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on March 6, 2013
We have so many stuffed toys from Kyjen and love them all so we decided to purchase some of the puzzle toys. We selected the Paw Hide Treat Toy and Puzzle Kibble Drop hoping to give our dogs a new challenge. We opened the box of the Paw Hide, placed some treats in two of the compartments and put it on the ground. Shortly after, I noticed a bit of red on the yellow pieces. The small slits in the yellow pieces (at the bottom of the paw image) were so sharp that they cut my dog's tongue straight down the middle. Now he has a serpent's tongue for the rest of his life. Obviously this toy is meant for the dog to bite at; I didn't even think to check out the plastic and I really wish I had. It is as though a machine punched the plastic and then it was left as is. It isn't visibly sharp but once you run your finger over it you can't deny that it is dangerous. We've lost a bit of faith in Kyjen as a result of this product. On the plus side, Amazon was very good about refunding our purchase even though we couldn't return the toy because it had been used.

We also have the Puzzle Kibble Drop. It is great-- no sharp, dangerous plastic on it and it keeps the dogs occupied. They enjoy trying to open the doors to get to the treat.
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on November 8, 2010
I bought this puzzle to help entertain my smart and curious and food driven dogs. My "boys" love it! We play it every single day. Often to work on obedience (sit, get it, down, get it!) and just for fun administration of treats and even dinner. My golden retriever loves it, but is a chewer, so he must be supervised with it. He pulled the cups out and thought that in itself was the reward... LOL but once I simply pointed to the treat hidden in the pawprint dish, he figured it out and was a happy camper. I also bought the spinner, which is actually my favorite of the two styles. I can get my golden's entire kibble allotment for one meal (we feed twice a day) inside it, so it slows down his feeding (so he doesn't gulp it down and get bloat). I know that my dogs love it by the perked ears and bouncing when they see me pick one of the toys up. They also sit and wait to be "released" to start their game. Great fun! The plastic is nice too since you can disinfect it easily or wash it in the sink without worrying about warping, splitting, or cracking wood like on the expensive models of similar toys. Plus, the price has been great and I found it at my local canine speciality store too!
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on October 18, 2011
My dog can get bored easily and when he's bored he's destructive and annoying. So I try to find anything I can to keep his mind busy and hopefully wear him out. He figured this toy out fast and gets his food in about 2 minutes, but he does really love it and he often settles down after playing with it. My other dog (the chi x you see in the picture) has absolutely no interest in working for his food. So I guess it's not for all dogs, but if your dog is busy, this is a good way to occupy him for awhile.
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on May 27, 2011
i have to admit - i was worried this was a big mistake when i first gave this toy to Bacon. he was confused. he first tried barking maniacally to get the treats to appear. he then tried digging into the carpet next to the toy. i wondered if i'd be able to send the toy back, as there was no way i would pull this toy out again if all it did is prove that my dog is not smart and barks too much. luckily, within 15 minutes, he successfully unearthed a treat. it's not an easy toy for him - but it's amazing to me that he has learned how to do it. he's learned a bit of patience and problem solving. two things i doubted he'd ever learn.

the yellow plastic parts - we've lost one. i'm really not sure what Bacon did with it. i just use that open cubby as the 'easy hole' for him to find a treat in. Bacon is a schnorkitzu (schnauzer yorkie shihtzu). i imagine larger dogs would chew the yellow parts up pretty quickly.

i'm looking forward to getting another puzzle toy in the future. i recommend this toy.
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on December 30, 2010
Another great idea for a dog toy, but my medium-sized dog cracked the yellow covers in less than 5 min. The plastic shattered. She will never see those little yellow covers again. I might find a way to cover the food wells with something else, now that I'm stuck with this toy. My dog is not a chewer, and this toy did not stand up.
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on April 30, 2011
This toy is not that great for my pug. He loves finding stuff in the little cups, however the yellow covers are impossible for him to get off. His mouth won't fit around them so he can't pick them up with his teeth, when he uses his nose to try to get at them the cups just fall back into place and if he uses his paws (that's when he's really frustrated) he winds up just flipping the whole thing over. I have turned the cups upside down so that he can grab at the edges and that works for him. However, it's not really a puzzle because he even figured out that if the cup is sticking up, something is in there. I even have a hard time getting some of the cups out because of the way it is shaped. It's not a bad toy as a starter puzzle but if your dog has done puzzles before, this one won't keep him interested. And if you have a dog with no snout, it's not really worth it.
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on February 28, 2011
Not a bad starter puzzle, especially for the price.

My Lab/Border Collie had it totally figured out within about 20 minutes, so it wasn't super challenging for her. She had more issues with the cups located in the "palm" section of the paw. It was hard for her to get her mouth on them, and almost impossible to "slide up."

The primary complaint I have with this toy are the yellow cups. They are flimsy and could be easily cracked into pieces with very minimal effort for a decent sized dog, or an aggressive chewer.

DEFINITELY do not leave your dog alone with the toy. (This should go without saying..but...)

Would I recommend the toy? Maybe. I think it would be ideal for medium sized dogs that aren't too smart for their own good. (If your dog can unscrew things, open doors, drawers, etc..then you may want to go for a more challenging toy. I wish I had of.)
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on March 9, 2011
My German Shepherd took less than 1 minute to take off each cover and that included the time to eat the treat. I was looking for more of a challenge for him. Guess he is one of the too smart for his own good, or at least too smart for this toy. The one star is for my dog, it might work well for others.
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on December 26, 2010
I purchased the Kyjen Dog Games Paw Hide Treat Toy. Labs are exceptionally smart and I try to give mine, Autumn, a variety of challenging toys. She loves her chew toys but she needs to be challanged. First of all she found her toy under the tree wrapped and without a treat in it. How did she do that? With encouragement we allowed her to open her toy. I took it away after she examined it. While she wasn't looking I put a few treats in a few of the compartments. It took her a few minutes to figure it out. Next time, no challange at all. That is why I only gave it 4 stars. It was too easy, but I think to some dogs it will be great, others fustrating.Kyjen Dog Games Paw Hide Treat Toy
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on October 29, 2012
My 4 year old, 14 lb miniature poodle has fun with this. I turn the yellow cups upside down for her to get them out, since her mouth is not big enough to pick up the cup, and she lacks the patience to paw them out with her tiny paws. She has managed to get one or 2 out when cups are right side up, but she frustrates easily & usually gives up on that. Maybe over time she'll get better at it & I'll try them right side up again. But she looks forward to playing with it (well, to getting the treats out). She is not much of a chewer, and shows no interest in the cups after she gets them out. The red tray is quite sturdy, and the yellow cups are fairly sturdy as well, but I would not leave a dog alone with the cups since they look very tempting for a chewer (and they can roll around so enticingly once removed from tray). I'm always with her anyway, as I have to put my toe on one edge of the tray to hold it still for her on our carpet.
I plan to try putting some of her toys over the holes for her to search under, just for variety.
Another use for the cups is to play the shell game with 3 of them: I set 3 cups on the floor & hide a treat under one for her to sniff out.
I think this toy is well worth the money.
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