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on October 5, 2012
First, I must reveal that I have daily use of a professional quality microscope in the Clinical Laboratory. The $15,000 microscope I use for routine hematology and microbiology is of course much better than this OMAX I purchased for home use. That being said, I am pleased with the OMAX. At a modest price I have a good view of blood cells and their internal cellular components on oil immersion, and a very good view of urinary sediment viewed beneath a cover glass on high dry. The scope is smaller than the standard laboratory microscope, but that simply makes it more portable. The fine focus adjustment is coarser than on the better scopes, requiring a more delicate touch to achieve optimum focus, but is not a real problem. Overall, it seems to be a sturdy, well-made instrument worth purchasing for home-schooling or hobbies involving microscopy.
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on March 7, 2012
I posted some days earlier that the microscope that was shipped to me had a defect: It had a broken Head piece thumb screw. This made the headpiece wobbly. Instead of shipping the product back, I wrote to MicroscopeNet and they immediately responded apologizing for the error. They also sent me a brand new head piece Thumb screw by UPS Express delivery. I am so happy with the product as well as the service. Now, I am seriously considering purchasing the eyepiece USB camera that allows one to connect to a laptop to view whats on the slide. Additionally, I will also be purchasing a Dissection binocular microscope from this vendor in the near future. I am a University Professor and I use microscopes regularly. This product is good for a starter kit for a student interested in Biology or just about anyone with an interest in observing organisms/ tissue sections under the microscope. I bought this for my daughter who is getting interested in Veterinary Sciences (she has not completed High School yet). I would say this is very good value for the price!
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on September 2, 2012
Let me preface this by saying, prior to purchasing this Microscope the last one I looked through was almost 70 years ago when I was in high school. I wanted a present for my Grandchildren and I thought this would be a good one. When the Microscope came I kept seeing a shadow which seemed to be right under the eyepiece, though the slide containing what I was looking at was clear and distinct where this shadow (for want of another word) was not interfering. I contacted customer service by e-mail and was surprised by the prompt and courteous answer. I explained what I was seeing and over a few e-mails rapidly back and forth of things for me to try we decided to have it sent back. I was sent an R.M.A and it was shipped back at their expense and when they found nothing wrong they paid for its return to me. As you might guess I still saw this same shadow. At this point my Grandchildren visited me and I had them look through the Microscope. They said there was no shadow and the resolution was incredible. My son believes that my cataracts are reflecting back onto the eyepiece and causing this shadow, so it turns out that the problem was mine to begin with and not theirs. I offered to reimburse them for the shipping charges since it was not any fault of the product, but they would not accept it saying that it was their responsibility to solve all our customer's concerns. So you can see why I give this company 5 stars, I am very happy with the way I was treated especially since it was not their problem and I have some happy Grandchildren.

Mike Pelton
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on May 17, 2012
I have a B.S. in Biology from 1977. I have never used my degree for anything except as a hobby. I have a small goldfish pond about 10 ft X 5 ft. I took a pond water sample and found a couple of protozoan in the slides that I made. A picture of one of them is shown in "customer's pictures" for this microscope here on Amazon. I have only had the microscope for a week but am enjoying it very much so far. I plan to use it mostly for medical study and bacteria cultures, but haven't started that yet.

The mechanical stage is very good for referencing objects on your slides. It is smooth and precision. The Oil Immersion lens is excellent on this scope. The focusing is also smooth and precision. I took the picture shown for this product at Amazon with a digital camera 12.1 mp by holding the lens against the eyepiece and snapping a picture. It works pretty good and takes decent videos too. It is hard to align the lenses perfectly by hand, so I will make a plastic adapter that will keep them both centered.

I reviewed several microscopes before purchasing this one, and I have not been disappointed. It is better than the ones we used in high school and college. I would recommend purchasing this microscope. I purchased through Amazon and the microscope arrived in about a week and a half. It ships from Canada through UPS.
review image
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on July 23, 2012
This is a great quality microscope for the price! I am quite impressed! It is perfect for home/student use, and perhaps even a small clinic. Although it is not as durable as the ones we use at my university (which obviously need to be quite durable because of constant use and abuse), it is still a great quality microscope. The stage adjusts smoothly, also the X-Y axis adjustments are much more smooth than the ones at school (which is crucial at 800x and higher). The LED light is much better and clearer than the traditional bulb light which can be a bit yellowish sometimes. The condenser is tight yet smooth for accurate adjustments. This microscope is easy to assemble and the ocular lenses are easy to adjust and change. The dual-sided coarse and fine focus knobs are convenient, allowing for a left or right handed person to adjust the focus more comfortably. This microscope is a great value and I am very pleased with this purchase! :-)
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on April 9, 2013
I bought this for my daughter for her birthday and was not disappointed. I researched many different units in the $200 price range. It was between the OMAX and the Amscope. I was looking for a scope that would go to 2000x and had a mechanical stage. They both had those features. I ended up going with the OMAX because the light was LED. I did not want the possibility of my daughter (9) being burned by the heat of the tungsten bulb on the Amscope.

I was not sorry with my choice. This thing is awesome. The lenses all work very well. the eye pieces are easy to swap and work very well. The iris that meters the light works as it should. The only thing I wish this had was a little more sensitivity on the fine focus. When you get up to 2000x, it is very touchy but still works fine.

My daughter and I took a piece of rock from my marine aquarium and rubbed it with a brush into some water. We made a slide from that and found so many creatures! It has been many years since my high school biology classes but we identified some of the critters. I then took a web cam and made a video of what we think was a nematode. The quality is not great as I was just holding the webcam up to th eyepiece. I have uploaded to amazon and you can also see it on youtube. Cool stuff! I zoom in a little more about half way through the video.

This is really a great unit. I would not hesitate to buy.
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on December 27, 2011
I was very impressed with the professional quality of this microscope and it's better than I expected. I ordered a starter slide kit for a child and have since booted the child to the curb so I can play with this thing. If you're considering a purchase, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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on August 23, 2012
I received this microscope two months ago, and since then I have been very pleased with it. It's really quite remarkable that an instrument of this quality can be sold for well under $200. Kind of scary, actually. The 10X eyepieces have a wide, flat field of view, with generous eye relief for folks like me who wear eyeglasses. Each of the objectives, including the 1000X oil immersion one, perform well. The mechanical stage operates very smoothly, as does the fine focus.

With this microscope I have observed many species of living fresh-water organisms, yeasts, fungi, and even lactobacilli from my pickle jar! I was able to diagnose a fungal disease that is afflicting a tree in my yard. (Unfortunately, the prognosis isn't good: it appears to be an infection of Verticillium dahliae.)

My only complaint is that the unit shipped to me has a misaligned substage condensor. The manual says that the collimation of this part of the microscope was set at the factory and should not be adjusted by the user. So I've been reluctant to take the condenser out and try to reseat it properly myself. The filter holder in the condensor is a bit flimsy, too, which makes for some tedium when setting up dark field illumination.

But despite this flaw, I've managed to enjoy quite wonderful views and take some great pictures and even videos (by holding an iPhone up to the eyepiece by hand!) with this instrument. I imagine that if I take the time to correct the condensor alignment I will get even higher resolution at higher powers than I have achieved thus far.

Overall, an amazing job by OMAX.
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on May 12, 2012
I originally left a 1 star review after I had a bit of an issue with the product I received. However, I am working with a guy named "Andrew" from this company. He's helping me find a resolution. Andrew has been extremely helpful and professional thus far. It seems like this company goes above any beyond to make you happy with your purchase and for that reason I recommend them.

Edit: 05/21/12

My microscope was replaced and I must say I am impressed by the quality. This is not a toy. Comparing this to a $2500 compound Nikon I use at my place of employment, the only difference I see is the brand name.

I'm very happy with my purchase. Feel free to message me or comment here if you have any questions.
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on January 9, 2013
I was looking for an inexpensive starter microscope for my children. From looking around it was clear almost all the budget starter microscopes are made in China. The example I received offered decent views and comes with a good selection of eyepieces and oculars to get started with. The controls are good for a budget microscope, the mechanical stage and fine focus work well. The integrated LED light and dimmer give good views for typical bright field work your kids may have to do in high school. The main detractor with my example was the eyepieces and oculars. The eye pieces/oculars are decent for a budget set but by no means are they considered good. All the eyepieces and oculars were dirty from assembly and had to be disassembled and cleaned prior to use.

Good selection of starter eye pieces and oculars
Good mechanical stage and fine focus
Decent LED light and dimmer
Working condenser and iris

Provided filter is marginal
Eyepieces and oculars very dirty required cleaning

Microscope is a smaller footprint design compared to the typical type of scopes your child may encounter in school / college, which is good IMO for younger children.
Also comes with dust cover, immersion oil.

If you are just getting started, I would recommend a book or two on microscopy, a set of prepared slides, some blank slides, covers, pipettes, lens blower, lens paper.

Background: I also own a Leitz Wetzlar GO, Labolux, and Dialux II microscopes.
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