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on December 7, 2010
The Sly Collection combines all 3 sly cooper games for the PS2 onto a single BluRay PS3 disk and brings 3D and Move support also to the game (will discuss 3d/move later). If you grew up with NES, SNES, Playstation, PS2 etc as a kid you definitely remember the Sly games and probably owned them at one point. All 3 games were classics on the PS2 in the adventure category just like God of War 1 and 2 were classics in the action category.

If you never got the chance to play the 3 sly cooper games, or simply wish to replay them all over again in HD this is a great package. $39.99 is a tad steep it seems for 3 PS2 era games but you end up with 3 PS2 era "classics" that even on their own could topple a $60 current gen release. Each game is fun with a nice bit of humor thrown in - each game can take upwards of 8-12 hrs to complete also so you are looking at 24-36hrs of gameplay here

The Games themselves have a very unique feel to them -- You sneak around levels gathering clues, coins, avoiding traps/security systems to reach your goal. Along the way you can crack safes and get the jump on some baddies. The games are quite kid friendly yet just like little big planet, has enough there to keep even a veteran gamer happily glued to it; a nice mystique about it.

The Mini-games are linked to the MOVE system (but I simply used a PS3 controller) and are pretty much silly. You can tell the mini-games were just tossed in there for Sucker-Punch to test out the MOVE system before adapting it to major titles (like inFamous 2). **** This game is not 100% move compatible. Only the mini-games work with MOVE ****

The remastered HD graphics look amazing. Despite some roughness, Sly looks great in 720p. The game plays very smooth with no graphic hick-ups , frame rate issues or tearing you might see in a simple texture upscale. Very professionally handled upgrade to 720p

** Overall if you heard about sly and never checked it out - or simply wish to relive a classic you once owned this package is perfect. The price is fairly reasonable since you automatically know you are getting 3 classic, A+ games instead of paying $60 for perhaps a bust. The Sly Cooper series is definitely a unique series of games that will provide you with hours upon hours of fun , laughs and not once feel as if the game is being repetitive

Edit (12/10/10)
After re-reading my review I might as well throw in what scores I'd give these 3 games and the mini-games.
Sly 1 - 97% a great game for people of all ages and brings a unique look at being a thief
Sly 2 - 86% still a great game for all ages, but doesn't seem nearly as memorable gameplay wise (an overload of mini-games maybe)
Sly 3 - 94% Combining what made Sly 1 and Sly 2 so great, Sly 3 fires on all cylinders making for a well paced adventure.
Sly Mini-Games - 21% yeah that's right. In fact I'm being nice about it. They use Move technology but honestly, you'll play these once probably to get the trophies (which can be done on your first play w/ a regular controller) and never revisit them again. Basically "move" versions of mini-games found throughout the Sly Trilogy using true 720p graphics.
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on November 17, 2010
As a fan of this amazing game series, it's good to know that Sony is giving this underrated series the push it deserves by issuing all three of the hit games in one box, all for a price lower than that of a SINGLE NEW GAME!
The games, now in HD, bring us back to the glory days of the PS2. Classic sneak-and-steal gameplay with the gentleman thief Sly Cooper is still great fun, but now the already-stunning graphics are even more amazing, bringing the colorful world of the series to life.
Although the first game in the series plays a lot differently than the next two, all three games are competent platformers. A great cast of characters, excellent storytelling, and tight gameplay with fun missions bring the experience to a whole new level.
Although this might not be as tempting if you already have the PS2 versions, the enhanced graphics, trophy collection, and other features might be enough to convince you otherwise.
The Sly series has always been a favorite, and now with this stunning collection, there isn't much to say other than "BUY THIS NOW!"
Like the raccoon himself, you could walk away from this with more than what you paid for!
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on January 22, 2011
I will keep this review brief. I had never played any of these games on the ps2 and was really curious to try them ESPECIALLY that they could be played in 3d. I have a 60 inch 3d Mitsubishi Tv with the required adapter to play Ps3 games in 3d. I have tried every 3d game that is out for the PS3 and they all look and perform pretty well. The HD in this game looks great, razor sharp. I then tried to use the 3d and UGH. It looks like they went from 720 down to 480 resolution when you swith from regular to 3d. Very washed out and grainy without much real depth (even at max). The games themselves are very good and very fun but the 3D enabled part of this game is a dud, I wouldnt buy it expecting to play much in looks so much worse than the standard HD. Just FYI.
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on November 13, 2010
The Sly Collection is quite the collection. Included on one disk is Sly 1, 2, 3 and a 4 mini games. The mini games are worthless, just a bunch of 30 second motion games to demo the Move. All three Sly games are presented in 720p HD. The games are clearly much cleaner, sharper and just overall more graphic. The framerate is also much smoother. The sound is also much cleaner and stronger. All three games feature trophy support (very easy to platinum all three). Really those who want Sly in HD should pick this collection up. Those who always wanted to try out Sly, they should probably pick the collection up. For those who never liked Sly, obviously this collection isn't for you. These games are not built from the ground up, but rather just polished and refinished a bit. Sly to the Sly Collection is just like God of War to the God of War Collection. While the games are not built from the ground up, the graphical enhancement is clear as day. The games look much better than the original ps2 versions.

For those who don't know the series, it is an interesting mix of Metal Gear Solid, Mario and Ocean's Eleven. My main draw to the series is the unique factor. I have played hundreds of games, many just seem like the same game I have played before. Sly does not fall into that category. It stands as a very unique experience and there isn't much quite like it. The gameplay is a mix of platforming and sneaking around. The games are certainly lighthearted and not adult themed, which works for me. I enjoy Mario, Pixar, etc.

The only complaints I have is the price (probably better at $35 or $30) and the mini games are terrible. Overall though it does feature 3 great ps2 games all remastered wonderfully.
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on November 12, 2010
Plenty of games from the PS2 era are worth keeping. However for a seasoned veteran who never cared about any games from sucker punch except for infamous should take a gander at this title.

The Sly collection is one of those series which allows plenty of room laughs and adventure. Its a great take on the modern day thief.

The game is presented is redone in hd resolution. The cel shaded graphics looks a beaut on hd. One thing to note is also Sony added a few mini games.

This title can be played with the dualshock or the playstation move.

A definite buy!

Happy gaming.
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on November 22, 2010
The HD release of the beloved Sly Trilogy certainly brings back the slightest sense of nostalgia, if nostalgia were imagined in HD. I found that the cut scenes were oddly sized on my 32", turning out to be quite a bit smaller than when actually playing the game which thankfully is sized on par with the screen's max size. I've also noticed a few issues with sound such as several lines of dialogue that seemed to be skipped or are missing as well as a glitch that presented itself as extremely low quality audio stream. At first I thought I had managed to blow my speakers, though I had the volume quite low but after restarting the game the issue seemed to resolve itself. Still curious...

Other than the few odd instances and quirks the gameplay has held up considerably well especially for the latter two games which ditch the Luck Charms that could be considered difficult for some. I have yet to try the Move minigames seeing as though I don't own any Move equipment (yet).

If you love the Sly games but don't own them or if you haven't ever heard of Sly before but love sneaky platformer games with very intuitive controls and lovable Raccoon thieves then for the forty or so bucks this is a steal.

If you like this, then you might also like inFamous, a comic book inspired superhero game that takes the wonderfully intuitive controls system from Sly and makes it that much better. You may also like Psychonauts which takes on a more varied and adventurous outting as a platformer that has gained somewhat of a cult status.
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VINE VOICEon November 10, 2013
I missed out on the Sly Cooper series on the ps2 because that period in my life was my gaming hayday, and I just plain missed out because I was busy with so many others. It was a series I definitely had interest in though, and when the HD collection came out, I made sure to buy it. My daughter showed a lot of interest too, and we played through all 3 games together. She's 6 years old and had a blast playing through the games with me, and got irritated at the same parts I did (read- the third game). The bottom line is that this is a fantastic deal, getting three full fledged games for the price of one, with improved visuals, load times and plenty of trophies to boot if you're a trophy hunter.

You play as Sly Cooper, a master thief, and he travels the world looking for various treasures or specific items he's after. In the first game, he's trying to collect pieces of the Thievius Raccoonus, which is a kind of family history book that also holds secrets to help him become a better thief. He'd joined by his two friends Bentley and Murray, who help whenever possible. Bentley is the brains of the operation and does all the computer hacking, while Murray drives the getaway van. The first game in the series has you playing as Sly 95% of the time, with a few levels where you get to play as Bentley and Murray. Sly's stages are of the action-platforming variety. You'll jump, sneak and attack enemies with your cane while trying to get back pages from the Thievius Raccoonus and restoring your family's name. In the second and third installments, a little more variety comes in with more levels to play as Bentley and Murray, as well as several additional characters in the third game.

Playing as Sly is a blast. I loved using his special abilities like placing decoys, jumping and landing on small platforms, sneaking around ledges and even slowing down time. There are lucky horse shoes scattered around the stages, which grant you an extra hit before losing a life. Yep, this is one of those games where if you get hit once or fall off a cliff, you're out. It helps encourage the player to be more sneaky, rather than running head first into combat, swinging your cane around like a maniac. Honestly, I didn't die that many times in the first game. There are only a handful of enemies in each level, and the bosses have a pattern that you can get down pretty quickly for the most part. Level design is very good and exploring the areas to find more coins and bottles was always fun. I mean it when I say that there's nothing at all that frustrated me about the first game.

The second game is where things get taken in a slightly new direction, allowing you to play as Sly's buddies. It's still fun, but the third game is where everything goes downhill big time. Here's where they add too many characters. You can argue all you want about how this "adds more variety", but the problem is that none of them are fun to play as. I knew I was in for a bad trip as soon as one of the stages with Murray required me to bounce around the city to get to my destination. Seriously, I mean it- you have to roll into a ball and bounce through the city. Every new area usually requires that you play as every single character at least once, to meet up with the rest of the group. A new one, who I won't say the name of as to not spoil the game, takes forever to load his special weapon and is a sitting duck until it's ready. He's a great character, and even gets a good amount of character development within the story, but my god did I hate having to load his weapon. Another new character you play as, is only used for the very small number of underwater missions and nothing else. Controls for these sections was atrocious, especially when you had to fight a boss who can kill you in 3 hits. The other two characters are used a bit more. One is Guru, a cool little koala that has taken up a life of peace and refuses to resort to violence. He gets through levels by transforming into objects so enemies don't notice him, and also by jumping onto the backs of enemies, and controlling them to go places. When controlling an enemy, they automatically take off like Road Runner and don't stop until you get off of them or they crash into something. It's a pain in the caboose, and guess what. You get to do it many times! It sucks when a cool character is given such poor gameplay. The real kicker is later on when Guru actually DOES resort to violence to an extent, and controls a giant squid, smashing enemies on a pirate ship. So much for that.

What killed the game for me to the point where I refuse to play through it again though, is Penelope. She's Bentley's love interest, being a techno junkie just like him. Rather than playing as her, you get to control her RC car or helicopter. Because younger kids might be reading this, I'll use the nice term and say that the RC car handles like donkey. Every single time Penelope showed up for her levels to start, I could feel my blood boiling. My daughter would sigh loudly as well, and she initially liked the character. It's a miracle that I beat the game instead of giving up out of frustration. I came -very close- a few times, yet I managed to pull it off. The worst part is that these stages go on for much longer than they should. As for the helicopter, it'd be a lot more fun if the level it's used in wasn't so full of enemies and targets that you have to protect. I've heard that she shows up in the new Sly game, and I hope to god that something very bad happens to her.

Visually, all three games look very good for being as old as they are. The visuals change from game to game, with the first one looking the most basic in terms of character models and such. There was never any slowdown, no matter how much was going on. As for the soundtrack as a whole, it's not very memorable, but definitely not bad either. There are only a couple of tracks I can remember...mostly the more jazzy ones. Voice acting is hit or miss, with Sly and Bentley's voice actors doing the best work. Murray's voice was good in the first game, and yet they got the most wooden, tough-guy voice actor they could find, probably from some 3rd string anime dub.

Despite how much I hate the third game for losing focus on the main character, I highly recommend The Sly Collection. The first two games are just plain fun to play, and two of the few games I've had fun with playing the stealthy way. I got my daughter Sly 4 for Christmas, and can't wait to play it with her, and see what the new team was able to do with the ps3's hardware.
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on August 25, 2013
All three of these games were amazing!!
But rather than reviewing the games individually, I'd like to review the Collection itself. So, overall, a great job tidying up the three games, but I'd like to mention a few shortcomings.

First off, a trend I've seen with these game collections, they let you select which game you want in the series, but you have to quit out of the game entirely or reset your system to get back to the menu to select a different game in the series. A minor annoyance when you select a game too quickly because you assume the second option on the game select menu is Sly 2. Actually, the first option is "Sly Collection" and selecting the Sly Collection merely scrolls the screen over to Sly 1 which is the second option.

Second, I'll bring up a slightly more important annoyance and eyesore. Noticed in Sly 2 and 3, at the end of a mission when returning to the hideout, there is a short scene of the hideout door. How is it that this 2-3 second scene was skipped over during the remastering? Sure, it's not a critical scene by any means, but this just screams "lack of effort to me" and it's sad to see such great games marred by such a horrible couple of seconds.

Third, I've had a lot of issues with Sly 3 and I'm only on the second chapter. First, I entered an area for a mission and the area loaded with no audio. When I left the area, the screen went black and never loaded back to the main area. This happened several times, all ending in the system resetting. There were also a couple times when an area just didn't load. I ended up with the black screen (slight bit of the last screen on the bottom and top), but nothing ever loaded. Hitting the PS button and trying to quit the game only caused the system to beep and reset. Ejecting and replacing the disc also caused a reset. There was also one occasion when the audio loaded with a slight static in it. Everything played as normal, but there was just a constant static in the sound until I reset my system. I've read that some of the audio issues could be attributed to drivers, but I've checked to make sure my system is up-to-date, and I'm just not sure which is the culprit.

The last issue I have with this collection are the mini-games. Lame. I just played them to earn the trophies which was extremely easy.
Speaking of trophies, I'm glad the first game did not require completion of the time trials. I couldn't even pass one of them.

I know I said I'd focus on the collection, but I have two negative thoughts I've had about the games as I've been playing through them: First, the skills/gadgets and their navigation/button assignment. I thought Sly 1 had the better design, but I think rather than using L1/R1 to scroll through abilities, they should have used the d-pad buttons to select skills on the fly. The button assignment in Sly 2 & 3 was a step in the wrong direction if you ask me. Second, Carmelita Fox's voice acting in Sly 3 has been absolutely horrible so far. I've only just started on the second chapter of the game though, so hopefully it gets better.

Now there are numerous features that I'm not mentioning. I did not try out the PS-Move motion controls, or the 3D options. I may test out the 3D and add to this review later, but the last time I tried a game in 3D, it made me dizzy and very uncomfortable.

So, overall, great games. Great job on the collection, but could have paid a little bit more attention to detail. I think about 4.5 stars is a fair overall rating here. The collection and the games were lacking in a couple areas, but overall, this is an outstanding series and a good collection to bring all three games to the PS3.

**UPDATE 2013-09-02** I tested the 3D mode. It didn't seem to change the appearance of anything. There was no 'pop'.
Carmelita's voice stayed horrible throughout Sly 3, but on a positive note, the game only lost audio and locked up once more as I finished out everything after chapter 2.
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on December 26, 2010
Game play is ONE PLAYER for all 3 Sly games. The only multiplayer games are the mini games on Sly 3 or the mini Move games - which are extremely short games - giving new meaning to the word mini... That was disappointing, because we are new to Playstation and Sly and did not know that the PS2 Sly games were all one player.

I have 3 boys, ages 8, 9, and 11 who have only played Wii or Xbox games before (they love Mario, Sonic, Kirby, or Halo, Call of Duty, etc.) But even though it is one player and they have to take turns, each one of my kids love this game. They will sit and wait and watch and cheer their brothers on when it is not their turn - and they don't have to... there is a Wii, and Xbox360 in other rooms and tons of other things for them to do.
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on January 14, 2014
This brought back so much nostalgia. The HD graphics make these games look better than ever. However I did see some minor issues such as aspect ratio in the binucucom and a lot more glitches than I remembered, but nothing that hinders the Gameplay. This is probably due to the fact that its imported into the PS3's Hardware, but like I said, Still enjoyed these wonderful Classics and the fact that there is only 1 disc.
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