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on January 6, 2014
Overall I like this, though I with it were a full sized mouse.
I never use this as a normal mouse on a flat surface. It is just too small to be comfortable.
But I think it really good using it in the "air" mode. It's shaped nicely and is laid out well to use in this mode.

UPDATE: I own 2 of these. 1 I've had for 4-5 years. That one I think is worth 4 stars.
But the one I just purchased is worth 3 or maybe 2 stars.
They've updated the hardware I think, or it is just windows8 being "helpful"
But I really don't like the change in behavior. Especially the fact that the delay between "trigger clicks" to switch to constant motion on mode has changed. It is now far too easy for it to think you have double clicked the trigger.
So now I find myself doing something like "hold trigger; move; release trigger; hold trigger; move; release trigger" only to find that when I put the mouse down to type, it still thinks I want it to move which I very definitely do not.
So now I have to
"hold; move; release; hold; move; release; set down; swear; pick up; double click; move just to make sure recognized the double click; set down"

UPDATE 2: The source of my complaint seems to be that it mistakes the following sequence of "motion button" actions as a double click
1) button down and hold
2) move mouse for awhile, much longer than the max double click duration
3) button up (let go of the button)
4) button down and hold (within double click max time)
The older version of the mouse did not do this, so it is a "feature" added in a fix to the hardware.
I doubt there is a firmware update for these to fix this unfortunately.
The bad version of the mouse is dated Feb 2012; Model AS03507-002.
I'd post the good version info but I've had that one so long the label on the bottom isn't readable anymore and it came off.

I have an older version of this that I like except it has some weird expensive battery pack and is useless when it runs out of power. This device on the other hand accepts AA batteries so I just swap batteries when they're dead.
The older version is almost identical in use though. I use the same fingers and grip to use it as I use with this.

Whether they planned the design out, or just got lucky, this mouse is really well designed for air usage. To me that usage feels very natural and there is little or no awkwardness at all. This is really impressive considering just how often other electronics seem to always have a few major issues that make some common use of them feel very awkward. There is almost always some button or slot or switch that you have to you use that are placed in really weird location.
ex: smart phones with the 1 memory card slot UNDER the battery... rather than on the side
ex: wireless keyboards that get poor battery life with the power switch in a really awkward to access location
and so on.

The mouse is shaped really nicely so the base fits well in the palm of my hand. Plus there are soft rubber surfaces in the right places to be able to hold the mouse in a very loose grip rather than having to tightly squeeze it to hold it. This is fairly important if you use it a lot.

For anyone that hasn't used one of these before, when using as an air mouse:

I use my index or middle finger to trigger motion and my thumb to click or scroll.
And the power switch is right below the motion trigger so the same finger that's on the trigger can easily turn off the mouse.
Or the next finger down. I usually use my ring finger to switch the mouse on and off. And for moving the pointer I rarely move more than my wrist. You don't need to make huge motions with your elbow, and you can use the mouse the whole time with your forearm resting on say an arm rest of whatever you're sitting on.

To use the mouse, you "trigger" motion detection when you want to use it and then either turn it off or let it turn off when you're done moving the pointer. Once motion is off you can just drop the mouse or use the buttons or scroll wheel. The really nice thing about this is you can use these functions without having the pointer move at all.
So for example, I need to double click on something, I first turn on the power and then hold the motion button (trigger) Then I move to the icon. Once the pointer is on the icon I let go of the trigger which means the pointer won't move any more. Then I double click and can set the mouse down.

"Motion detection" (air mode?) is controlled by button on the bottom that feels like a trigger.
This is used to toggle the motion detection on and off.

What it does is toggles the 3d motion detection that moves the pointer around. Any movement of the mouse is turned into left/right or up/down motion of the pointer on the screen.
I can describe which mouse motions turn in to which pointer movements, but it is probably better to just try it and get a feel for it rather than think about it. Plus I'd need diagrams to really describe the 3rd motion.

When this mode is OFF, you can move the mouse around and the pointer won't move.
When it is ON, any movement of the mouse results in movement of the pointer on the scree.
AND regardless of whether this is on or off, the mouse buttons and scroll wheel and button continue to work.

This last bit is really important especially if you have shaky hands/fingers like I do. It means you can freeze the pointer over what you want to click on before you try to double click and prevents accidental dragging too.
Basically I turn on motion and move the pointer to where I want, then I turn off the motion before double clicking so my click motion doesn't move the pointer.

The trigger works in 2 ways:
You can either just hold the trigger down and move the mouse, then let it go to stop the mouse from moving the pointer.
You "double click" the trigger to turn on pointer movement, and then when you're done, you double click it again to turn off pointer motion.
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on October 9, 2012
My TV screen is not readily visible from my desktop computer screen -- but this same computer is used to drive the HDTV through a digital HDMI connection. With this mouse, I can comfortably sit on the couch in the TV room and use it to control the action on the screen of the HDTV which is about 25 ft away. It works as advertized -- worked the first time I plugged it in, and has continued to work on the original set of batteries for at least a month now.
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on April 2, 2013
I wanted to split my CCTV signal from the DVR to multiple HDTV's. With the addition of this wireless mouse, a USB extension cable to centralize the wireless mouse receiver, and the J-Tech Digital powered HDMI splitter, I am able to fully operate the CCTV system from any TV in the house even though the DVR is tucked away in the basement. I'm getting full function through my entire house (about 50') through a couple different walls.
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on May 10, 2013
I use this with my Mac Mini in my family room. It works very well - especially in comparison to the prior generation I used for several years. It just plugs into my Mac and "just works". Nice it uses standard AAA batteries rather than the cordless-phone rechargeable in the prior generation. Only nit is 'clicking' while the motion detection is active is imprecise ... I have to click the trigger to stop the gyro motion detection to accurately click on a button (otherwise the click location seems to jump around).

(1/19/14) When I lost the cover to the battery compartment, customer support sent me out a replacement free of charge. No complaints about customer support!

For an entertainment-center based Mac or PC - it is highly recommended (1/19/14 not sure if there is really a peer in this category).
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on February 22, 2013
I like this device.. it works as a mouse,it is small and you can use it in the what is not to like about it? Well, using it in air is a serious coordination test. Learning how to move and click takes some time and practice, and if the spot to click on is small, it can be almost painful to get the right spot. If I were just rating it as a air mouse.. I would give it three stars.

As a presentation works great, and there I would give it 5 stars. I averaged it out to a 4.

Of course if you are far more talented than I may find this perfect as an air mouse.
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on November 7, 2014
Pros: - basic function compatible with all computers tried (Windows, Linux, MacOS, even Chromebook)
- can use AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries, but see below about no recharge
- MotionTools features such as "virtual laser" very simple to implement on Windows or MacOS
- compact, but comfortable
- excellent range (worked at 55ft)
- customer support from SMK-Link very good

Cons: - not as durable as older Gyration products
- does not recharge batteries while in mouse
- MotionTools only available for Windows & MacOS
- MotionTools not backward compatible with older Gyration Mice
- trigger is more sensitive than past versions, can inadvertently get into air mouse mode

This is the 3rd generation Gyration mouse I've owned. Each has worked very well and the oldest Gyration Presenter still works with newer Windows, Linux, and MacOS systems. For me, the "virtual laser" pointer and other screen enhancement functions with MotionTools are essential when presenting using a rear-projection screen!

Only regrets: the current product owner no longer updates tools for older Gyration products to work with latest Windows & MacOS. The old GyroTools were great, but neither of my older sets of GyroTools are compatible with this Air Mouse nor with Windows 7 or 8.

Update: newer Gyration mice can accidently stay in air mouse mode and require a double click of the trigger to return from air mouse mode to regular mouse mode. Change in behavior: my older Gyration version required only one click to return from air mouse mode and I can never recall the mouse having inadvertent double clicks of the trigger. Downgrading to 4 stars, still very good, but no longer excellent. If a tools update fixes this and "debounces" the trigger, I will update back to 5 stars.
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on December 3, 2012
The mouse is easy to use and accurate. It's lightweight and fits easily in the palm of your hand. Good product.
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on February 16, 2015
I would rate this higher if it was cheaper. For the price, I'm not sure the features are worth it.

I don't currently have 'real' TV. I have a computer with a flat screen TV as a monitor in my living room; I mostly watch Netflix and Hulu via a web browser on it. I needed a replacement mouse and this one intrigued me because it could be used in the air, without a surface. I does what it says it does, but not without some issues. The two biggest for me are that is is hard to get used to just moving my wrist, not my arm, to move the mouse. And, something I did not expect at all: the trigger that you press to use it in the air makes a very loud click. A loud click that sound EXACTLY like the laser pointer I use for a cat toy. Every time I use this mouse my cats go crazy trying to find the non-existent red dot!

You can use it in the air, without a surface/mousepad
Has an on/off switch so it doesn't accidentally trigger
Configurable buttons with included software (you can make gesture shortcuts for all sorts of things)

Pretty steep learning curve to use it properly
Haven't used any of the gesture shortcuts because the basic functionality is tricky enough
Sounds drives my cats crazy
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on January 29, 2013
Unfortunately I have large hands and this device is pretty small. Still, it works as advertised and beats the first generation 'remote pointing device' I had been using.
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on February 6, 2014
Why the rating. The products from Gyration work superbly above other wireless keyboards and mouse. I will buy again now that there is a warranty you can purchase from Square Trade, but all that makes it expensive. I have five ( 5 ) Keyboards and six ( 6) air mouse's in a box that do not work . I'm about to throw them away, that I've purchased over the years. Either the rechargeable batteries are no longer available or the dongle is not available for replacement. Square Trade was not available to me then because I was not using Amazon and didn't know about it. I will check before I purchase to see if the warranty will cover that problem before I buy again.
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