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on December 20, 2011
I bought this microscope thinking it would be OK. I thought that it would be of OK quality, maybe some plastic components & a loose rack for slide carrier. Boy was I wrong. This microscope is absolutely awesome. The quality is 1st rate. The optics are great. The rack is solid & tight as a drum. This microscope reminds me of the ones I studied on in college (before they had been thrashed by us students. I would highly recommend this microscope at this price it is a steal. This should be $1000 or more. I just bought this scope & I have been looking at everything that I can get my hands on (CD, feather, spit, dirt, hair). I have not yet figured out how to attach the mirror to the chassis (no biggie, I'll figure it out). Remember, it doesn't come with any slides. So, order them with the scope. PS: I am not "Merca" that must be the manufacturer.
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on July 7, 2012
I tried to post a of bacteria and yeast that I made with this microscope but the upload froze at the end. Perhaps it froze due to
confusing Amazon by having no sound track?

I'll take this cheap, but new and properly calibrated microscope over the super expensive but abused and poorly calibrated microscopes at the college any day. When the college microscopes are properly calibrated (as in when you find a lab aide and have them adjust it on the spot) they might offer a clearer view than this. But most of the time the expensive college microscopes are trashed and you can't see much with them in spite of all the expensive optics. I kind of dread going to the college microscopy lab now, because I never know what condition my microscope there will be in.

I have been using my omax scope for looking at moss. I am very happy with it. It has an adjustment knob for condenser and a diaphram that I can see to focus on the edges with. It does not do dark phase, but I'm not sure what I'm missing with that. Some people find a way to get these types of scopes to do dark phase by putting something in the filter holder. I wish I knew how to do that. The biggest complaint I have is that it did not come with an eyepiece reticle and I had to order a different occular to get the eyepiece reticle.

I tested the lenses with a slide micromenter after I bought an occular with an eyepiece reticle, and found they were exactly the same as the college scopes.. to convert to micrometers at 4X multiply by 25, at 10X mulitply by 10, at 40x multiply by 2.5 and the oil emmersion lens requires no multiplication. I'm not sure what the multiplication would be for the x20 occulars and x2000 magnification as I did not purchase one of those with a reticule. I'm sure that someone who is good at math could figure it out for me. (hint)

I've been using this microscope about every other day for the last 4 months. I use it to look at moss leaves. I've gotten some great pictures with the camera but I had to learn to adjust the focus for the computer monitor and not for the eyepeices. The focus for the USB camera seems to be set for 100X magnifacation. The camera has a small width of view than the occulars, I can get around this by stitching images together so I can get a picture of a whole moss leaf even if it is a big leaf. But it takes photoshop for me to to a good autostitch.

The manual for the camera software is written in very poor Chinese to English. I can not understand it. I can use the software to measure things but I find that I have to calibrate it with the eyepiece reticle each time I use it. The software does not save your values, you must load a file with your values but the values do not seem constant. So when I want to measure stuff I measure stuff I calibrate the software with the eyepiece reticle each time. After that I can capture and image and make multiple measurements with ease. The camera software is not very powerful, for exaple, it will not do time lapse photos and the text it puts on measured items is way too small. I see no way to change the text size. Still I'm very happy that I got this microscope with a camera so I can share all my images and videos and for clearer viewing with the x20 occulars.

The hexagonal diaphram thingy is not a perfect hexogon anymore and I don't know if that is a problem or how to adjust it. The stage scrolls smoothly but has slightly more friction than the college microscope stages.

I am very happy with this microscope and am glad I did not pay thousands of dollars for a name brand scope.

Update, I have now been using this microscope for 8 months. It is still working great. The lightbulb did burn out once, so I replaced it with the extra bulb that came with it.

At first I found the x20 occulars to be worthless, becasue the glass is so small, (the field of view is the same I think) but now I have learned to use my PC and the built in camera to view things using those occulars. The camera actually gets a better image then my eyes do at x2000. At x2000 I can see bacteria swimming around!

I'm beginning to think that name brand microscopes are way overpriced!
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on May 7, 2012
We love this microscope! Very solid, very professional. Love that it can connect via USB to the laptop to show and take pictures of what you're looking at! Microscope Superstore's service was AMAZING -- I had to request a user manual (there wasn't one in the box) and they sent an email with the manual back to me within 5 minutes. Other inquiries were responded to just as quickly -- I couldn't believe it! We are VERY happy with this purchase.
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on July 11, 2012
I have been on the market for an oil immersion microscope for my wife [pediatric hematologist] for some time now. I read all the reviews but i must admit i am not a fan of reviews because it may just be planted or what not.
Because of its price, i am skeptical if this will really produce good images like Olympus Microscopes. The item arrived just 2 days after it was ordered. Since i am really not sure if this will work, i even waited for a day before i finally opened the box. I looked for a manual but there was none, just an instruction that it can be downloaded. Having worked with microscopes before [i'm a pediatric surgeon], i just assembled the microscope on my own, it was easy at least for me. there was a cd with a windows software so i was a bit disappointed that there was none for Mac. I dug up my old Windows laptop and installed it and in no time i was viewing the images! i can even adjust the usual image attributes...
Then i presented it to my wife, she gave it a try and said the light is like the old microscopes, so i replaced the bulb with the ones she uses on her olympus microscope. it improved but it is still not the same as the branded microscope. then i changed the objectives from the olympus objectives, still the images are still the same. so i said to myself, this must be it, the most that i can get from this unit. as i was about to replace the olympus microscope i noticed, the camera + eyepiece unit is of the same size. So i exchanged it too, Lo and behold! it is compatible! Then my wife unwittingly connected the usb to her macbook air. Through the photobooth app, the actual and very detailed images of the smear of blood appeared! It is even better than looking through the eyepiece. My wife had a hard time believing its price too!

for the prospectives buyers, if you have an old olympus microscope, you can just buy the camera unit if you want, i didn't before because i was skeptical. my mistake!

This is a great unit for anyone with a particular use for this. Just replace the bulb that came with it with the branded halogen bulbs and it would be as good as the standard microscopes. It is better to use with a mac because of the retina display available nowadays. the images just want to pop out! It is even plug and play. Windows isn't bad either, i tried it on all my image capturing software and it all worked!

i am happy with my purchase.
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on November 8, 2011
The item was shipped very fast . It is an excellent microscope, excellent resolution and the software included to see the image in the computer help me a lot to explain the patients about their patologies.
The resolution of the image in the computer is not the same as in the microscope but no matter it is a good resolution, there are changes only with the original colours.
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on April 26, 2013
I point 5 stars basically because this product surprise me in:
-amazing view with both eyes, seem like 3d view
-very robust and strong construction
-easy of assemble
-very natural use (i'd not need user manual)
-The optic is very clear and sharpened

i still not found weaknesses.
My goal with this purchase is take a lot off pictures of the micro world! For this use is perfect for me
review image review image review image review image review image
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on September 7, 2012
What a wonderful learning tool this is! A quality microscope paired with a good camera and software. My intent is to make this available to students in our local church - and my only problem is parting with it myself!! The microscope arrived in 3 business days in perfect order. Included is a website address. There I found a phone number, requested the manual and received it via email about 10 minutes later. Instructions were clear and I had no issues assembling the scope and trying it out with the slides I had prepurchased. Images appear clear and as bright as I need them to be. Controls are firm, the stage and slide holder are very easy to work with and overall quality is obvious.

The software installed to my Windows 7 laptop with absolutely no issues and works in real-time - so instead of peering into the scope, I can place a slide on the stage, and watch my large screen while I postion the slide and do all the focusing. I have not yet experimented with the video, but the .jpg images can be saved with one mouse-click and look just fine to me. This will encourage group participation with the students and will let them migrate their work into photoshop, powerpoint, etc.

To sum-up, the many other positive reviews were "spot-on" - this is a great item at a great price!!
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on December 3, 2011
shipped very fast and packaged vary well, easy to put together. I bought on cyber week Monday, and can not believe the big bang for the buck. I home school and this was a dream come true find, we love it...I and my husband have had lots of micro college classes and feel this is even better then the ones we used. I had to use the 32 program, and it's produces a good picture on the computer, it was great to have my husband find a sample/object with the microscope, while me and the kids watched it unfold on the laptop, and so far everything is working just fine. I wish, I could, buy this for all my home school mommy friends.....I could not download the manual, so emailed them and in less then 30 minutes they responded and I printed out. Thanks for making our home school class room packed full of science a great price.
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on December 12, 2013
I highly recommend this combo microscope & camera system. Unbelievable price for what you get. The system is a direct "plug & play" for people using Apple computers. Lucky Us! I use to be a Medical Technologist in a Microbiology Laboratory 30 years ago & this microscope is comparable (if not better) than the microscopes we used. I was also shocked at how good OMAX's customer support was. I sent an email to them about my inability to use the included 3.5 inch software diskette (for PC's) on my mac laptop & I received a prompt email 10 minutes later informing me I can just use an existing application called Photo Booth directly from my Macbook Pro laptop. It was amazing! The Photo booth pictures were impressive. Not exactly what you saw through the scope, but not bad at all. You could see organelles in protozoa distinctly, which is why I purchased this microscope in the first place. It was for s school science project which morphed into something bigger. The only thing OMAX could do a better job with is their documentation. A 2 page setup guide with links to youtube sites (which there are quite a few of) would have been helpful, but their customer support makes up for their lack of documentation.
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on December 27, 2012
I received the item swiftly as's prime delivery service once again is superb. The microscope is a good quality in built and function for the price. Built in camera and software is mediocre at best. The image on the computer is magnified compared to what is seen on the actual and live slide. The quality of image on the computer is once again mediocre. However, you have options to tweak the quality for a better resolution or image, but it does not change much. On the other hand, the actual image quality from viewing through the ocular lens is pretty clear and good.

I have been around various student microscopes, and I consider this to be a very good one. There are many options, though minuet, that can be helpful depending on your preference. For example, the focus knob lock. It allows you to lock in the course focus knob so that you can't accidentally bump or turn it once you get it in focus. Also, knobs on both sides is a plus. The stage has several other features that might be of use, the forward and backward movement.

The whole package comes with an ADDITIONAL halogen bulb and fuse if the original is blown, which can save you a little change in the long run. Although this item is fairly decent for the price and function, I do have negatives. On and website, it states this microscope has the ability for 2000X. However, to do that, you will need the WF20X ocular lens, which they DID NOT SEND. So be careful to check your inventory when received. Moreover, there is no instruction book or manual whatsoever. You get a sheet that says you should go to a website to download it, and "if you are having trouble downloading it, please email" them. Well, THIS TELLS ME THAT THEY ANTICIPATE TROUBLE DOWNLOAD IT. Why not just print it out and include it instead of the hassle for the customer. I contacted and after a good discussion with the CSR, i concluded that I will contact the manufacturer first to see if they can send the missing WF20X; I contacted them via email once, and twice by phone so far. However, its been 2 days and I have not received a reply. I understand its the holiday season, therefore, I will give them another few days. I will update on the usage and customer service aspect later in a week or two.
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