensive, but it is worth it. It is not as easy to find as supermarket brands but is reasonably accessible.

All told, an excellent dry food for an indoor cat. I am happy with it, the cat is happy with it, and I enjoyed learning about it.

Robin Friedman
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on February 4, 2015
My kitten, a seal point Himalayan Persian, is pretty picky when it comes to food. She will literally not eat food for an entire day or two if she doesn't like a particular food. With this food she began eating it immediately. I was really impressed. It has decent ingredients as well. Food itself is pretty small. Perfect for Gia's little mouth. She loves this. I definitely repurchase this.
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on January 15, 2012
I have two kittens both male persians. I've been trying different brand kitten foods, including fresh, canned, and dry. Of all the dried types I have purchased, they like this brand and the Purina One Healthy Kitten Formula. Each piece of food is small and bite sized for my kitten's little mouths. Each of my kittens are less than a year old. I like how Hill's uses a portion of the price I paid for this food and donates it through their Shelter Nutrition Partnership. I'm willing to pay a little more money for the kitten food knowing that a portion is donated to help animals have a more balanced nutrition. I will purchase this brand again.
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on December 27, 2010
I have been fostering kittens for a few years now and I think that this is a great food to start out on if you have a tighter budget. I really like the holistic foods, but I think that starting out with this is not too bad. It's not as great for you kitten, but it provides all their necessities and it's not too bad of a brand. All the shelters that I have been to also use this food. I just wanted to note that the higher quality food that you feed your kitten, the less waste they will produce and the general health will increase (shinier coat and etc). I always get this is the big bag because it seems to be the most worth it and this food is not too bad when you can get it on sale. You can also buy these from your local petsmarts so I think it is pretty convenient. Remember to get your pets spayed and neutered as well!! prevent the over accumulation of strays in our shelters and stop overpopulation!!!
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on August 8, 2011
This is a great cat food and my two cats have been on Science Diet since they were kittens. Though this is a great product, beware of the prices from the seller "Monster Pets"!!! They are charging $25 for a 7-pound bag of cat food, when you can purchase a 15-pound bag from Petco for about $30 (you get about twice as much for $5 more). I feel this company is being dishonest to their customers... Do not waste your money buying from this particular dealer.
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on March 24, 2015
This is how I received my package. Absolutely ridiculous.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 6, 2015
I decided to switch my cat over to this formula.(Mature Adult) After witnessing my cat vomit within minutes of eating (a perfectly healthy cat) I first thought perhaps it was something else. But then I decided to confine her to a room, feed her and watch. she would eat a few bites, start acting freaked out, and puke. Now she won't even touch it.

After researching I found out, I am not the only one. What a complete waste of money, and I will not donate the unused food, as I would hate to give toxic food to another animal. If only I could be reimbursed for the $$$$$ in food wasted, as well as the cost to have to steam clean my carpets. The vomit was so toxic it left lightened spots on my carpet. Disgusting.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
We wanted to comment on your post. We can assure you that our food is not toxic, however it sounds like the food did not agree with your cat. We could not tell by the review if you had done a transition when switching to this formula. We generally recommend a 7 day transition to help them get used to a new food. We do have a 100% guarantee, please contact Amazon about returning the product.
We would like to speak with you so that we can make a full report for our Quality Assurance department. Please contact our Consumer Affairs department at 1-800-445-5777 M-F 8-5 CST.

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