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on September 26, 2012
So, I purchased this router a little over a week ago and hooking it up was a breeze. However, I went to and checked my download speed...and I was supposed to be getting up to 20mbps download speed...but I was only getting around .80 mbps. Not good. I hooked my computer up directly to the cable to test and make sure it wasn't my internet provider. I got around 24mbps. So, it was the router. After troubleshooting it for a while over the phone with my brother (who is very good with computers and this kind of stuff...I'm terrible) we were about to call it quits and accept that I received a faulty router. But, we tried one last thing and now I really like this router!

If you are having a similar problem as I described above...try this.

Open up the Cisco Connect program that came with the router. Click on Router Settings. Then, under Other Options click Advanced Settings. This will open a new page. On the menu bar at the top click on Applications and Gaming. Then, in that sub-menu click on the QoS link. The very first setting should be called WMM support. If this is enabled...disable it. Save your settings. And then go test your internet speed. is a good site if you don't already know another one.

I guess that the WMM setting is there to help enhance games/applications (?), but lots of people have problems with it interfering with the internet speed/causing problems. So, it totally fixed my problem...I hope that this feedback can fix others problems as well!
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on April 18, 2011
I've used Linksys home routers for more than a decade and this is by far the best one yet in every respect. I didn't bother with their fancy new guided configuration software as I'm an experienced user. (I do suspect that inexperienced users might be almost as intimidated by the nifty new setup software, which transports the desired configuration to each new computer via a thumb drive, as they were by the older setup procedure; but that's another story). But I swear that the manual configuration took no longer than getting the shrink wrap off the outer box and undoing the twisty-ties -- reset the admin password, give the SSID a name, select security type, and set a network password. That's it -- all other factory pre-sets are exactly what you need and would expect. Total time for manual setup once the shrink wrap was off -- perhaps 3 minutes at most, and most of that spent crawling under the desk to plug it in. As I used the same SSID and network password as the old Linksys box I was replacing, all the machines actually rejoined the new network and router by themselves (and switched from G to N protocol) as soon as I entered the network password into the router control panel, with no prompting. And finally, the new packaging, even though it shouldn't really matter that much, is nothing short of breathtaking. If you're used to staring at the funny blue box on 4 legs with the two ear antennae, suddenly you enter the 21st century with this new box -- everyone familiar with Linksys products wants to touch it as if it's fine jewlery! It must be only 20% of the volume of the old box. A real triumph of industrial design, quite aside from the hardware and software.
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on April 22, 2011
As a certified 'senior' who's never dealt with a router before, I had absolutely no trouble setting up and getting connected. My 6 year old desktop is not wireless. My goal was to get a new laptop up and running via the router. By simply inserting the CD, I followed the instructions with no difficulty at all. I used a Memory Stick with data already stored on it, to then connect to my laptop. In less than 15 minutes both computers were up and running. The laptop is much faster than my desktop so I'm thrilled with that! (I live in a two story home and have had no connectivity problems from anywhere within the home; I haven't tried taking the laptop outdoors, but I doubt I ever will!)

Hopefully, my satisfaction is not short-lived and the router will give me a few good years.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 14, 2011
I would not recommend this router...or maybe its just the tech support. I was on the phone for the better part of the weekend with Comcast and Linksys. The router had been working fine for a few months before it started acting up. I called Comcast first who couldn't find anything wrong and I even switched the modem to eliminate that as an issue. I got on with Linksys and they informed me they would help even though it was outside the 90 window. I had to reset the router to factory settings and confirmed it had a DNS address. After over an hour we were able to get the router going.

Two hours later the wifi stopped working but wired directly worked correctly. I tried to recycle the router and called Linksys when this didn't work...after checking that it had DNS so the modem was fine. The person I talked too was less than compassionate and was more concerned with selling additional service fee of $40 for a $65 router that is still covered under warranty. He did some trouble shooting of my computer which is a work computer and it is well locked down to any changes....which I told him and he still attempted to change settings to no avail. In this environment I had 3 laptops(2 with XP and one Mac), 2 ipads and 2 iphones to troubleshoot with. The laptops could see the network sometimes and wouldn't connect unless wired, the iPad could connect but it took 20 minutes to download one page!

The tech recommended optimizing the computer and working with the computer vendor. I pointed out that I had three different types of computers and it would make no sense to work with each vendor to optimize it when the issues appears to be the router. He then recommended talking to a software engineer for a fee. He then said I could update to the latest firmware which I asked him which version that is...he said it was online. So while on the phone with him I saw I had the latest version. Lastly he recommended restoring to factory reset again which could damage the unit....does that make sense? Well it turns out this may be the only thing he was right about as when I reset to factory defaults it wouldn't let me finish the set up! I checked the modem again and it works fine. So that was another hour wasted on the weekend at a vacation home. So you tell me what is the point of a 1 year warranty if it means nothing? At this point I don't see a reason to get another Linksys product when I have one that won't function now....and again still under warranty!
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi James..I am hoping that your router is working fine fine now. May I also recommend our Facebook page, where I am sure you will find more tips and support:!/ciscolinksys?sk=wall

on March 18, 2012
The router may be fine once things are working, but beware of bugs and unhelpful Cisco support.

With the current firmware (2.0.02 as of March 18, 2012) you may encounter a bug that results in slow download speeds but normal upload speeds. The culprit is WMM, a buggy feature that is enabled by default. To fix the problem, point your web browser to "". Log in using the User Name "admin" and your normal WiFi password. Then go to "Applications & Gaming"/QOS. Click to disable WMM. Then "Save settings". The router will reboot and the problem should be fixed. I discovered this solution on a blog post titled "fast downloads slow uploads".

Although the router now seems to be working, I still give it 3 stars because of the very unhelpful Cisco support. They wasted hours with irrelevant trouble shooting, and denied that their router has known issues. When I finally found the solution on the web and relayed it to them, they still tried to sell me an "upgraded support contract". No thanks.
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on April 21, 2011
I ordered this router after reading reviews of tons of other wireless routers available on amazon, and it works perfectly - it is easy to setup (no troubles at all whatsoever), no blinking lights on the front of the router, very lightweighted and compact. Couldnt have asked for a better router for someone who is not tech-savy and for someone who just wants a simple router that works as specified and as per its 5 star reviews!
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on August 24, 2011
I purchased this router as a upgrade to an old Linksys wireless router. I was intrigued by the positive reviews and low price. PCMag recently reviewed and gave this router a Editor's Choice award. After the easy two minute installation I was able test wireless signal throughout the house and back yard and had 4 to 5 bars of signal strength everywhere. It reached many places where my old router could not. My biggest issue with my old router was speed, this is no longer a issue for me. The router is a huge upgrade in speed. I no longer have to wait for Netflix or Youtube to buffer when trying to watch video's in HD on my laptop or Rocku box, the videos load instantly. I originally thought the issue was with my ISP, which is clearly not the case. I looked at the Higher end routers and determined for my needs , I did not need dual band support as I have no devices on my network that utilize this band. Personally I feel like that they may be a bit over hyped anyways. I work in the Network Industry and feel like products are just released to make more money, not because they actually improved anything. Sometimes more expensive isn't better.

Bottom Line: Buy this Router, you won't be disappointed. I have been pleasantly surprised by this device, as it has exceeded my expectations.
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on July 24, 2011

A basic and solid router for people without advanced requirements.


* No fuss setup, with or without the included setup CD. I just connected the router the router to modem and laptop and set up the router via its web interface (

* Good range and stability: No problem in a two-storied townhouse, even at the furthest corner.

* Has option for creating a separate guest network, protected with a password.

* Support for dynamic DNS and port-forwarding might come handy.

* Option to create static DNS entries might be helpful for connecting print and storage servers.

* Very good and clean documentation to use advanced features.

Missing features

You need to step up to higher models to get the following features:

1. Dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) 802.11n networks.

2. Gigabit Ethernet ports

3. USB port to share printer and storage

Also, the support for parental control is minimal.

But overall, it is a fine modem for buyers who prefer stability, simplicity, and minimalistic design. Highly recommended!
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on December 2, 2011
Last week I purchased a Linksys E1200 wireless router and installed it following the enclosed instructions and CD. I kept getting various error messages and could not complete installation. Then began a four hour nightmare with the Linksys award winning tech support. This is a chat with someone somewhere who kept telling me basically to do what I had already been doing. After getting nowhere with three different support people I finally gave up, took the thing back for a refund and bought a Netgear router. It was up and running in ten minutes. At no time was it suggested that the Linksys was defective, which it probably was. I will never buy another if I can help it and I certainly won't spend more than a few minutes with tech support before I take it back.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 3, 2011
The router worked fine for three months and then died. I contact "Support" and was told that while the product warranty was for one year, support was limited to 90 days. To obtain an RMA to return the router, I would need to buy a support ticket for $29.95. I'm sure there would be a long, involved method for returning the defective router without the support fee, but seriously, who wants to deal with a company that has such poor regards for their customers?

Just avoid this company and product.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
I will have our support team reach out to you directly, but to do so we need your case number. Would you provide that in these comments and we will contact you? Thank you.

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