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on September 20, 2011
When "Modern Family" premiered in the fall of 2009, it was a breath of fresh air. An incredibly brilliant, well written and acted series depicting family life of the Pritchett/Dunphy clan. It was one of the best things I had seen on network TV in years. From start to finish, the debut season was an instant classic, and the show deservedly got the attention from critics and award shows. But then came the obvious question. Can they do it again? Was the show a one season wonder? Would they suffer from the ever dreadful 'sophomore slump'? When season two premiered in the fall of 2010, it was apparent right away, especially with the first few episodes, that any fears or doubt were instantly washed away. Season 2 premiered as strong as ever, and rolled out 24 high quality episodes. But first....

A little catch up. The series features Pritchett family patriarch, Jay (the fantastic Ed'o'Neill), who is married to a much younger columbian woman named Gloria (Sofia Vergara), and step-father to Manny. His daughter Claire (Julie Bowen) is married to Phil (Ty Burrell), and they have three children, Haley, Luke, and Alex. Jay's son Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) lives with his partner, Cameron (the hilarious Eric Stonestreet) and their adopted daughter, Lily.

Season 2 got things off on the right foot. The season premiere, "The Old Wagon", was a strong welcome back that showcased everything that makes the show so great. Humor and heart. The episode dealt with Phil finally deciding to get rid of the old family car, but not without one last trip down memory lane. One of the season's best episodes for sure. Next up is "The Kiss". The show had had some controvery surrounding the gay characters of Mitchell and Cameron never kissing. This hilarious episode focuses on Mitchell's growing concern of Cameron's reluctance to show passion in public. It was such a well done episode that made the ballyhoo surrounding it into nothing, as the episode handled it in such a normal, natural way, and didn't make a big deal out of it. Brilliant! Episode 3, "Earthquake", was supposed to be the season premiere, but was pushed back to be the 3rd episode. It doesn't take much to figure out what the episode is about. "Unplugged" is a great episode that features Phil and Claire persuading the kids to all give up their electronical devices and learn to communicate better with each other. "Halloween" is another instant classic. Claire goes all out for the holiday and has everyone playing a part, but of course, it doesn't go too well. Elsewhere, "Caught In The Act" is an unflinchingly funny and honest episode where the 3 Dunphy kids catch their parents 'in the act '. Valentine's Day laughs return in the hilarious "Bixby's Back", and Nathan Lane shines as a Mitchell/Cam buddy who befriends Jay in "Boys' Night". "See You Next Fall" deals with Alex's middle school graduation, and the hilarity that ensues trying to get there. The season ends with Jay's birthday and him just wanting to go fishing, but his family has other plans in "The One That Got Away". There's so much more!

Some say season 2 DID in fact suffer from a sophomore slump, but I just don't see it. The second half of the season isn't as strong as the first, but that doesn't mean anything. It's still great. The overall season is yet another testament to the great writing, acting, and directing that was established in season one. Each character is still fully fleshed out and with their own unique personalities. The incredibly talented cast continue to make their charcaters full fledged, fully fleshed out characters we love, care about, and laugh with. It doesn't hurt that the writing is so sharp, so clever, so relatable, and the humor as top notch as ever, for the actors to once again display why they are the best ensemble cast on television. I love how the show never shys away from the sweet moments, how almost every episode ends with something nice. That's just not something you get a lot of on television these days. It's the show that not only makes me laugh, but can also move me and make me feel for these people. I can't remember the last time I said that about a network television show.

The season 2 set also comes pretty well packed with special features. Just like the season 1 set, it comes with Deleted Family Interviews, Deleted And Extended Scenes, and a Gag Reel. For the rest, we are treated to 6 featurettes (2 more than season 1) and a music video for "Imagine Me Naked", the song Dylan wrote for Haley. The new featurettes are "At Home With Modern Family", "Modern Family Holidays", "Mitch's Flash Mob", "Strangers On A Treadmill - Table Read", "Waiting For Oprah", and "Chatting With Steve Levitan".

Season 2 of "Modern Family" is worth every penny. Some special guests include Shelley Long, Matt Dillon, Natahn Lane, Elizabeth Banks, and more. In addition to it's cast, it can't help but have great guest stars too! Simply put, "Modern Family" is divine television. The rare show that deserves all the hype, all the praise, and gives me hope for network comedy. Season 2 is great. Pick it up now.
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on February 24, 2011
I cannot get over how funny this show is. There has been times when I have laughed so hard at these guys. I love them! ABC has aired a wonderful show and season two has proven to be just as effective as season one. I look forward to this every week! And it does, in a way, remind me of my own family. Can't wait to keep laughing at these guys. Too funny!
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on November 18, 2010
If you watch this show and can't manage to laugh or even crack a smile, then I recommend a sense of humor transplant.
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on March 19, 2011
I knew my wife loved Modern Family, but I also knew she didn't really start watching until near the end of the first season. Amazon had the whole first season on DVD, and I thought, why not see if she likes this as a birthday gift? Probably one of the best gift decisions I've ever made. Except even though she watches the show religiously on TV, I also know she's going to EXPECT to get Season 2 on DVD as soon as it comes out. Amazon, please keep me in mind when it does!
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on May 10, 2011
For those who know t.v. serials, most would agree that the king of sit-coms in recent history was "Arrested Development". But that King has died. Long live the new King--Modern Family. It is rather ironic that the casting includes an icon of possibly the worst sit-com of all times, Ed O'Neill, from "Married With Children." As much as that show sucked, appealing to the lowest common denominator of newly-pubescent adolescents, Ed has redeemed himself with finally a mature role as the politically incorrect and curmudgeonly patriarch in Modern Family. The casting is ideal. The scripts are savvy. The dialogue is crisp. And the humor is effervescent. The only slight criticism may be that they risk "gaying-up" the gay couple a bit too much. Granted, it is funny, but it's a fine line between character and caricature. The limp wrists, swishing and flamboyance is sometimes a little over the top and becoming too predictable. The chemistry however, with all the character's is sublime. I literally DVR every episode, watch it live, and then rewatch the DVR version twice. It's like a shot of humor-cocaine injected directly into my funny bone. If you like laugh out loud, tears down you cheeks, biting humor with a dose of even pathos on some occasions, this is the best sit-com on planet earth.
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on March 29, 2012
Even this second season was outstanding which means... drum roll please... this TV show is definitely an all time favorite comedy that will be around for at least 8 seasons hopefully!! Season 2 is just as hilarious as the first! The studio kept all of the characters true to who they were in the 1st and all are still just as great as they were, even though they should probably have big heads after being the highest honored comedy series at the 2010 Emmy Awards receiving 6 including Outstanding Comedy Series for Season 1 right? Even if you haven't seen season 1 (which you'll be dying to see if you start here with the 2nd season first) you'll be caught up with knowing what the show is about and already have a connection with the characters from the first episode you watch since its not a sequential TV show like some others. To fill you in a little bit there are 3 families (who are all part of each others families too). Jay is a wealthy guy in his 60s who married someone almost half his age, the Colombian beauty, Gloria who came into the relationship with her son, Manny, from her previous marriage. Jay's daughter is Claire (married to Phil and they have 3 kids together) and Jay's son, Mitchell whose partner is Cameron, they have adopted a daughter, Lily together. The 3 families are hysterical to watch through each and every episode! Its even our President's favorite family TV show!
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on April 7, 2011
This show is hilarious. Great timing on all the jokes. The gay couple is always funny as hell. When Phil gets hit by the car and yells "oh no!", ha ha ha. I rewound it 10 times. My wife and I love the show, Looking forward to buying season 2
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on December 6, 2010
This show is just the funniest ever. I agree that if you can't laugh at this show, you should really up your medication. We love watching it over again. Can't find more fun in front of the boob tube.
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on April 16, 2012
The first season of Modern Family was hilarious. Sometimes one worries if the humor will continue into the second season. The writers for this sitcom have not let us down - they continue to write funny plots, many of which also have morals or other take home messages. I applaud the producers of this sitcom for what they are doing to bring good humor and family values back into the home.
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on October 3, 2011
My review of Modern Family was totally non-biased as I have never watched this show before. Originally I had wanted to, but just never set aside time. I was very excited to review the Modern Family Complete Second Season. I was immediately drawn to this funny crazy cast of characters in the Modern Family series. Gloria (Sofía Vergara), is a blast, and since she is Colombian on the show and I am Hispanic, my Latin blood can relate to many of what goes on with her on the show. Gloria is loud just as many Latin woman are and I could totally relate to her feelings when Jay (Ed O'Neill), her husband mocks her or makes fun of her accent. One of the funnier episodes has Gloria ordering those tiny cheeses that she calls baby cheeses. Unfortunately for her and Jay, when the order arrives it contained baby Jesus's instead of cheeses. Manny (Rico Rodriguez), the 11 year old son of Gloria, is a quirky little character who drinks many cups of espresso daily. Manny drinking espresso was something I did not find unusual, since Hispanics allow children to drink coffee, but my husband thought it to be insane. Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), the grown son of Jay, lives with his partner Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and their adopted Vietnamese daughter. The two men are total opposites. Mitchell is the sensitive one who stays home, and Cameron is the provider who always seems to get his way. One of my favorite episodes with Mitchell and Cameron is where Mitchell has found a new fashion, wearing bicycle shorts and Cameron does not have the heart to tell him how bad they look and that he should stop wearing them. My husband and I both roared throughout all the episodes! We now need to back track and watch season one, as we would love to see how these quirky characters all came to be. We are now hooked on Modern Family and are now permanent fans of this great series! I also loved watching all the extras on the disc, the deleted family interviews, extended and deleted scenes, the hilarious gag reel and the music video. I give this Modern Family Complete Season Blu-ray 3-Disc set 5 stars all the way.
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