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Size: Three Tier|Color: Silver|Change
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on January 10, 2011
After almost half a year being terrorized by the kitten from hell, this IRIS 3-Tier Cat Cage has rescued me! I named my black kitten Sony, after my love for their brand of shiny, black, quality electronics. Imagine my broken heart when I came home to a scratched up 55" inch Bravia, courtesy of the little devil.

A few complaints:

1. The box it came in looked like it had fought with a trash compactor and lost. Holes everywhere, corners severely frayed, shipping tape coming off it, almost unsealed! Had I not been so desperate to contain the handmaiden of Satan tearing up my apartment, I would've sent it back immediately.

2. The instructions don't clearly tell you how to use the wire fasteners. I was frustrated for a good 30 - 45 minutes trying to figure out how to get them to work properly. Once I figured it out, however, the rest was smooth sailing.

So eager was I that I had the 2nd floor of the cage backwards! But this was a small setback; once you figure out how to fasten and unfasten the rest of the assembly is a cinch! Should've taken me about 30 mins to setup, had I not been fiddling with the fastener for so long!


Once assembled, I locked Sony in it. He clawed, he climbed, he dug, he chewed; but his attempts at escape were FUTILE! MWAHAHAHA! He has since given up his fight, and is sleeping in it as I type this.

This cage is HUGE. It is taller than me (I am 5'6" with shoes on). To put it into perspective, I have a large enclosure type litter on the bottom floor, food and water on the 2nd floor, and a bed and scratching post on the top floor. My kitten is a big guy and can leap onto kitchen counter tops without a head start, so he's comfortable leaping from floor to floor.

It is VERY sturdy! Sony jumped onto the wall of the cage; I'm sure that in his conniving and terrorizing kitten mind, he had imagined it would tip over. It did NOT. The IRIS 3 Tier Cage held its ground!

I have had this cage assembled for the passed 3 hours. I am convinced that it is worth every penny I spent on it, and I only wish that I had trusted my instincts and bought this BEFORE trusting my kitten to my apartment.
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on January 26, 2010
I love the crate. It is exactly what I wanted, and really sturdy and nicely constructed. I'd be surprised if you can find anything much nicer - no matter how much you pay for it. The fact that this crate is inexpensive only adds to its appeal!

My husband and I set it up together (no tools needed) in a half-hour, and it looks nice in our family room. I really like that the two plastic shelves have wire trays underneath them for extra support and security, although they do make a loud sound when the cat jumps on them. I love the drop-pin locks on the doors, which are so easy to use. From the picture, I thought this crate was white, and so anyone considering it should be aware that the cage itself is metal (silver), with off-white trays. I will post a picture that makes the color more apparent.

I work in animal rescue and have used a lot of different kinds of cat crates; this is a perfect choice for someone who is looking for a stationary crate, either in their home or a store, that will be set up and remain set up (which is how I am using it). It would not be a good portable crate because it is heavy and has small parts. It does have wheels on the bottom, though, so it is easy to move around a room once set up.

I would buy this crate again in a heartbeat. It was exactly what I wanted, and at this price, it's truly a steal. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending this HIGHLY!!!

UPDATE 01/2014:

They now sell a white version of this crate, so if that is what you are looking for, check the color labels on the crates. In every other way, this crate has stood up to the test of time, and I will be purchasing a second!!! We will also be tracking down some foam pads to put under the trays, as was recommended by other viewers to muffle the sound of the cats jumping.
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on March 2, 2011
I ordered The three tier cage (for two cats) thinking the cage was going to be a lot smaller. I was worried about how the cats were going to do and whether or not the cage would be worth my time and money. Well it was!

This cage is very study! It make move a little if the cat scratches himself or jumps to another tier other than that small movement this cage could stand up to anything! It is very tough and durable I am sure it could even work as a traveling cage. Though I don't know many people that take cats on vacation but I would want to!

The cage is reversible! This was one thing that I was worried about. One of the doors was right up against my hanging closet, so in other words it was never going to open. I did a quick switch and the door is now on the other side of the cage and I can still reach the cat in the upper tier.

The tiers are large! I was looking at other cages for my cats and they were so small of levels. I thought they would just fall off! These levels fit two cats. I placed a Kuddle Kup Faux Suede for Cats - 23" x 18" - Sage on each level and it fit beautifully!

You can add many levels or expand your cage! If you have time and talent you could easily expand the cage for more tiers or or space. The set up of the cage is so simple that each of the parts could be used elsewhere and put together differently. Though you would have extra parts left you easily could create your own cats paradise.

Most litter boxes will fit! Now if you have a litter box with a top on it it most likely will not fit but any litter boxes that do not have a lid fit easily in and out of the large bottom door.

The doors have a very good latch system! The doors are shut using pins that can even function to hold the door open so you don't have a swinging door.

It has wheels! My goodness this saved my life. This thing is heavy and if it didn't have wheels there was no way I would have been able to drag this. The wheels also have stoppers which work wonders so the cage doesn't move at all.


It is expensive! I guess you are paying for the sturdiness of the cage but my goodness it that expensive! But I'd say well worth the safety of my kitties!

The bottom door is huge! I mean HUGE! So you would have to have enough space around the bottom to be able to open and close it. Also the bottom door does no have a place to hold it open so it may get in the way.

It is HUGE! This was one of the main problems when I got it home. It was tall and bulky. So with easy maneuvers i managed to fit it in my room. If you are looking for a cage to fit in a perfect little spot make sure to check the measurements and an an inch around just to be safe! This is NOT a small cage.

With all that aside this cage was amazing and had great elbow room for my kitties! I will be adding pictures to show how I set up my cage and how much room it gives them. I am very please with my purchase and plan to buy another one!
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on November 13, 2010
We love this cat structure and so do our cats. First thing we did was to take suggestion to get think yoga mat and cut to shape to place under the shelves so they don't rattle and startle the cats when they jump up. The next thing we did was to use wires ties to secure the shelves to the wire supports they rest upon. That keeps the shelves from flipping out of their supports. The final step we took was to put a couple of wire ties to reinforce the clips at the base of the wire upper structure. We couldn't be happier with the outcome. It is attractive and secure.
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on April 19, 2010
I purchased this product after reading a number of reviews on different but similar cages offered by Amazon. It has taken me years to get to this point but I purchased the cage primarily to keep my male cat confined when I am not at home. Basically he has a behavioral issue and pee's everywhere-but in the box. We've tried everything (including a number of medical tests to make sure it's not physical) and this was the last resort. That said, I do not plan on keeping him confined 24/7. I work at home and am around most days and he's free to wander as long as I can keep an eye on him.
I put him in the cage yesterday and today to gradually get him used to the idea. Here are some good points about the product:
1) Really easy to put together and take apart. My partner did it all by himself in less than 30 minutes without tools. I am pretty sure I could have put this together without help-but he wanted to do it.
2) The floor is slightly sunken and makes for very easy clean-up. It's also plastic and durable.
3) It is very sturdy and pretty roomy. My cat is big (12 pounds) and the shelf insert supported him without a problem.
4) The cage has wheels and can be easily moved from place to place.
At this point I have no negative things to say about this product.
I'm not sure how my cat would rate this product (probably no stars), but he seems comfortable and only made a minor fuss today. His lack of fuss is actually pretty telling because he's an extremely fussy cat.

May 15th update
Amazingly bart (my kitty) doesn't seem to mind the cage at all. He seems fine with idea and even likes to go into the cage and sleep with the door open.
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on May 5, 2013
This cage is made with heavier material than the Cat Playpen by Midwest Homes that I also have.
The IRIS has the bottom attached to the cage part so when litter or anything is spilled you have to unlatch and remove the cage to clean. The Cat Playpen has a slide out tray in the bottom.
Both are on wheels and move easily and about the same size. The IRIS only has 2 large doors compared with the 4 the Cat playpen has (2 side by side on each level which with both open to about a 2 foot square.
The Cat Playpen is easily folded to the size of a card table for storage the IRIS does not fold, It has to be dismantled.
The IRIS has a bigger footprint which gives more room on the levels than the Cat Playpen.
After having then both for semi feral cats, I prefer the Cat Playpen for it's ease in cleaning, the four doors and the ability to fold it for storage.
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on March 4, 2010
Let me start by saying that I was extremely skeptical about buying this cage, because I had purchased another one on amazon, and it ended up being of such poor quality that my cat got his paw stuck in it and he suffered permanent damage. If it hadn't been for the photos that another buyer had submitted, I don't think I would have been convinced by the positive reviews.
That being said, I have had the cage for over a month now, and could not be more satisfied with it. It is easy to clean and extremely roomy. It easily fits a good-sized litter box, bed and food and water bowls. The only downsides to this product are the fact that it is somewhat difficult to assemble (it took me several hours), and that it can be very loud when cats jump from level to level (a by-product of the fact that there is extra support underneath the shelves). I can't believe that there could possibly be a better product on the market, though.
I recommend it very highly!
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on November 1, 2009
I am satisfied with my purchase. These cages are well made and easy to put together, yet very strongly made. I was very surprised that they were nicer that I was expecting for such a reasonable price. I bought 3 of them and I'm using them for exotic shorthair persians adults as their time out place at night or if I leave my home. They all seem very comfortable in them and seem to like them too! If you are looking for a cage, do not HESITATE to make this purchase. You can trust and I guarantee, you will be another happy customer!
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on May 10, 2012
The cage was easy to put together and is great for adult cats. But the spacing on the wire is too large to secure smaller animals. We placed a mother cat with 6 kittens, and when they were a few weeks old and getting active, they readily passed in and out of the cage. Not a problem since we didn't really need to contain them. The problem came when they were larger at 7 or 8 weeks old. We had one attempt to get out, and her head got stuck in the wires. Very traumatic for her, for us, and the mother. She almost died. We will continue to use the cage for adult cats, and very small kittens, but we will never risk the larger kittens again. Please be careful if you intend to use this cage for kittens.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 31, 2012
I have a young Savannah cat that is still learning his boundaries as to what is safe and not so safe to eat, jump on, etc. and with his ability to leap over six feet in the air from a standing position the potential hazards he can reach does concern me. I also travel and when I do he stays at a kennel where he is allowed free access to play areas during the day but must remain in a cat condo at night. In order to make sure he's not stressed by being occasionally confined I'm establishing familiarity with the kitty condo so he'll always feel safe and comfortable in that situation.

This condo is spacious and well designed. This version is two stories but it is available with three stories as well. It is lightweight but quite sturdy with the clips and corners attached. It took me about 35 minutes to put it together solo - the lower and upper sections come partially assembled. I had the most trouble with figuring out how to attach the shelf and tray between the two levels. In the end, I got stuck on this for almost ten minutes and could *not* figure it out so I worked around that part. Resting the shelf by its "hooks" on the lower level, I secured the two levels to each other using the clips, then went back and used heavy duty zip ties to secure the shelf to the lower level. I also zip tied the tray to the shelf and this reduced the rattle noise it made when he jumped up on the shelf. Now that it is put together I still can't figure out how the tray was supposed to use clips to fasten it on. The directions aren't very clear about this.

Day One: For my kitty the pin locks with chains were a issue; he kept nibbling on the the chains and I became concerned he could tug them hard enough to pull a pin out by accident. To keep the doors locked securely I used a binder clips from my desk/office supplies. Because the binder clips require a pinch there is no way he'll be able to fuss them open.

The lower level fits a large litter box and the upper level fits his bed a nice unobstructed surface area for him to hop up on. I also attached clamp on food/water bowls. I like that it the base is on wheels so I can move it in front of the television to have him watch a kitty sitter video while I am busy. It's likely he'll sleep while I'm out and about but either way I know he'll be safe.

02/10/12 Update: It's only been ten days but this condo is my kitty's new favorite hang out! He loves climbing and playing and sleeping in there day and night. I'm using his Manner's Minder treat dispenser at the top so I can remotely drop treats into the upper tier of the condo. I keep a scratch pad on the bottom for playtime and use his Petmate High Back litter pan when I need to leave him in the condo while I'm away on errands. The water bowl I'm using is Midwest Stainless Steel Snap'y Fit Water and Feed Bowl, 10 Ounce,and so far it has made sure there aren't any spills. See photo added.

Pleased with this purchase and highly recommended.
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