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on October 13, 2011
The best television dramas of all time don't TELL you what is good or bad, or WHO is good or bad - they let people be people, and then you form your own opinions of the characters. From the Sopranos, to the Wire, to the Shield, and now Breaking Bad. And honestly, I think this may surpass them all, even the Sopranos.

Meet Walter White. Well, if you're already on Season 4, I assume you know his story. From dorky chemistry teacher/car wash worker to million-dollar methamphetamine cook, the transformation is unbelievable, yet believable at the same time. You know his story, how he got here, and it all seems to fit. The writers have made it clear for a long time that Breaking Bad was similar to Scarface - that Walt is comparable to the transformation of Mr. Chips to Scarface, and this season shows that perfectly.

Walt has and still believes coming into season 4 that he is doing this all for his family. But is he? How far will he go? And is this all for money, or something else? We get to see many ethical dilemmas and inner moral battles in most of the characters this season - Walt, Skyler, Jesse, Mike, Hank, Marie and even maybe a small glimpse into the past of chicken man and meth king-pin - Gustavo Fring.

Each episode gets more and more dark (did you think it was possible?), and Walt continues to surprise the audience with strange decisions and a terrifying look into the path he is going down. If you look back at season 1 episode 1, before the meth and cancer, that angry, tortured individual was already inside of him. That results in the question: was Walt ever even really that good of a guy? He hasn't changed as much as you may think, but his anguish, pain, and stress is amplified by about 200x. And as expected, the end of each episode is usually a major cliff-hanger, and you'll be begging for more.

The acting is nothing but simply perfect. Bryan Cranston as Walt will make you laugh, cry, or even get angry with him. Giancarlo Esposito as Gus becomes a huge player this season, and he should be up for an Emmy. The glazed, empty, evil look in his eyes is terrifying, and there aren't many boundaries he won't cross to get what he wants.

This is definitely the darkest, thought-provoking, best acted show on television at the moment, and maybe ever. If you haven't watched it, start from the beginning and follow Walt's odd and morally perplexing adventure into the life of a meth cook.
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on September 20, 2011
This television series has forever skewed my view of TV these days. Suddenly, my other favorite shows don't seem as engaging. The plots seem tired and the dialogue cliched. This is what happens when you've watched Breaking Bad. I recently did a two week marathon of the first three seasons and my only regret afterwards was that I had to endure the long agonizing wait of a new episode each week.

Season 4 lives up to the standards of excellence set by the previous seasons. What I love is how the writers have no fear of painting themselves in a corner. You wonder if they even know how to get their characters out of jam or are they guessing like the rest of us? There are many "Holy crap!" moments this season and it's a joy to see how Walter and Jesse manage to keep their heads above water as the mayhem slowly pulls them under.

Hold on... Why are you even reading this? Go watch the show for crying out loud.
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on August 12, 2011
I rarely purchase tv series on DVD.......this is the best written,most creative, dark,fantastically human,amazingly addictive television show I've seen since well forever.....My boyfriend rented season 1 for me to watch and we watched it together I was hooked 15 minutes into the first episode. We then went and rented season 2 finished both in one weekend each. Then Season 3 getting ready to come out in video store and I couldn't stand it so I went to the local big box retailer and purchased season three......if one and two don't blow your mind season three well...... lets just say I didn't think the writing or the acting could maintain or for that matter get any better and damn I was wrong........fantastic. I am so addicted I went ahead and purchased from Amazon Season 1 & 2. I am into the 4th season on TV and can't wait wait wait for Season 4 on DVD. Best ever tv show! A must see for all . Even if you are not a tv series won't be able to stop......I bet someone will have to come up with a Breaking Bad detox program when this show stops......Just when you think you've seen the best and the worst in all the characters......BAM! Something else reaches out of the TV and grabs your brain and forces your eyes to pop out and your mouth to drop to the floor.....
Start from the beginning though so you can watch the characters change and evolve and come into their own........outfrickinstanding!!!!!!
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on January 9, 2012
I was sad after The Wire ended it's run. I was convinced that no television program would ever match it's quality.

I was wrong.

Breaking Bad is everything one could hope for in a pitch perfect television show. The acting, directing, cinematography, writing, all bundled in an amazing package that seems to get better each year. Midway through season 4, I was slightly disappointed with the slow pace, but then I was reminded about it's deliberate nature. This show builds suspense like nothing I've ever seen, shifting gears midway through the season, and never letting up after. The writing is undeniably superb, from simple dialogue to large story arcs and cliff hangers, everything feels right and not forced. There is no important plot element undiscovered, no loose ends left untied, no one dimensional extra characters or scenes that do not serve a purpose of moving the story along.

Acting, especially from the leads, is Oscar worthy to say the least. Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito definitely deserve all the praise they get, but Bryan Cranston's work here is incredible and unforgettable. It's one of those performances that will stay etched into your memory. He's just as good, if not better, during quiet, subtle scenes as he is when he puts on his crazy, delusional and genius Heisenberg persona.

Don't get me started on the film making: vast, beautiful landscapes serve as backdrops to some of the best cinematography I've ever seen. There are no wasted frames in Breaking Bad, it uses light and color elegantly to balance the mood and tension in each scene, there are plenty of long continuous takes for maximum immersion, with each season taking on it's own identity in terms of it's style in film making.

I'd like to thank Vince Gilligan for giving us this show and everyone else involved as well. Although I'm sad about Season 5 being the last one, part of me is glad that there is an ending planned, I have no doubt it will be incredible.
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on September 7, 2011
Seriously, who gives this less than 5 stars? Bryan Cranston is great, but the side characters are SO well done. More people should be winning more awards for this. I'll miss this show when it's gone.
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on July 23, 2011
Breaking Bad is one of the best shows on t.v. mainly because of the story line and playwright. I highly recommend checking out this show.
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Boy, this show sure deserves all the awards which has been heaped upon it. Without dropping a beat, the show picks up where it leaves off and we get to see what Gus is going to do with Walter and Jesse. Gus is his usually creepy self, solely focused on the prize of raking in the most money by selling meth. Fascinating as this all is though, there are two other components we revisit which tug at our heart strings instead of our crime salivating nature.

The first is Walter's wife who can't find him and is worried that something terrible has happened. The scene she puts on with the locksmith with her baby to get him to break into Walt's house is absolutely a gem. It is a scene which can stand on its own without reference to everything else.

The second is former DEA agent Hank, Walter's brother-in-law. He is in bed at home, bidding on items on ebay and doing nothing else. He is making very slow progress on improving his mobility from his bullet wounds but a big part of that is his attitude. He is the worst person to be handicapped in the world as he absolutely has no coping skills. Hank is easily now the most pathetic character on the show, something he himself seems to realize but has no interest in changing.

Just a fabulous episode in a fabulous series.
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on October 10, 2011
Breaking Bad is easily one of the best television shows on the air today, and probably one of the greatest in the history of television. The best season finale of all time.
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on November 5, 2011
The supporting characters -- particularly Skyler to Walt Jr. -- really come into their own this season, but the standout for me is Giancarlo Esposito as Gus. The range of emotions he is able to convey while maintaining a deadpan exterior facade of calm and normalcy is absolutely amazing. Walt's descent and Jesse's descent and rise after bottoming out are riveting to watch, as well. I'm just three episodes from the conclusion of Season Four and don't want it to end.
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on October 29, 2011
Found show on Netflix was bored and read what this show was about.. took a chance and decided to watch season 1 did not fully get into it until episode 3 of season 1.
I have seen 3 seasons on netflix and rented 4th season on amazon. I am addicted watched seasons 1-4 3 times and need to see these characters everyday. I need to get a life!! Hope season 5 is well written...I don't want the show to end....hey what happened to mike gus's right hand man! He will show up in season 5 betcha!!
I don't want walt to die..ever!!! I NEED A BREAKING BAD DETOX PROGRAM.... 12 steps anyone!
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