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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 21, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First of all, this is a GAMING mouse. If you are using it for something other than gaming, then it isn't optimized for you. For example, there is no side scrolling and the mouse is corded. Corded is a good thing for games, because there is lower latency, no need to change batteries (having to change a battery in the middle of a game could be absolutely disastrous!) and you don't have to worry about interference if you are at a LAN party. If you are working in the office or surfing the net, cordless is nice because you get the obvious benefits of being tether-free and the disadvantages are insignificant--you don't care about 100ms latency and if you have to change the batteries at some point, the spread sheet will be perfectly happy to wait for you while you do so.

So, having said that, let's look at this as a gaming mouse. There are the normal left and right buttons and a clickable scroll wheel (as previously noted--no side scroll if your game would benefit from that). There are also two buttons by your thumb whether you use the mouse left- or right-handed... which means there are also 2 buttons by your ring finger... which I've got to tell you... I can not find a comfortable way to use those buttons. I see they are going for ambidextrous, and that's cool, but for all intents and purposes, those 2 buttons are going to be pretty unused. Finally, there is another button just below (closer to your palm) the scroll wheel.

After you go online and download the SteelSeries Engine (the product does NOT come with a CD), you can assign actions to each button--these can be either recorded Macros, or you can specify an application to launch. The macro engine seems pretty complete to me--you can record keys, mouse clicks and combinations thereof (like CTRL+SHIFT+Left Click). You also have the option to include time delays. It looks like there should be a way to make modifications to this without having to re-record your macro, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. No big deal... either way. Since you can record rather complex macros, you could assign an unusual and difficult Macro to the ring-finger keys and then maybe get some mileage out of it, but they better not require the pointer to hold still because using those keys, I ALWAYS move the mouse at least a little, even if I'm trying not to... very unnatural...

The scroll wheel and the "Diablo" logo on the back of the mouse pulsate red. The engine allows you to control how fast that happens (or disable it completely). The engine does NOT allow you to change the pointer speed. You can change the polling rate between 125 and 1000 Hz, but the speed seems to stay pretty constant for me. That's not a big deal, though-- you can use the Windows mouse controls for that.

The mouse uses a laser tracking system and seems to work flawlessly, even on my glossy wood desk.

Personally, I prefer a mouse with a little more heft to it, but this one is perfectly usable. Even though it is lighter than my other mouse, it still feels solid.

So why only 4 stars? Several times while I was messing around in the engine, my left mouse click would quit working and I had to unplug my mouse and plug it back in in order to keep using it. This only seems to occur when I'm playing around in the engine--not during normal use (at least not yet). In fairness to the mouse, I have drivers for several other mice on this computer and they may be interfering with each other, but all the same, I don't have these problems with any others and the left mouse click is kind of a big deal. If it did it outside of the engine, I would have to drop this down to 1 star since losing that functionality during a game (remember, this IS a gaming mouse) would only be slightly better than having the batteries die on you. So far, though, it is just a quirk that will only contribute to the loss of a single star (along with the awkward button placement).

===== UPDATE 12/2/2011 ======
A friend of mine was invited to use the Diablo III Beta and has been playing it for some time now. He has beaten it using all but one of the rolls. I let him use this mouse for a couple days. At first he wasn't sure how he felt about it because the button by your pinky finger is (by default) tied to you potions. As I noted above, this button is really in a poor place--hard to use and easy to click accidentally. He accidentally used several potions without meaning to during the first day he played with it. Once he got used to the mouse, however, he said it was a great improvement over his other gaming mouse (Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse) because this one was better optimized for this particular game. Now that he's been using it for about a week, I'm pretty sure that when I ask for it back, he's going to run out and buy one for himself. NOTE: I asked him if he has ever had the quirk I mentioned above with the left button not working and he said it has not happened to him once.
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on December 29, 2011
Got this mouse for Christmas and installed it a couple days ago.

First Impressions:
The mouse was very easy to install, simply just plug it in and use it, when you're ready to try setting up macros, etc download the software from the steelseries site.
The cord on the mouse is high quality braided fabric which is so important in maintaining the integrity of the mouse's performance. The body of the mouse has a very soft 'rubberized' feel, very comfortable for my hand. The lights on the mouse are behind the wheel and behind the Diablo III name near bottom, these lights pulse and are adjustable for varying brightness and frequency. Performance wise the mouse's movements seem very precise and the mouse is very light so not seeing any hand fatigue issues.

Downside. The mouse's body has a low profile and because of this the two buttons on the right side (im right handed) have become a serious problem. Its almost impossible to move the mouse around without those being pressed (was using in the Tribes Ascend beta and whenever I tried reacting quickly to anything my weapon would suddenly start changing. Had to disable both the right side buttons but once this was done worked very well.

So overall I think the mouse is very much worth the money just for the longevity and superior performance you will get but if you are a serious button nut and need all the buttons on the mouse I would try another mouse then.
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on November 28, 2011
I went to BlizzCon 2011 and this mouse was located a their Diablo 3 Demo stations -- from the first 30 minutes or so of using the mouse I fell in love with it.

Normally I am very particular with my mice, after all I have been using a Microsoft Intellimouse 1.1a for about 8 years because it was just such a good fit and great, reliable performance. Gaming mice, to me, are often overburdened with a bunch of unnecessary features that just end up hiking up the price. The Diablo 3 Mouse is very similar to the well-reviewed Steelseries Xai with a few, positive exceptions:

-- The mouse buttons have less of a stiffness to them than normal mice it seems. After about a half-day's use the clicks are very responsive and take little pressure to actuate. Spam clicking in any game is effortless and with the extended warranty on the buttons themselves I am not worried about them wearing out like so many other mice I have tried in the past have done.
-- The Steelseries Engine software allows customization and macros, which are useful for all games and applications, but it is not overbearing with settings that I honestly shouldn't have to think about (the Sensei, I consider, to be TOO configurable).
-- The branded style of the mouse I would usually find as a turnoff, as I did with previous Steelseries products. However, The Diablo 3 design is incredibly well done and the mouse does not look "tacky" at all, it is very appealing.

As far as general use and features, I have been very pleased and have some key comments on this as well:

-- The side buttons are well placed and easy to press. Some have complained that the right side buttons are hit accidentally but I have never had that problem.
-- The mouse is not large, which allows for a variety of grips and for a comfortable fit even for people with smaller hands, such as myself.
-- The DPI toggle on the top of the button is placed so that it is never mis-pressed. I usually use a lower sensitivity for most games and applications, but if I need some extra speed I can easily toggle it.
-- The braided cord is great and very durable. These cords are standard with many gaming mice. If you have a problem with it hitching on your desk, I would suggest to get one of the variety of inexpensive mouse wire holders.

Overall I have been very pleased. I've found the mouse great for casual use as well as perfect for my Diablo 3 beta, Starcraft 2 (Master's league player), and Quake Like play. While it is too early to say, "this mouse is great I've had it for 5 years with no problems!" I am confident I will be using it for a long time.

Hope this helps!
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on September 12, 2014
High failure rate: Bought three of these mice, two were dead within a day. One continues to work fine. Here's what happened:

- One of the mice failed to operate after pressing the middle button below the mouse wheel. This caused its LED to flash, and the mouse ceased to function.

- One of the mice died with the same symptoms, but for a different reason. That mouse could not accept the firmware update from the SteelSeries software, and ceased functioning.

We scoured the web for causes of this, and we tried all the available remedies. There are no shortage of "blinking light" issues out there that have been reported for this mouse. One recommended cure that SteelSeries posted on their blog involved over a dozen steps, several of which I would only recommend for power users. We tried many remedies on both PC and Mac systems. SteelSeries customer support seems willing to help, but I'll probably just resolve with an Amazon refund.

The one working mouse is actually really good. The ergonomics are solid, especially if you are left-handed, it feels good in the hand and it tracks well. If you get one that happens to work it's a great value. When you operate the mouse, especially the wheel, you can tell that it's a couple steps below a Razer Taipan. But at half the price, from a mechanical perspective it would be a very strong price/performance ratio, and I wish I had received three working units.

However, it's the software that is the real weakness of the SteelSeries. They are not even in the same league as Razer when it comes to driver and mouse support, especially when it comes to Mac OSX compatibility. The drivers and management software are buggy, even for the one working mouse, and according to their documentation you may need to uninstall and reinstall all of the software if you attempt to plug the mouse into a different USB port than you originally used.

As such, I suspect the problems we are having with two of these mice are software- and firmware-related, and only fixable by SteelSeries. I would accept their offer to repair the mice, but at this point I have little confidence in their software and we have moved on.

I see that today a different seller-of-record is now listed for this item. But unless you want to risk spending time resolving frustrating issues, I strongly recommend against this product.

In the end, we went with the more expensive Razer Taipan, which is an exceptional product, and we would have saved time, and therefore money, if we had started with that in the first place.
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on November 19, 2013
Steelseries has always been one of the brands I dreamed I could afford. I found this mouse on sale and couldn't pass it up. I upgraded to this mouse from a Razer Deathadder, and this mouse by comparison feels better in every way. Since I game at 1080p, I am able to run this at a lower CPI (around 2400). This means the mouse runs more smoothly (the closer you run a mouse to it's maximum sensitivity, the more often your mouse is likely to skip a frame). I personally hold my mouse in a "claw grip," so it's slightly smaller design doesn't deter me. The profiling software that Steelseries gives you (engine) is simple and comprehensive, but also very complete, allowing you not only to save multiple profiles, but to tie these profiles to applications. This product is well constructed in everyway, from the braided cable to the nonslip coated body, to it's incredibly accurate laser. I would highly recommend this product to any avid PC gamer.
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on April 12, 2012
Just picked this up and I am very happy with it.

The entire mouse has a nice rubber coating, feels like silicone, very pleasing texture.

I have never been able to justify installing mouse drivers but this one has features that make it feel worth it.
The software has nice sliders for DPI presets and lighting presets as well as the standard game specific profiles.
You can create more than 1 profile for each game which is nice to.

The lighting on it looks very nice and there is a "Trigger" setting that makes the lights pulse on when you click, very cool.

The woven cord cover is a nice touch and in my experience adds a lot of durability as well as making it easy to pick out of a tangle of USBs.

I was worried about this being a "Low Profile" mouse but it feels similar to my old Logitech G5, very natural.

Like others have said I can see right handed gamers bumping the mice button on the pinky finger side on accident, you should bind them as non essential buttons or disable them until you get a feel for it (by using the driver software).

Clicking is satisfying and slightly higher pitch than my old G5.

The cord is about a foot shorter than my other mice, this works well for me and prevents desk clutter but if you have your tower on the floor and mouse on the desk you might need to move the tower or pick up an extension USB cable.

I played some Skyrim, SC2, BF3 and Torchlight to test it out, worked amazing once I got the DPI set right (again using the driver software).

The usb is gold tipped, no improvement there, but it looks nice when not being used.

The tribal design is top notch and looks nice with the tractor tire-esq mouse wheel rubber.

Steel Series logos on the underside and the USB plug are nice finishing touches, and it comes with 1 sticker with the same logo. I woulda liked 2 but thats just nit picking.

By default it does not have fwr and back mapped to the thumb buttons so you will need to set that up, not hard, just another step before you can use it normally.
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on September 11, 2013
In the beginning, this mouse worked great for me and I was really happy with it. about a month in, it has started to have terrible tracking issues. I believe part of the reason is the cloth mouse pad I have been using which is by no means dirty, but does get a cat hair or 2 on it every now and then. apparently this mouse requires a pristine cloth to function well. I am now using it on the steelseries HD plastic mouse pad and it seems to work better but still has tracking issues every now and then and gets jumpy and innacurate. very disappointing. I assumed this was the same as the sensei but I have my doubts that the sensor in the diablo version is "tournament grade" like the other sensei's. Stay away imo steelseries engine I also believe is part of the cause to this poor performance. it's not a good design all around. to top it off, the braided cable is a dumb idea. it is very hard to straighten it out.... It came squiggly and I doubt i'll ever get it straight without breaking it. the cable makes a weird noise and creates friction when moving the mouse on the steelseries HD plastic mouse pad. i'm sorry I bought this thing. buyer beware, seek out a different company if you look on google there are plenty of people who have this jumpy cursor problem like I do. The combination of cheap sensor and terribly designed steelseries engine make this a bad choice. I will be submitting this review once I am able to hover over the send button after about 2 or 3 mouse jumps..... DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP PRODUCT
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on March 26, 2012
After 6 years of using a G7, the batteries finally gave out (and cracked completely). Being an avid blizzard fan and a person who likes a more simplistic mouse (in style, fewer buttons) this mouse was right up my alley.

Being on the expensive side, I was weary but after 2 months of use I could not be is a short list of the pros:

+ Smooth rubber feel
+ Awesome aesthetics
+ Solid design, simple but functional

and a few quirks

- Cord length seems just a tad short
- Price still just a little bit more than it should be for its functionality

Overall for someone not eager to macro everything under the sun, but yearning for something simple, with outstanding 'look and feel' - look no further.
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on May 26, 2012
The mouse itself is great and I can't really complain about it much. The two buttons on the right side could afford to be in a better position. I often click one of them on accident which is bad because it is the hardest button to get to purposefully (I'm aware of how dumb that sounds) and thus houses the diablo 3 skill with the longest cooldown.
Aside from that, the mouse is responsive, ergonomic, easy to get used to, and aesthetically pleasing to a gamer. My girlfriend did make fun of me a bit, but I digress.

I really came here to review the software. It is nothing short of awful. It is packed full of features for customizing the mouse, all the way down to the LED's (which look awesome lighting up the Diablo 3 logo), all of the buttons can be customized, you can set different profiles for different programs etc... The options are fairly easy to set up.

However, in windows 7, the software must be run as an administrator in order for any of the non-standard buttons to do anything at all. Setting the program to always run as administrator does not fix this issue. Furthermore, whenever the computer is turned off or goes into sleep mode, the software stops working. What this means is that if you want to use the gaming buttons for any reason, you have to close the software, open the software as an administrator, select the profile for the application you are in, and go about your business. This must be done every time your computer is restarted or taken out of sleep mode. Even this would not be a big deal except the program must be closed and reopened every single time, and it does neither with haste.

Switching between the profiles is also a problem. The software can be set to switch automatically when an .exe is run but it often doesn't seem to work and obviously won't work if the programs are already running. Also, I have yet to find a way to set a steam game to auto-switch. The only other way to switch is to open the software and manually switch over. Quitting diablo 3 and switching to google chrome means that the forward and back buttons will not work until the profile is switched. Again this would not be problematic if the program did not take forever to open, even from a minimized state, but it does. Often maximizing even causes the program to freeze and then you must start the whole fiasco described above over again.

Perhaps with software updates this will be a four or five star mouse, but if you plan on buying this now consider the headache that using the software will be against the nerdgasm that is the mouse itself.
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on January 13, 2014
I just get this mouse 1 hour ago. It is a new one but it cannot connect to any computer ( actually I try 3 different computer with Win7, Win8 and WinXP system, but it just cant connect). I think this problem is ascribe of the USB line or the plug. Because the computers don't showing the sigh of new device, also the light on the mouse is not open.
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