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NOTE: Some are claiming that the 3-disc edition is edited. IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT EDITED. There are no missing scenes. There is an international version available that is somewhat less than complete (edited for gore), so beware of third party sellers. It appears that some U.S. copies may have a playback quirk, though (mine doesn't). On the episode "Guts," if you Play All you might see some material edited. If you select the individual episode from the menu (instead of Play All), there is no issue. Otherwise, the official U.S. release is absolutely fine.

So now that all The Walking Dead TV fans have purchased Season One, here comes the inevitable double dip for the 3-Disc Special edition. I always find this a dubious way to reward fans, by making them regret buying your initial product. It does, however, seem to be a commercial reality that continues to disappoint and exploit consumers. Whether or not you will indulge in the new version will depend on how appealing its additional material strikes you. Here is a run down of the new features with the old features (also included) to help you decide.

5 Stars for the show itself, 1 Star for the repeated practice of double dipping.

NEW Material for this re-issue:

Pilot Episode: The B&W Version
Audio Commentaries On All 6 episodes
We Are The Walking Dead
Bring Out The Dead: KNB And The Art of Making Zombies
Digital Decay: The VFX of The Walking Dead
No More Room in Hell: The Walking Dead Phenomenon
Adapting The Dead
Killer Conversations: Frank Darabont & Greg Nicotero

ALL Previous Bonus Material Also Included:

The Making of The Walking Dead
Inside The Walking Dead: Episodes 1 - 6
A Sneak Peek with Robert Kirkman
Behind The Scenes Zombie Make-Up Tips
Convention Panel with the Producers
The Walking Dead Trailer
Extra Footage (Zombie School, Bicycle Girl, On the Set with Robert Kirkman, Hanging with Steven Yeun, Inside Dale's RV, and On Set With Andrew Lincoln)

Original Review:
When I heard that AMC was going to produce a television series based on the zombie epic "The Walking Dead," I was both concerned and delighted. A bona fide classic in undead lore, Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" graphic novels are brutal and surprising--not really what I would picture for a basic cable TV show (the first season is only 6 episodes, we'll see where it goes from there). But AMC has produced terrific and prestigious shows like "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad," so I was pretty stoked to see what they do with this. Add Frank Darabont of "Shawshank Redemption" fame as the creative force behind the show, and I'm pleased to report that we've got a winner!

For years, I've maintained that the principle themes of Kirkman's vision have little to do with actual monsters. This is a story of human survival, of morality, of loyalty, of sacrifice--of doing anything necessary to carry on without losing the basics of what makes life worth living. The fact that this is occurring within the midst of a zombie apocalypse is just a bonus! Darabont and team are fully on board with the notion that it is humanity, not the undead, driving this epic struggle. So while "The Walking Dead" expertly crafts its horrors, the real emotional weight is conveyed through its characters and the decisions they face on a daily basis.

The story in these six episodes, for the most part, adheres to the first few individual comics or the collected "Volume One: Days Gone By." This is the series' jumping off point--and, in truth, sets things up in a fairly typical way. After being involved in a shoot-out, cop Rick awakes from a coma isolated, but not alone, in a local hospital. Apparently, in the time he was out, something has shifted in the world and now the dead walk. The program introduces Rick and many other principles as he tries to figure out what is happening while he crosses the state to locate his family. On the outskirts of Atlanta, Rick is reunited with his wife Lori, son Carl, and police partner Shane with a group of other survivors. I was afraid, with so much story to draw from, Darabont might rush things. Instead, "The Walking Dead" takes its time setting up the premise, introducing the cast, and establishing a bleak new world. It is a tremendous accomplishment that really allows the viewer to identify with the action, to become emotionally connected with the horror.

There are a few diversions from Kirkman's text, but they actually enhance the drama. I particularly enjoyed the possible introduction of one of the series' greatest villains at a much earlier point--rounding off his back story for a reemeergence in the future. With such a large cast, the standouts in the beginning have got to be the leads--Andrew Lincoln as Rick and Jon Bernthal as Shane. Hopefully, should there be a second season, more of the supporting cast will get to shine--but their early contributions are uniformly fine. Lincoln displays an intriguing balance of strength and vulnerability, but it's Bernthal who is the break-out star for me! The gore and effects are absolutely top notch and should be appreciated by horror aficionados. Those that love zombie mayhem should have more than enough to whet their appetite. But, and this I stress, "The Walking Dead" is sophisticated, adult entertainment that should appeal to viewers who might not ordinarily target this genre as well. This is just great TV, plain and simple, and something unexpected fresh (if you can call rotting flesh fresh) on the TV landscape. KGHarris, 11/10.
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on February 10, 2012
First off let me say I love the series. I like the writing, directing, and the in your face style of filming.
I purchased the "The Complete First Season 3-Disc Special Edition, based on the reviews here.
While watching my new purchase I was EXTREMELY DISAPOINTED while watching Ep.# 2 "Guts" in the scene where they run into the alley to grab the walker to dismember and use his guts and body parts for camouflage, that entire sequence is edited out of this supposedly complete special edition.
It shows them grabbing the walker and bringing him into the building and closing the door and the next thing you see is them walking out the door covered in the guts and parts.
The whole 3-min+ scene is gone where they talk about who he(the walker) was before and starting to chop him into pieces.
One of the most graphic scenes in the series so far and its not on the complete special edition discs!!!

I am equally dumbfounded that previeous reviewers failed to mention this.
Had I known this was an edited edition I would have purchased a non-edited version.

I feel totally ripped off and let down by Amazon and previous reviewers not to have disclosed this until now.

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on February 6, 2011
++++ NO SPOILERS ++++

I love horror and outre film and television, but, no pun intended, I thought until "The Walking Dead" that the zombie genre was a played out mining town. Starting far back with Bela Lugosi's fantastic "White Zombie" all the way up through the masterpiece "Night of the Living Dead" and ending in satire with the hilarious "Army of Darkness" and "Shaun of the Dead," I thought myself to be on safe ground in this harshly critical assessment. Sometimes, it's a pleasure to be flat wrong.

I watched all six episodes of this, and cannot wait for the next season. It's an ensemble acting piece, so focus never lingers too long on any one particular character. This is a brilliant opening gambit for television since the viewer can, in a way, vicariously share the dread of "just getting to know someone" and then have them ripped away, either by the evil of men, mischance, or zombie attack. Some think that the acting is contrived. I do not. All of the characters are on edge, just up to the point of hysteria, and played consistently thus. True, it can make for one-note dialogue and predictable, archetypal situations, but what other notes might there be in the opening month of the end of the world, and a world not only ending but grown hideously hostile to boot? It will be interesting to see how the actors manage the change into something "else" as they adapt to a zombie-filled world, and I hope they are up to the challenge. From the looks of things thus far, they are.

And this makes the title especially provocative. One would assume that "The Walking Dead" refers to zombies. I am not sure of that at all. Here, the undead are the backdrop to the action, not the action itself. The action lies in the excellent ensemble acting and cleverly turned scripting. It may well unfold that the living are the ones who end up truly meriting that disturbing title, not the once-human shambling mounds of flesh haunting the desolate streets of "Necropolis Atlanta." I have an odd suspicion that by the end of season two, the mindless juggernaut of zombie hordes will be a pale shadow compared to the darker and more malevolent forces that can shape the human soul into something far more fearful and terrifying. And these six shows set up that subtle possibility with suprising elegance as the normal turns suddenly abnormal and the "brave new world" or both urban and rural America comes bloodily undone.

This is not a show for the faint of heart. The make-up and effects for television are very well done and almost entirely convincing. The adult situations, profanity, and desperate sexuality also make "The Walking Dead" unsuitable for minors. But for adults, this is nothing less than a treat and not a "guilty pleasure."

So spread the word. Zombies are back, and very scary again. Almost as scary as the people trying to outlive them. Five stars.
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on January 17, 2011
I was riveted by this series. It was fantastic and the quality of every aspect about it made it quite cinematic. It never felt like a television show.

Every zombie movie touches upon the difficulties of adjusting to life once society breaks down. However, in those zombie movies, they are only able to devote a few moments, out of the 90-120 minutes, to that enthralling subject.

In this series they go through a painstaking detail about what it's like to lose your family, dealing with "dangerous" survivors, the logic of racism when there is no longer a real race left, sacrificing survivors for the betterment of the others, how to maintain a family and raise children in an apocolypse, figuring out the vulnerabilities and behavior of the zombies, and whether life is really even worth living in such a bleak world.

The zombies are pretty much secondary since they just exist to create this stunning landscape to establish a top notch drama. This is as good as anything that could be out there. Even my wife, who would never willfully watch a "zombie" movie, was totally engrossed by this captivating drama.

This is a "perfect ten" of a piece of entertainment!
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VINE VOICEon September 20, 2011
THE WALKING DEAD is an exciting, innovative and very original series. High kudos to AMC. THE WALKING DEAD takes the zombie theme and brings it to a brand new level with intense drama and characters with depth and feeling the viewer can relate to. The show sucks you in from the first second of the pilot. And rest assured, there is blood and guts and gore galore but even with how great those scenes are it is the rest of the show that rules. The story is more about the survivors. It is thru their stories and interpersonal relationships that the heart and also true suspense and drama of the show lives.

The blu ray is amazing. The video presentation is superb. The picture is intentionally a little grainy which adds to its effect while the clarity and sharpness of the picture brings everything to life. Colors are bright and realistic. Close-ups are very crisp and flesh tones very realistic. The scenes with the dead are mezmerizing as the colors of their lifeless walking bodies mesh with the realistic blood and gore in the action sequences. And the audio is also superb. Dialogue is strong and the menacing scenes come to life utilizing all surround speakers. It's a whole other dimension from watching it on tv or dvd. Bottom line, this is a scary zombie series that comes to life due to the heart and soul of the human characters. It is about survival, love, acceptance and trust. Writing and directing are of course superb. Highly recommend this series and the blu ray transcends it to a new level.
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on November 5, 2011
I bought this box set as I loved the T.V. show and wanted to add it to my collection of movies. And as such, this won't be a review of the T.V. show, as I figure most of you interested in the box set have either seen the show or at least some of it.

I'd like to point out that the video quality isn't up to Blu-Ray standards. By that I mean there are camera shots that are crystal clear then the scene switches to another camera and it is as grainy as an eighties T.V. show on an era correct T.V. To me, that is disappointing and points out that the show didn't have the budget for HD camera's, or something of that sort.

The extras were good and I really liked the mini documentary about the make up used and how they created a "Zombie School" to teach the extras playing zombies how to walk and move about.

Interviews with the cast and director and even Kirkman are also interesting. It was a good jumping off point for me to dive into the books (I bought the compendium after watching season one).

To summarize, the Blu-Ray set isn't worth the money in my opinion as the video quality isn't top shelf all the way through. Let's be honest, you get Blu-Ray because the video quality and sound quality matter to you and you wan that little extra. For me, if the DVD set is the same as the Blu-Ray I can't see why you'd pay the extra money and not get the extra you wanted.

I'm still happy with my purchase and would/have recommended it to quite a few friends.
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on December 3, 2015
Sure. The show is good. However, the review is on a product. People review too often from a streaming and have no skin in the disc purchase.

I PURCHASED the TWO disc Bd set of season one. My opinion is that the bluray quality lacked from one camera to the next. At times the picture was grained. At other times the picture was great. Audio seemed even and good through out. If you want the set for your collection its fine. If you want 1080p broadcast quality wait on a better release.
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on October 7, 2015
YOU MAY WANT TO READ THIS if you're one of those that sees or hears that this series centers around "zombies" and your next reaction is, "Zombies, you say? No thanks, I'll pass." Take a wild guess who had the same exact reaction! I'll fess up, "comic book zombie stuff placed into a TV series, nahhhh", was my initial reaction.

But then I started thinking, and doing some additional probing, hmmmmm, the reviews are rather good and the series has now entered its ==6th== season. I mean, hey, how bad or off the wall or dull or zombie over-kill can it be? Confession #2, some months ago I was looking at the movie "Battleship" and the very moment I read that the "enemy" was out of space "aliens", it was an automatic turn-off and pass. But then, at least on that one, a Blu Ray DVD of the movie had a super sale price and on a total whim I got it and I loved it! Alien "enemies" or not because the special effects were absolutely dazzling 'especially' in Blu Ray!

Sooooo, nosing around, I saw that Amazon had a reduced price for "The Walking Dead" , first season, and which is only =8= episodes and not 12 episodes as are all the other years but, hey, on another whim I bought it and figured if the first episode or so was not a grabber or they over-did the zombie thing, no big loss at a $19.95 sale and free shipping for the ==Blu Ray== version.

I'll cut to the chase. The characters and the writing quality become the grabbers in this series. By episode 4 and clinched with episode 5 of Season one , I ordered season 2. Then seasons 3, 4 and 5! THIS from someone who initially heard the word "zombies" and wanted to pass! My next buy will be season 6! Since I use satellite dish internet [the only game in town in very rural areas], watching via downloads or in real-time on the internet bites [no pun intended] in to my monthly satellite gigabyte usage so the best option for me is to get the DVD or Blu-Ray when the series wraps and the DVD or Blue Ray becomes available. It works out because the discs have plenty of extras including deleted scenes. In any event, it's worth the watch and you ==will== get involved with the characters although [** don't worry, I won't give anything away] but, how to say it, and here I'm making reference to 5 ==seasons== of the show, there are some characters who, let us say, "disappear" along the way [please note again -- I'm making reference to the first =5= seasons of the show] where I get the classic "WHY ==you-know-who== syndrome" as was the case in the SOA [Sons of Anarchy] series! Are you with me? If you were an avid fan of SOA [now ended], you KNOW who I'm talking about and the fans were not happy campers when you-know-who was taken out via that pipe. Script writers always contend that such-and-such "had" to happen to "move the show in the right direction" but I take issue with that! Why? When the ==fans== really like a character and perhaps can even identify with that character and he or she is taken out especially if in real life the actor or actress didn't want out [!], well, that can be a drag! Nuff' said on that.

Try out season 1 and my guess is that you'll be back for more! Zombies or no zombies!

Doc Tony
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on May 18, 2011
Format: DVD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
I would not describe myself as a zombie fan. That doesn't mean I don't occasionally get lured over to that territory through popular culture or a particularly irresistible bit of story-telling. I have no cable television in my home, but even I'd heard enough buzz on The Walking Dead to be intrigued. After all, it's the same network that brought us Mad Men, and I've been hooked on those DVDs for years. Still, as scary as 60's-era advertising execs are, I wasn't sure I was prepared for zombies. I called my buddy Jimbo and asked, "Will The Walking Dead be too scary for me?" His answer: "Yes. But you have to watch it anyway for the story-telling." As usual, Jimbo was right on both counts.

In the extended pilot episode, a Georgia sheriff's deputy is shot in the line of duty. He eventually awakens, scruffily bearded, in the hospital after an unknown period of time. He is still weak, bandaged, and disoriented. Is he really awake at all? Because he's awoken alone in a nightmare world. The hospital is deserted, and there are terrifying signs of violence everywhere. The morgue has been locked down tight, but there are... things behind the door. Outside, he finds dozens of decaying bodies lined up like logs. So begins Rick Grimes' odyssey in a wholly changed world. Eventually he meets other survivors who explain that the dead have risen and who give Rick the basic info on this brave new world. His only immediate goal is to survive and find his wife and son.

Enough can not be said about the quality of this television series. From performances, design, special effects and makeup, writing, and direction, this series on the small screen rivals anything you'd see on the big screen. I don't believe I've ever seen the horror genre treated with such respect and intelligence. The Walking Dead won't appeal to a universal audience, but there is simply no denying how good it is.

The first season DVDs contain a mere six episodes, but they include a nice variety of DVD extras ranging from several making of-style documentaries to a how to achieve zombie makeup tutorial for Halloween. I was disappointed by the lack of commentary tracks, but hopefully they'll be included next season.

Yes, Jimbo was right. This show is way too scary for me. I watched these episodes one at a time, with the lights on, and not before bed. They truly scared me to the point that I could barely continue watching them. I was cursing Jimbo the whole time and swore that I would not be watching season two. But by the time episodes five and six were viewed, I knew it was hopeless. I'm hooked. I need to know what's going to happen next, but I dread finding out!
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on February 23, 2014
Overall, with the exception of the imaginative and hilarious "Zombieland", I think zombie movies are pretty repetitive and dull.
So having heard all the positive hype for this series, I decided to give it a try.
OK, so let's say the world is hit with a plague that turns almost everyone into things that have to eat live human meat.
If the people unaffected can hide and hold out for about 3 weeks, all the zombies will starve to death and the living can start trying to rebuild.
And why do all the zombies have something broken? Surely as everyone was catching the disease, they couldn't have all been in car wreck at once, right?
I watched two episodes. Same old lame stuff surrounded by a soap opera. Dull, dull, dull. I wasted $3.98 and almost 2hours of my time on these episodes.
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