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Color: Yellow/GrayPackage Type: Standard PackagingChange
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on December 30, 2011
I purchased this particular phone case (shell, really) after having read several positive reviews. I compared it to several others and quickly discovered that this particular case is just that, a case...not some sort of sleeve or wrap. The case itself WILL hold up...I'm pretty tough on cell phones (outdoors, construction, etc.). The rubberized covering makes handling the iphone much easier, at least for me. Without it, it felt as though the phone would slip right through my fingers. What's more is the customer service dept. at Otterbox. Background: I'm a fan of having my phone on my side w/ a belt clip. Long story short, I managed to break the belt clip from the holster itself (not the case) one evening. Totally my fault. I called Otterbox Customer Service, told them exactly what happened and their response was, "let's get you a new one right away. what's your address so we can take care of this for you?" I was seriously blown away!!! Received the new holster/belt clip in 5 days. TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY AND THIS PARTICULAR PRODUCT!!!
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on August 9, 2012
You have to be real picky to notice this first one but I am so here we go. Although this is a good case and well worth the $20 I paid for it, its not perfect. The first issue I wont take any stars off for because its something the manufacturer dosent even claim and thats water resistance. It seems that with just a couple extra additions this case could be water resistant which would make it great rather than just good. As it is this case isn't even moisture or humidity resistant. If i keep it in the holster the heat from my body will cause enough condensation for it to get under the screen. A drop of water anywhere near this case and it somhow seems to make its way right insid the protective film. Real annoying.

The second issue is what I am deducting 2 stars for though. The case at first glance appears to be well constructed with good attention to detail. Upon closer inspection however you will notice the rubber gasket that surrounds the hard shell bulges out in some places and over laps in others. I guess with this kind of manufacturing its hard to stick within exact tolerances. There are places all around the case where it just dosent fit perfectly. There are even a couple areas where there is just a bit too much plastic on the hard case. I't probably wont keep the case from functioning but it is bothersome. Again, for $20 its a solid purchase but for the $50 the brick and mortar stores are charging for it I would have taken it right back.

Edit 8-11-12:

The day after I received the case I returned it for another one. The fact that it didn't fit just right was annoying me. Although it didn't really interfere with the case functioning it just bothered me when i looked at it. The replacement case came quickly. The box was the same but the case inside was anything but. The fit and finish of the 2nd case was well beyond the first. No bits of hanging plastic or bulges in the rubber covering. The screen protector was clearer the rubber fit tighter all around (especially near the openings) and the case felt more solid. The colors were noticeably different. The original looked as if it were faded. Lastly the spring in the belt clip of the 2nd one is much stronger than the first.

If I had not received the first case I would have given the 2nd one at least 4 stars. However, for Amazon sending either a fake or poorly manufactured one to me I'm giving it a 1. Hopefully anyone who gets a sub-par one will see my review and know to return it.
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on November 2, 2012
This is a knock-off Otterbox. It is obviously a fraud. The box had no hologram and the packing inside was flimsy cardboard. More importantly, the case itself was made of cheap, brittle plastic and the rubber was micro-thin and would not stay shut. There was no Otterbox logo inside the case where it is on real boxes. This seller should not be allowed to sell these counterfeit Otterboxes any more. What junk!
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on October 23, 2012
This case appears to be a counterfeit OtterBox. The outer rubber skin does not fit properly, and it is difficult to close the flaps for the connector port, mute switch and headphone jack. The outer skin is bubbled on the back, and the screen opening is not shaped properly. I have since ordered another Realtree OtterBox Defender case, and it is a geniune, high-quality protective case.
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on June 15, 2012
Be very careful when you order to ensure you do not receive a counterfeit Otterbox. The packaging and several details on the iPhone case are different. Just compare one to walmarts and you will know right away if yours is the true Otterbox or counterfeit. I ordered mine directly from Amazon and its disappointing that they are letting this happen.

AFter looking at other reviews, I am not the only person that this has happened to.
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on August 17, 2012
i previously had the same otterbox i bought from the store but i broke it taking it off so i bought this one. Its different the screen is from a different material and gives you a bunch of bubbles. i bought another one from the store because i was so annoyed at the bubbles and the one from the store works perfectly no bubbles at all. dont waste your money. eventhough it is in the original packaging i dont think its real!!
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on June 4, 2012
I've ordered a few Otter cases before from Amazon and they were the real deal, 100% satisfied. This one came in a dodgy bubble wrap, plastic quality is very poor and the case looks NOTHING like the real Otter. Waste of time! Tried to refund it and no one ever replied to my emails!
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on September 4, 2013
When this case first arrived I was impressed by its heft and seemingly solid craftsmanship. However, after a few months of normal wear and tear ( Mainly from removing the case to clean my phone and opening and closing the charging ports) the rubber housing quickly lost its elasticity and began to sag away from the plastic internal piece. Over time it became worse and worse and in less than three months it was no longer functional. I would not recommend this case and am extremely disappointed. Save your money and choose something better
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on November 9, 2011
Love this. Feels good in the hand. Not too rubbery. Not too silky in the creepy way other covers are made. It fits over my iphone4S perfectly. A bit bulkier than the slimmer, stylin' phone covers out there, but if you want real protection, Otterbox is a top brand. I have an active lifestyle and needed something that could take the bumps and scrapes of outdoor sports, but would also look sleek at a nice restaurant.

The photo gives the impression that the yellow part has a gun metal sheen to it. This is not the case. It is a hard plastic yellow. Reminds me of the color matte of a yellow kayak. And the "gun metal grey" actually looks like a "soft, palatable grey". Still, it's a nice color combination.

My only concern are the flaps used in the outer rubberized shell. I like that they really protect the phone from dirt, and provide a tad bit more water resistance, but they can be a pain to open and close all the time. There is a flap to protect the charger insert (pretty good idea, but makes nesting the iphone difficult), as well as a flap over the Silent on/off switch (a pain in the neck). There is also a flap that covers the headset insert (no biggie). You have to pry these flaps open like little doors, and my concern is that with time, the flaps will eventually rip. Right now, I'm trusting Otterbox's reputation for making good products.

I've only had this for a week. Right now, I'm very happy. We'll see what happen with the flaps.

ADDENDUM: Well, it's been 15 months since I purchased this, and the flap that covers the charger port finally did tear off from wear. The "hinges" on the other flaps are beginning to thin as well. The outer grey cover has also warped a teeny bit. It shifts around the yellow hard plastic casing a little, definitely not as snug as when I first bought it. Still, it has protected my iphone from many drops and mishaps, including once when I accidentally dropped it face-down onto pavement, and another time when it chittered down the subway steps in New York. So while the softer outer grey material isn't perfect, I am still happy I bought this because without it, my iphone would've been killed a few times over!
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on December 6, 2011
There's a lot to like about this case. I can imagine that it provides excellent protection in the event that you drop your phone. It's very easy to hold onto, no worries about it slipping out of your hand. It's not dainty, but I don't mind the way it looks either, and the grey/yellow combination is nice. The hard yellow case is sturdy and snaps on tightly and easily. It has padding on the interior to protect the back of the phone.

I like that the protective screens are integral to the case. No messing around with film. And though the protective screen is thicker than a film you might apply separately, it doesn't seem to affect the responsiveness of the screen at all.

Here's the downside...the grey silicone cover, which goes around the hard yellow case, ripped as I was putting it on. It didn't take much to do it either. It's a snug fitting case, so it takes a little stretching to get it on, but this silicone doesn't have much stretch to it. The part that ripped was a thin little piece between the ring silencer and the volume buttons. If the silicone is this brittle, I would expect that opening and closing the various flaps would quickly result in those tearing off as well.
What a shame, because otherwise I love this case.

Although I am returning this case, I may well buy another one as strange as that may seem. I just can't seem to find another case I like as well as this one. I think if I make sure to stretch the thicker parts (rather than the more delicate thin parts) when I put the cover on I should be able to avoid tearing it. I don't intend to take the case of on a regular basis, otherwise this would definitely be a bad choice. I also don't intend to open and close the flaps on a frequent basis, so I think I may be able to avoid ripping these - and if I do, I would probably just cut them off. many cases come without coverings for all of the ports anyway.
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