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VINE VOICEon May 27, 2011
I rarely write movie reviews, so the fact that I am for this film already tells you something. I know the ratings for this have been all over the place, so I wanted to put in my two cents, which are that given what it was, I loved it!

Now none of you know me, so you dont realize how momentous that statement is, coming from me of all people. While yes, I am female, I hate - *utterly loathe* - American romantic comedies. I absolutely cannot stand them and the only 100% exceptions are Bringing Up Baby from 1938 and When Harry Met Sally ... from 1989. So yes, it's been awhile since I found one that broke the rule.

I wanted to see this movie, both because of the actors (love Goodwin and Krasinski) and because it's a story (we hope) where the shy, quiet girl gets the guy. However, I went prepared to dislike it for two reasons. First, I was *very* apprehensive about the premise involving possible cheating, since I have trouble even reading about it in books or watching films like Closer. Second, it's a romantic comedy! How could I possibly end up liking it?!

Turns out, I was dead wrong. SOMETHING BORROWED was hysterical - the writing was great and the delivery wonderful. The cast was also superb: John Krasinski, whom I adore in The Office, was hands-down unbelievably fantastic in his role; Ginnifer Goodwin, a lovely and talented actress, plays her part to perfection; and Colin Egglesfield, a quiet and subtle actor, makes for a great Dex. Darcy (Kate Hudson's character) is ridiculously over the top, but whatever - I was able to overlook it in the face of all that was right with this movie.

Also, this movie was able to do what those in this genre usually cannot do: it was able to be somewhat realistic, while still giving us a wonderful happy ending - no sappiness or corniness involved (two of my main objections to romance movies). The main characters trip up - repeatedly - and sometimes you want to slap some of them upside the head (... was that just me?), but it feels very authentic! And re: the love triangle, I think one of the things that made it feel all the more authentic was the very real dilemma that Rachel, Dex, and Darcy are faced with.

I loved this film, because for *once* a romantic comedy did for me what it always seems to do for others: it made me laugh out loud and it made me cheer for the two main characters and hope that they would end up together. I definitely, definitely recommend it.
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on May 8, 2011
I loved the movie and saw it twice in the first weekend. Ginnfer and Colin did a great job. Colin reminds me of a young Tom Cruise but better. He seems soulful, manages to play the character with integrity and gives great glances! A must see.
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on June 30, 2011
At first, I didn't want to see this movie, the trailer was uninteresting and not very funny. Then finally I decided to go see it and not judge it, John Krasinski from the Office is in it. So, I got myself a cheap ticket and watched it in the theater. I actually laughed and thought it was pretty good, not the greatest movie ever but it's worth watching a few times. I think this is a good rental, it has a few good laughs.
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on May 27, 2012
This film has such polarized reviews because it wasn't marketed properly, the marketing set up the expectation that it was a romantic comedy when it's not (that's the subplot), it's really a film about friendship - and - frenemies in particular. It took me a second viewing to really get the film, honestly, because part way in I realized it wasn't a rom-com after all and I had to look at it from the frenemies perspective (and from that perspective this film is really good & really entertaining). If you thought Darcy was likable and sympathetic, then you missed ALL the classic behaviors of a frenemy, but I've had several Darcys in my life (and even lost my Dex to one) so I could see it early on and I was firmly in Rachel's camp from beginning to end. You can moralize about cheating, yes, but I believe what Ethan says - if no one's married yet there's still time to change your mind. It was great to see a Rachel WIN finally! Other than the marketing I have one major complaint about this film - the deleted scenes need to be IN the movie and at the very least should have been incorporated into the DVD version, instead of being relegated to the deleted scenes section, watch them and the film makes far more sense (no more deleted scenes sections on DVD! Incorporate them!). Finally high praise for the music because this film has one of the greatest soundtracks ever assembled.

Go Rachel!
Go ALL the Rachels of the World!
Never take a back seat to a Darcy who'll steal & lie to make themselves feel more important (and do it at your expense!).
And Go Ethan!
(Loved Ethan)
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on August 31, 2011
This was one of the worst rom coms I've ever seen. Kate Hudson's character was so one dimensional it made you wonder why they were best friends to be begin with. The whole concept of being in love with your best friend's fiancé and then having an affair with him doesn't seems at all romantic to me. The lead male's character was so weak. He really liked the female lead, but then dated the best friend for six years (or whatever the time frame was) huh? Who would want to be with someone like that? I wish she would have ended up with John K. from The Office. At least he had a personality. It was utterly ridiculous and totally not relatable to me, but from the other reviews several seemed to love it.
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on August 31, 2011
This movie had potential to make a cute love story. However, instead of doing so, it took a very different approach. The worthwhile match was left to the wayside to make room for a relationship that has no conceivable way of surviving, since it is based on lies, adultery and disloyalty. The two main characters are selfish adultresses, yet the movie seems to find one more innocent than the other. It seems that the attempt is to cause the viewer to approve of the one because she is normally a "good person," but the outcome leaves the viewer in complete disgust of her selfishness and disloyalty to her childhood friend. In the end she is proud of her adultery and destruction of a life-long relationship, because she was able to get what she had wanted for so long. How can one's morals and sense of decency be so degraded that one can appreciate this character and her accomplishment?

There was one character in the movie who was incredibly likable, kind and a perfect match for the lead character. However, the development of his character is a complete waste, since he just gets his heart broken and is left by the wayside, so that the lead character may reek havoc on the other relationships in her life.

I watch pretty much every chick flick that comes out, and I have seen a number of cheesy and poorly developed ones, but this one simply disgusted me.
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on August 28, 2011
The movie is about two friends (or as most people have a friend that uses you) Darcy and Rachel. Rachel is the normal one and in law school she met and fell in love with Dex. Dex, who just happened to be rich and handsome, fell for her. But Rachel was too insecure and young to really get / deal with it. Colin Eggelefield sold me here. He plays it totally like he is in love with Rachel. Darcy comes in and takes Dex, kind of by force, and Rachel runs away feeling she was silly to think Dex wanted her. Of course, the reality is, he did. Dex feeling that Rachel didn't want him and vice versa... tolerates Darcy until years later and the verge of marriage. Look, if you don't know a couple like this in reality... you don't get out enough. I know several really good looking guys that are with women because they are *there*. Many great women just won't push like the Darcy's of the world.

On Rachel's 30th birthday Dex and Rachel end up alone with a few drinks to loosen them up and Rachel, confident that things are all over and Dex loves Darcy, just tells him what she felt. Well of course, now they both realize what has happened and Dex just goes for it. They embark on an affair. In the meantime he totally stays with Darcy and I know this is where a lot of people have problems with the move. But it is hard for any man to extricate himself from a situation like that. About to be married, family and friends excited for him and not sure what he is feeling... cold feet? He does make solid attempts to leave Darcy.

On the sidelines is Rachel's friend and confidant Ethan. He is rather the voice of the audience acting as someone helping Rachel go for what she wants and providing much of the comedy. As the movie goes on Rachel, Darcy, Dex, and Ethan and some supporting characters all rent a Hampton share and the affair spans the summer. Some of it is funny, some isn't.

The movie is sold as a Rom com but mostly is a drama with some comedic elements. Some aspects of the books were changed and shoe horned but the movie itself is enjoyable.
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on September 22, 2012
I have watched this movie many times and I love it! I have also read the reviews. At first, I compared the movie to the book. The book was absolutely great; the movie took some creative license. Even though some people were entranced with Darcy, I thought she was a little much. Ethan was great! Dexter and Rachel were just wonderful--their characters were just right in a mixed up relationship. The acting superb! I also thought Marcus was a hoot and loved him in the tv series, "Reba." A really decent movie with very little profanity. Finally!

Two books are sequels to this movie, and I hope to see them out in movie form. Great, Great, Great!!
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on July 8, 2012
I saw this film recently on a long haul flight. I hadn't even heard of this film so it was more out of curiosity that I watched it. I'm so glad I did. I loved this film. It is not the straightforward boy meets girl, fall in love, have a hiccup, get together, the end - there is an affair involved. In real life I am disgusted by this sort of behaviour but the characters are played and developed so well that you really feel for the main characters. I even found myself rooting for Rachel in the end. Because of this surprising feeling, I found myself thinking about the film long after I had watched it.

One potential shortcoming of the film is Kate Hudson's character which is very one dimensional and unlikeable. I have since read the books 'something borrowed' by emily griffin and the sequel 'something blue'. I think having read the latter, I understand more why Darcy's character was portrayed in such a one dimensional way in the film, so I'm prepared to overlook it. I guess it has to be this way (SPOILER!) otherwise the viewer wouldn't get behind Rachel and Dex. The guy that plays Dex is incredible, he articulates emotion and feelings of angst so well and you get really involved in the story.

I would urge anyone who enjoyed the film to read the books. I actually enjoyed the 'something blue' book more than 'something borrowed' and I hope they get to make the film!
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on July 26, 2011
I loved this movie!! I would really recommend reading the book & others by Emily Giffin. Of course the book is better than the movie, but the movie was really cute. It's not like most chick flicks, which are predictable. If you haven't read the book, the end will surprise you. My boyfriend went w/ me & actually said it wasn't bad, but I think he secretly really liked it (he was laughing through the whole thing). Can't wait for the dvd to come out!!
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