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One of the apps I installed on my Xoom on 'day one' was AccuWeather. It was the best I could find at the time and, of course, it was free. AccuWeather comes with everything we learned to expect in a browser applet: there is the weather bug and it expands to a lot of detail: current weather, hourly forecast, 15 days forecast, multiple locations, maps with radar overlays, moon phases, alerts, weather trivia and so forth. Well... AccuWeather seems to be on its way out, to be replaced by Elecont's Weather app.



NAME (AccuWeather)
Elecont must find a name for their app. Can't have something named "Weather, US Radar, Alerts, Quakes". It's true, this is what the app does but... seriously, think of a name.

They both provide the customary current/hourly/10-15 days foreasts, maps with radar overlays and weather alerts. AccuWeather has video forecasts and a 'lifestyles' section but Elecont adds 'earthquakes' and is not pushing commercials.

THE BUG (Elecont)
AccuWeather's one-size-fits-all bug looks better but Elecont's wins by offering highly customizable widgets in just about any size from 1x1 up to 4x4. You can pick the type of info to be displayed, the type of bug, including Elecont's rather unique weather clock display, colors, transparency, even the frequency of updates.

AccuWeather was 'always there' as far as I can tell. This may be a fluke but one of Elecont's 2 alternative sources for weather information, Intellicast, was not available during my first day of using the app. To be fair, the second provider, Foreca was available and it was easy to 'ignore' Intellicast once I learn how to operate the app but the fact remains that Intellicast generating errors was annoying.

A plus for Elecont's is that it allows me to decide how often the weather info is to be updated and it's actually telling me how old the displayed info is. AccuWeather does not do that.

Access to information is at least as important as the ability to retrieve it and its presentation. I already noted that Elecont's bug can display more information than AccuWeather's and Elecont's is clearly superior when the actual apps interfaces are compared.

While AccuWeather is more or less a port of the traditional 'browser applet' with a little touch awareness added to it, Elecont's is one of the most innovative 'touch' interfaces I've seen so far. In Elecont everything is literally at my fingertips (or fingerprints :)). AccuWeather is basically a browser with half a dozen 'tabs' and within each tab window there's a finger-aware area where I can scroll through the 15 days or the 24 hours of forecasts because they don't all fit at once.

Each 'location' in Elecont's is hosted on three 'screens' - hourly, daily and ten-days - that you can flip right-left, the way you'd flip pages on an e-book. If you have different locations, you flip up/down. Objects on each screen display additional information when touched or tapped. The ten-day forecast, for example, shows precipitations, alerts, moon phases and hi-low temps for each day but, when a day is tapped, a lot more info is displayed for that specific day: precipitation chance, sun/moon rise and set, UV index, wind and so forth. It took maybe 15-30 minutes to familiarize myself with the interface but, once I learned it, there was no question for me that I preferred Elecont to AccuWeather.

STABILITY (AccuWeather)
I don't believe AccuWeather ever crashed on me. Elecont crashed a couple of times, always when I was looking at the map at high magnification with a radar overlay. AccuWeather seems to be using the same Google Maps but it doesn't allow me to zoom to Google's allowable 'max' and, while I don't believe it crashes, Elecant seems to load the maps faster and navigation is smoother. Until the map crashes.

Elecant wins because their app was designed for smart phones and tablets specifically and done so intelligently while AccuWeather's screams 'quick (from TV to) PC browser port'. Beside's its refreshingly innovative user interface, Elecant's app allows for far more flexibility in setup (both the bug and the app itself). Elecant's developers should be congratulated for their skills and creativity but they should continue work to improve the quality of 'presentation' - as in sharper icons and symbols and better looking weather bugs.
I was lucky to get Elecan't app for free (thank you Amazon) but, whenever I evaluate a 'free app of the day' I'm asking myself "knowing what I know now, would I actually pay to get this app?" In this case my answer is 'yes'. This is not a 'perfect' app but Amazon's standard for '5 stars' is not 'perfection'. 5 stars mean "I love it" and, by this standard, this is a 5 stars app.

Note on 'location":

It's unlikely that you can get a good GPS signal while indoors. Given that, the app is likely to rely on your IP address to determine location - it placed me 20 miles from where I was. Manually entering my ZIP code took care of it. It's possible that the 2 services (of which only one was running at the time I'm writing this review) don't cover every single ZIP code but I can only speak for my own experience.
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on July 20, 2012
I waited until I got my new Nexus 7 tablet to get this app because I thought it would look better than any of the other weather apps I was using. I was right! Several features set it apart. It also does not require unreasonable permissions to use.

I look for three things in my weather app: accurate detailed weather information, good graphics that function well, and apps that respect my privacy by requiring only the permissions they need to operate.

So that you can understand why I prefer eWeather HD, here are comparisons to the three other weather apps I was using:

Accuracy: Data and forecast are accurate enough to be useful most days. 10 day forecast provides detailed information about each day. Lifestyle information is mostly frivolous.
Appearance: Clear but very basic presentation of information. The radar imaging is okay, but the map won't zoom and is very basic (on my son's Kindle - I can't get a version from Amazon that is compatible with the Nexus 7, so I can't say how it looks on that.) No adjustable font size.
Privacy: When I realized just how many permissions it requires, I deleted this app from my phone. It does not need to send SMS and email messages, make phone calls, and modify my calendar without my input. The rest of the permissions are needed.

Accuracy: Information and forecast are usually pretty close, but when I got up this morning it insisted it was 96 degrees out. I switched to another reporting station and it was 71. Much better. No details besides hi/low, humidity and sky conditions on the 10 day forecasts. I need to know about wind in advance. Supports multiple locations.
Appearance: The data screen is clear and pretty and largely empty. I like that I can adjust the font size. I prefer my information in a more graphic presentation. The radar map functions well and lets me zoom by pinching.
Privacy: Only necessary permissions are required.

Accuracy: Data is among the more accurate for our area. Gives good level of detail, including hour by hour for the days in the extended forecast. No wind info, though.
Appearance: NOT designed for tablets - takes up about half the screen. Presentation of information is well designed. The radar imaging is good, but the map graphics are basic and lack any detail. I can pinch to zoom, which is good.
Privacy: Only necessary permissions are required.

Accuracy: Data from the Intellicast service is among the best for our area. I have not tried the European based service because Idaho is in the US. It's useful that I can track information in several locations just by scrolling the screen up or down. Best level of detail for each day in the 10 day forecast and good graphics to communicate it.
Appearance: Definitely the best I have found. It is designed for tablets, works well on my Razr Maxx too, and lets me adjust the font size. The graphic presentation of information is clear and concise. Daily forecast is both graphic and in text. The map of current conditions is useful, and the radar map graphics are the best I have seen. The earthquake info is interesting even though we don't get many quakes here.
Privacy: Only necessary permissions are required.

My conclusion: eWeather HD has all the information and details I want in a well organized and visually beautiful format. It functions well, conveys the data through good graphics as well as text, and looks fantastic. None of the other apps I have used are nearly as good. Even better, the developer is very responsive, so when I had a problem (the app wouldn't download), he responded very quickly.
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on November 9, 2012
My first impression of this app wasn't very good simply due to the multitde of features it was packed with. However, after spending more time tinkering with it, I now find it to be one of the best weather apps on the market today. A must have!
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on July 22, 2013
I am a weather nerd. I have a weather station by my bed, and by my chair in the living room. Before the Weather Channel became the Anything But Weather Channel, it was my default TV station. I have 3 other weather apps at the front of my carousel on my Kindle. When this one came up on sale last week, I decided to actually pay real money for it based on the reviews. (I am also a financial nerd).

Several reviewers noted it took them 20 minutes or so to figure out the app, which by my standards, is pretty good. I took about 25 minutes because there really is a lot of information stuffed into this app! Others have gone into great detail about the weather tools found within so I don't think it is necessary to do it again. However, it is nice to have every detail I want in one place now. And I mean every single detail!

I particularly love the map, which not only tells you the time information contained in it was put on the map (if you scroll the map down or over or up depending on where you live and the direction your storms, etc., generally come from, the time is stamped over the area the information they got to put on the map - awesome!!), but is automatically moving about 5 seconds after it loads. I like the amount of information and how it is set up. If a storm is approaching (as one is currently in my area), there is a separate bar just for the air pressure which I need because of a particular chronic illness I suffer which is very affected by changes in air pressure, which extends 24 hour into the future.

What I also really like is that it has an earthquake map!! The map has all earthquakes from all over the world placed with a yellow dot which is sized by the earthquakes intensity. You just tap on a dot and it tells you where exactly the earthquake happened, the intensity and best of all, how deep it occurred. To get to this information, on the bottom of the main weather page are a bunch of buttons (or widgets?). The earthquake information is the center right button. Push it and a list of all earthquakes over .5 in the past 12 hours are listed. The map comes up if you tap on one that looks interesting.

There are two weather maps you can reach by tapping center left buttons at the bottom of the page, and a more inclusive map with ocean temps and more specific storm information. There are two buttons next to each other.

When I first opened this app and started the map, my Kindle froze only once and hasn't done so since (and I have checked it several times since I downloaded it). I'm afraid my most recent go to weather app is now lying dormant as I get to know more and more about this app. And I definitely agree with many of you in here - GET A BETTER NAME!!

I highly recommend this app even if you aren't a weather nerd. They have made it very easy to use. I love the weather clock - they give you alternative ways to get to the same information which is good for those who are not rocket scientists when it comes to learning new apps (like me)! A good deal for a great weather app! I see this app has gone back to its original price - this app is so good, I would pay the extra money for it. This is an update to my original review (today's date is 10/10/2013) so I've had more time to tinker with this app. It is still my favorite weather app and I could write a whole lot more about what information it contains, but I'll leave that fun for you! As I said, I would pay today's price for this app, so obviously I encourage you to not let the price put you off! Excellent app for weather nerds and easy app to get all the weather info you need for those not so into weather!
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on October 31, 2012
I tried to download this to my Droid, Amazon took my money, but all I got was continuous error messages when trying to download/install. Went to my PC, contacted the company, qot an almost instant reply, and directions how to bypass what I was doing. Got it downloaded and installed in minutes.

FANTASTIC graphics. Probably going to take me at least a week to learn everything it can do!
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on October 1, 2012
I was blown away with the amount of information contained in this weather app. I almost gave up but with just a little bit more playing around, I absolutly love this program.

Some historical data would be a nice addition i.e. rainfall or snow accumulation. Also, record highs and lows. This info may be there somewhere and I just havn't found it yet.

Update: After living with this app for a while I'm editing my review to give it a fifth star. I had one relatively minor issue and it has been resolved by the latest update of the Kindle Fire HD software.
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on March 30, 2016
There are a lot of ways to get your weather forecast, and over the past year I've come to make this app my first choice. Much better than anything else on Kindle, and I've come to certainly prefer it over the other apps available for my Apple and Windows devices.
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on December 27, 2012
I liked this app from when I first bought it some months ago. It works extremely well on the Kindle Fire HD 7. The latest update to version 4.6.4 (today for me) allows you to put just about anything on the radar map or remove it at a tap. What is really nice are the various alerts/and warnings that show up by area, just a tap on it and you can see what kind of alert it is and tap again if you want to read the entire item. Personally I think its a very fair priced app for all that it does. Everything works.
Also a web/site and forum for questions.
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on June 30, 2012
I got this app through the free paid app a day program on amazon. At first I was skeptical but once I opened it surprised me. The layout is beautiful and easy move around. The app provides more information than any other weather app and all in a clear easy to understand method. On the last update the radar maps ran all the citys together making them difficult read. I contacted the support through the support option in the app. I was contacted back the same day. After a couple email exchanges ( including some screen shots ) they send me new app. I installed it and everything was perfect agian.
Great App. Great people.

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on August 26, 2011
I purchased the program mainly for the barometer and barograph readings due to weather related migraines. The program allows you to update in as little as 10 mins.
Support responded same day.
Confusion in terminology sea level pressure and 'pressure' which is relative pressure as reported by your local airport as 'altimeter'.
Only drawback, cannot move program to SD card. Using LG Optimus S on Sprint.
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