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on January 2, 2009
I bought this for my parents as a Christmas gift. It was a big hit and immediately brought with it reactions of, "look at this one" and "I'd forgot about them". One thing that shouldn't be forgotten is that after all the trips down memory lane, you actually get to eat the candy.

My strongest reaction to the box when it arrived was shock over its size and weight. It is huge. I expected to pay 15 dollars for the candy and 15 dollars for novelty. But I honestly think it has close to $30 worth of candy in it, if not more. Usually, when items are created to tug on the sentimentality of buyers, something is lost in the actual product. That isn't the case here. It is both an exciting gift and a practical one.
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on August 1, 2009
The 60's decade box was well received and everyone enjoyed a trip down memory lane although a good portion of the products were unfamiliar not only to those raised in the 60's, but those older and younger. Many were wondering if they were east coast products. The price of the product for what was received was quite excessive, and the cost of the cheapest shipping was astronomical (almost as much as the product). The box is cute, but some of the individual candy packages arrived opened with contents spilled and broken because it wasn't packaged for shipping. Luckily I opened the box before presenting it as everything was piled together into a big heap. I was quite surprised that there wasn't any box filler (stryofoam peanuts, bubble wrap or shredded colored paper) or that the items weren't arranged for giving. I added my own shredded colored paper and arranged the items, but really felt for the price that it should have been professionally presented.

Although a neat idea, I will not purchase any more of these decade boxes from this company for the reasons stated above. I recently saw a similar item by another company that had just as many candies and was priced less than $15.
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on February 24, 2010
While the variety was interesting, the description was highly deceptive. The weight was listed as 5 pounds, but adding the weights from the candy included yielded only slightly more than half of that, at 2.8 pounds. There were, as claimed, more than 30 pieces (35), but only six were full-price/size chocolate bars. Much of the rest was cheap filler, not the full-sized pieces touted in the description. For example, there were several types of gum included, as well as small pieces of taffy, and many items weighed less than half an ounce (in one case, a tenth of an ounce). The actual value of the candy appeared to be $10 to $12, at most, and the presentation--thrown in a printed carton with a single sheet of crumpled paper--was certainly not worth the rest of the price. Many items looked shopworn due to this poor packing, and all brittle items (such as Necco wafers) arrived in fragments. Anyone receiving this as a gift would assume that the giver spent about $15 on it, not $40. I feel cheated.
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VINE VOICEon February 24, 2006
If you want a fun trip down memory lane, this is a great item to purchase and share while watching old 60's era movies (Born Free, Herbie the Love Bug, Thomasina, Mary Poppins, etc.). Pick out a piece and flash back to the first time you ate it (or the last time!). Sadly, some of the items appear the same but do not taste so (i.e. wax lips, Pixy Sticks). There are some omissions (Jolly Ranchers, Sugar Babies, JuJuBes, JuJy Fruit) which were a staple of Saturday Afternoon Matinees. Now, if only someone would bring back the Bonomo Turkish Taffy!
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on December 28, 2009
After all the reviews i read and the experience i went through after buying this as a gift for my mom i had to come back and leave some proper feedback which i felt went against some of the more "negative experiences" others went through when buying this product. it seems like a few people before me had a decent response when it came to the quality of the gift in some of the areas such as delivery time, pricing, and even the assortment of the treats inside the box so i decided i would tackle each of those areas and explain my experience....

out of everything that surprised me about this gift it was the amount of time it took to arrive that really made me satisfied. i was expecting the gift to arrive no sooner than Dec. 28 but it arrived on the 24th which was perfect timing on my part seeing how it was the only gift i could think about getting for my mom at the time (i ordered this on the 18th).

The package itself was in good shape i guess....its just a cardboard box containing 20 or more pieces of candy. in terms of it not being packaged properly, it really wasn't that big of a deal as someone else made it out to be. every piece of candy was wrapped securely and placed in the box with little to no damage done (if i sound like someone who works at the company, i'm not.... i'm just an overall satisfied customer =D )

Overall i think this would have to be the weakest area of the entire gift. while the box did contain a large amount of candy, i really don't think its worth $35. if the price was in the area of 18-25 dollars (at the most) then i would have gladly bought another one for my dad but at the time of purchase i was willing to take a chance just to see how good this box really was.

I'm not exactly sure what one person was talking about when they said the total cost of their order including s/h was $51. i managed to buy this for $35 with free s/h arriving 6 days later so.....i really don't understand how it managed to cost that much money in the end.

since i'm technically a 90's kid, there was only a handful of items i actually recognized. the few that i tried were just as i remembered tasting them years ago but i haven't really gotten into more of the older candies my parents were so fond of...

In the end it was a neat gift. it was interesting to see my parents go through the candy and talk about how the pieces they remembered and the ones that were new to them. if your looking for a gift that will bring back memories of a time long ago, you cant do much wrong by buying this as a gift though it will pinch a bit more at your wallet than its really worth. in total worth i would give it a 4/5 but in terms of packaging (which i originally thought was going to be abysmal), the free shipping & handling (must be only for the holidays?) and the "just in time" delivery it rounds up to a 5/5

-Final Thoughts
if there was anything they could have improved on for there page here on amazon it would been a more descriptive list of what all came with the box including pictures of each of the candies inside......just for the consumers sake. sometimes i would like to know a little bit more about what i'm buying. either that or take a bigger picture of the entire product (i would have done it but i wasn't thinking about it at the time i received it)
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on December 18, 2009
This would have been a nice gift if it had been packaged properly. The candy is just dumped in a box that is not sealed in anyway. I placed the box, which was still in the Amazon box, away for wrapping and within one day the ants had found it (and ants have never been in this area before)and were all inside the candy box. Just a warning to anyone that orders this product, when delivered make sure that you bring it in immediately, open the box and seal all the candy in plastic bags for safe keeping till time to give the gift. I just assumed that since it was a food item that it would be packaged properly.
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on December 2, 2009
The 60s decade box I ordered arrived in tact, and all the candy inside the box was in fine shape, (nothing was smashed or cracked), each item was full sized and fine.
I only gave 3 stars for the selection. Allthough the pieces were indeed items enjoyed in the 60s, I felt the inclusion of candy that is still sold commonly today somewhat took away from the nostalgia, ( an O Henry Bar as one example). The variety of candies may differ for others as stated in the item description, so my minor dissapointment in the selction I recieved will not be everyone's experience. I also recieved a duplicate of one of the candies. For the price I felt it should overall have been a better variety of 60s candies.
On a final note, and it bears repeating, the candies were all in fine shape so the quality of each item in the box was not compromised. I only feel the nostalgic value of the items would be at say 60% for what I recieved. I feel it is worth perhaps half the price I paid. (not including s&h).
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on December 1, 2005
This gift basket will bring you back to the sixties..If you remember the sixties,you will just love the assortment of genuine candies,from this era in time...This decade gift basket will make an excellent gift,for the holidays...I highly recommend this for the holidays...
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on December 8, 2009
I felt that this was an intersteing product but I was led to believe from previous reviews that the packaging was "great" and there was "so much candy". I felt that this WAS NOT the case. Not worth the $40 spent. It is in a simple cardboard box and it certainly is not 40 dollars worth of candy! I would not purchase this product at this price again!
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on August 4, 2010
These do make great gifts, my parents loved them. The only problem is the amount of money that you spend for these and the fact that half the candy in there you can still buy at the super market. Now don't get me wrong, there are some candies that no youngster has ever heard of.

- Good gift
- It's candy.

- Price
- Not well presented in the box. (Some candy was crushed).
- Price
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