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on October 4, 2011
The League returns for a second season of fantasy football hilarity. For those who do not know, The League focuses on 5 guys from Chicago who play fantasy football together. While fantasy football pervades nearly every aspect of their lives and the show, you do not need to know anything about fantasy football to enjoy the show. There are plenty of people, men and women, who love the show and don't play. Everyone can relate to the characters in one way or another, whether it is Ruxin getting caught in a lie to his wife and turning to his friends to cover for him, or Andre trying to fit in with a group that mercilessly teases him, everyone can find something to like in these characters.
One of the great things about the show is that it is only loosely scripted, which means that most of it is improved and you never know what you will get. While you can follow the show if you haven't seen season 1, I'd highly recommend watching it first as a few things that happen this season will make more sense if you do. However, it isn't necessary to do so.

While the extras aren't amazing, the show more than makes up for it. If you enjoyed the show the first time around, buy it on DVD so you can watch it over and over again. The extended episodes (about half of the season) and the few great extras make it a must have!

Disc 1
1. Vegas Draft - As new league champion, Andre plans a trip to Las Vegas for the draft at the MGM Grand. One of the "out of town idiots on auto draft" quits the league and the guys must decide whether to fill the spot with Jenny or Ruxin's brother-in-law, Raffi, whom they all hate. Guest stars Chad Ochocinco
2. Bro-Lo En Cunado - Kevin tries to make up with Jenny by having an adult weekend with his boss when Taco appears at the function with one of Kevin's overzealous coworkers. Ruxin attempts to give Sofia her monthly "terrific lady day" and Pete and Andre go to a party with Raffi.
3. The White Knuckler - Andre expands his medical practice by forming a partnership with an African-American plastic surgeon and throws a party to celebrate the merger; Ruxin volunteers to fulfill a sick child's wish, but hijacks the wish for himself; Pete dates someone who has slept with Kevin and feels awkward about their intimate past. No extended version. Guest stars Josh Cribbs and Terrell Suggs.
4. The Kluneberg - Andre buys an expensive painting and is mocked by the guys for it; the guys try to get Raffi out of the league; Jenny meets up with an old friend that Kevin suspects is a sex addict.
5. The Marathon - Andre signs up to run a marathon, which prompts Pete to say he is going to run it too; Taco becomes a notary; Jenny and Kevin seek to balance family life when they go head-to-head in this week's matchup. No extended version
6. The Anniversary Party - Because of Taco's meddling, Ruxin throws Sofia an anniversary party on the same day as Jenny's birthday that all of the guys attend, including someone from Pete's past who shows up with a "plus one." No extended version
7. Ghost Monkey - Kevin tries to create an adult Halloween for the guys and Jenny, but his idea doesn't go as planned; Taco steals a monkey and fears that he killed it and is being haunted by its vengeful spirit; Pete dates a witch; Ruxin and Pete go head-to-head and Pete lets Ruxin set his line-up - a decision that Ruxin agonizes over. No extended version

Deleted Scenes - Deleted scenes from the Vegas Draft through the Ghost Monkey episode. The deleted scenes are hit and miss. Some of the are absolutely hilarious while others barely garner a smirk.
El Notario! - This is Taco's advertisement for his notary services South of the Border. This skit was absolutely hilarious! Make sure you watch the Marathon episode before watching this one.
Kluneberg Paint by Numbers - Andre as Bob Ross in the "Joy of Painting Stuff" This skit makes fun of those old PBS painting shows. Worth watching once, but not particularly funny.
Taco Tones Productions Presents - This is a collection of all the music videos and Taco productions from the season - I'm Inside Me, Naginta!, Sofia & Rodney's Wedding Video, and Vinegar Strokes. I would've loved to see extended versions of what actually made the show and a full version of the Pete's Tiny Little Erect Dick song.

Disc 2
8. The Tie - Andre and Ruxin complain about a tie prompting Kevin to quit as league commissioner and leaving the guys to come up with alternative ways to break the tie.
9. The Expert Witness - Ruxin has a big case and turns to Andre as an expert witness; Ruxin suspects Jenny and Kevin are colluding in the league; the judge has a thing for Ruxin; Taco and the courtroom artist get intimately acquainted.
10. The High School Reunion - The guys have their 10 year reunion where Andre wants to show off his success, but his efforts are negated by Pete and Kevin; Ruxin wants to show off his hot wife; Pete wants to name the trophy after the worst person at the reunion; the origins of the Shiva Blast are revealed. No extended episode.
11. Ramona Neopolitano - The final week of the regular season begins to fray Andre's emotions; Ruxin lies to Sofia about having a dead wife; Kevin turns to fantasy football gurus to help him set his lineup.
12. Kegel the Elf - The playoffs begin to determine who is going to the Shiva Bowl; Kevin and Jenny must deal with Ellie misbehaving at school; Pete dates a single mother who just isn't ready to sleep with him and turns to Jenny for help. No extended episode.
13. The Sacko Bowl - In the season finale, Jenny and Ruxin face off in the Shiva Bowl to determine the league champion while Andre and Tako face off in the Sacko Bowl to determine the league loser.

Delete Scenes - Deleted scenes from the Tie through the Sacko Bowl finale. Like the ones on disc 1, the deleted scenes on disc 2 are hit and miss too.
Alt Nation - Since the show is improved there are a lot of takes of the same scene to try out different improvised jokes. Here is where you will find them. Like the deleted scenes, some are hilarious while others fall flat.
Gag Reel - All the mistakes that the guys made. Pretty funny.
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on November 25, 2011
Almost as good as Season 1 of The League, Season 2 manages to remain very entertaining and humorous. If you are a fan of over the top dirty and crass humor this is one for you. The acting is very solid overall, and the humor seems very spontaneous and genuine in this apparently "semi-scripted" comedy. If you are not a football fan, they do not spend an inordinate amount of time talking about the intricate details of their fantasy football league. Overall a very funny, loose-flowing comedy.
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on April 9, 2014
This is a really funny show. Almost every episode has something hilarious happen, and the great majority of them will have you laughing uproariously. I don't have a fantasy league, and I don't really keep up with other teams besides my city's team. However, this show requires little to no knowledge to appreciate the ridiculous humor. The only thing keeping this from a 5 star rating is that the show will occasionally slide into unadulterated potty humor. It's just that the humor usually is so clever or shocking that I didn't think they need to rely on immature humor.
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on December 24, 2012
I just discovered this show recently and love it! it is so funny and over the top! You don't have to be a football fan to enjoy it. The things the friends do and say to each other are so hilarious! There are some fall off the couch laughing episodes
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on October 24, 2011
Patrick Bromley, DVD Verdict --Like the majority of sitcoms in their sophomore years, The League has only gotten better in Season Two. The characters are even better developed, and the ensemble is even tighter. There's really not a weak link in the bunch, though it could be argued that Jon LaJoie's Taco exists on a different show; The League takes place in recognizable reality, but Taco doesn't live there. I recognize that's the joke of the character, but it doesn't quite work. LaJoie is not to blame. Season Two also sees the addition of Jason Mantzoukas's (Baby Mama) Rafi, a horrible human being who gets laughs every time he's on screen. Still, many of the same problems present in season one haven't yet been worked out. While writer/director/mumblecore founder Mark Duplass remains one of my favorite actors on the show, his Pete still isn't much of a character--he's just the resident smartass. At times, the episodes strain too hard to pull all of the various story threads together the way that Seinfeld used to do so well, and there's a tendency to do too many variations on the same joke as though the editors couldn't decided which one to use and instead just kept them all. But these are minor complaints, because the show is consistently funny and fun to watch.

The League continues to look good in HD, with a 1.78:1/1080p transfer that's bright and bold and solid. Detail is strong throughout, skin tones look natural and the overall quality represents an improvement over season one. The DTS-HD audio track isn't called upon to do much, but handles what is required of it very well: dialogue is clear and the (brief) theme music packs a punch. Being that the whole show has kind of a low-fi charm, the Blu-ray looks and sounds good enough that it's actually overkill in some ways. Still, it's nice to view the show the best way possible, and this disc allows for precisely that.

In addition to the option to view "extended" versions of several episodes, The League: The Complete Season Two comes with a modest but not terrible offering of bonus material. There are roughly ten minutes of deleted scenes included, which offer exactly the same kind of laughs as are present in the show and were likely just cut for time. Perhaps more enjoyable is a compilation of alternate jokes improvised by the cast (a good deal of the show is improvised), many of which are funnier than what made it in but couldn't be used because they're way too dirty. A gag reel is also amusing, once again demonstrating that watching funny people make mistakes is generally more entertaining than not-funny people, if only because they know how to build on the error. An option called "Taco Tones" allows for the viewer to jump right to Jon LaJoie's songs, which basically play out like music videos. They're funny enough, but always feel way too produced and out of place, especially given the way that LaJoie's character has been written; they're shoehorned in because, you know, LaJoie is known for writing funny songs. A five-minute faux commercial for Taco's notary business goes way past overstaying its welcome. Lastly, there's a bit with Paul Scheer doing a Bob Ross impression and showing how to paint a "Kluneberg." It has very little to do with the show, but it's a funny diversion and a chance for Scheer to be silly.

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on April 2, 2014
While season 2 of The League has lost some of the humor from the first season (due to repetitive jokes) the hilarity remains. A constant state of uproarious situations and actors hitting the mark every time this season should not be missed.
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on June 2, 2014
Might be my favorite season. Great casting, despicable characters but they are such perfect charactures actual people you deal with each day or maybe it hits a little to close to home. Great for a good laugh.
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on April 1, 2014
We got season 1 at a garage sale, I bought season 2, my wife bought season 3. We love this show. Raunchy, funny, goofy. I am not even that big of a football fan, or even a big time fantasy football player.
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on November 18, 2012
I have been a fan of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia for a long time, so I saw the ads for this show quiet a bit. I am not into football at all, so I usually ignored the show and went to bed. But I liked Jon Lajoie's comedy, so decided to watch it one night. I bought season 1 and loved it. So I HAD to buy season 2. I watched the entire 2 disk set it one sitting. It is very rare for me to laugh alone. But I was howling the whole way through.

The characters are all horrible, self centered people. Then there's Taco, the 30-something "self-employed," pot-smoking friend who never knows whats going on. On the rare occasions when the show gets dry, they shove Taco it the scene for completely not-related hilarity. In one episode, he showed up at a children's playground with a 6 foot long spear and showed it off to his friends by swinging it around. In another [SPOILER ALERT], Taco took a toilet seat from a dumpster and got addicted to sitting on it, realizing the seat was made of cocaine.

All the characters bring something unique to the show. They each insult each other in their own way, but still hang out all the time. The dialog makes the show. It is all very natural sounding, like they improvise the script. I would give It's Always Sunny 5 out of 5 stars, but The League is even better. It's one of the best, most consistently funny shows I've seen.
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on June 27, 2012
the league what can I say about one of my favorite shows....well calling all fantasy football fans....the show funny with two f s....this DVD geat gift for someone special on your list..
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