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VINE VOICEon October 12, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This ice bucket is great looking and does its job well.
The tongs work great with their teeth grips and rubberized handle.
The size is perfect for a party of 12 or less.
The cover is attached to the bucket, which is a nice feature.

The one downside (beside the price) is the clear but tinted, plastic cover. OXO says the reasoning behind this "clear" cover is to be able to see the amount of ice left in the bucket.
Well, unless you're outside during the day or in a well-lit party (is there such a thing?), you're going to lift the cover to see the ice level and that defeats its purpose. Plus, I would rather have an insulated cover that will keep the ice longer than the thin plastic cover.

At $50, it is a little pricey for the size, although it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
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VINE VOICEon October 1, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I own the older version of this ice bucket, so I was interested to see how this one would stack up with the changes. We use our Oxo buckets two ways -- first, to store cubed or crushed ice at a party for convenience at our bar, and second to chill wine or champagne at the table. It is very important to note that this ice bucket -- the new design unlike the older design does not have a removable clear plastic lid. While in my estimation this is not a huge problem serving, it will just be standing up if you are using the bucket as a wine chiller. Also, the ability to completely remove the top has been very convenient when trying to fill the old version at a hotel ice machine or even quickly from our icemakers. The size is not huge and should be easy to accommodate on the average table for 4 or 6, or in a buffet line.

Esthetically, in my opinion it looks much better than the older model. The "modernist" and function stainless steel finish would look attractive on any table in all but the most formal circumstances. This would be a great wedding gift for a couple starting out, because it is quite practical. The handle tightly closes onto the bucket, so it's both out of the way and unnoticed when it's not needed.

From a design standpoint, the included tongs now lock closed for storage which is a good feature, and can hang on the outside of the bucket if you are using it for cubed ice. Of course, in the old model they did not lock, but had a little storage holster that hung on the top of the bucket and fell or was knocked off frequently. On the other hand, the holster kept the tongs from dripping so much water on the table or whatever is beneath the bucket. These tongs will drip down the outside, and so (at a party) you might want to put a large tray underneat unless you are set up on a waterproof service.

I've never noticed a sweating or dripping problem with either model. As a coctail enthusiast, I would say if you fill these buckets and put the covers on them, you will have to empty and refil them about every 45 minutes to make sure your ice is really cold enough so it just doesn't water down your drinks. I recommend using a Coleman "ultra" ice chest with plenty of fresh crused ice just out of sight for the part just for the purposes of cocktails and drinks. That will keep the ice clean and cold, where it can easily be replentished, and allow you to quickly refil the OXO. The Oxo would be quicker to refil if the clear plastic top came off like the older model, but that's a minor inconvenience. You can still do it -- it's just more awkward than it should be.

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 20, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been needing a good ice bucket for a long time now. I live in the tropics and we need our pina coladas, margaritas, and other assorted beverages freshened with ice every fifteen minutes or so if we are outside. It gets so tiring trapsing back and forth to the fridge for ice, particularly during parties.

I recently started serving drinks in stainless steel "glasses" to keep them cold longer. I found that the stainless steel immediately chills down to icey coldness when I place anything cold in it, and it keeps whats inside cold for hours. It gets so cold, in fact, that it makes it a bit difficult to hold the container, as it is so cold on the outside.
So I was delighted to find this attractive brushed stainless steel ice bucket with matching tongs.

This pretty ice bucket will come to the pool with my family and our beverages, where it will sit with us under an umbrella in the shade and keep our drinks chilly. It is large enough to hold a full days supply of ice for several thirsty people.

I love the way the lid is clear so I can see how much ice is left inside. I also like the way the tongs attach to the side of the bucket so they don't get lost. There is quality here which is evident at first glance. The double wall construction keeps ice from melting, even in 90 degree heat for about six plus hours. They seem to have thought of everything, including an insert in the bottom that catches the melted ice water to keep the ice elevated above it.

The lid is wonderful also, the way it flips up and closes very securely. They even put some very soft tactile rubbery covering on the handle, so it doesn't get too cold to hold, and also some on the base so metal doesn't touch your table, and the ice bucket doesn't slide around.

This is a large ice bucket, one of the largest I've seen, at four quarts. It holds a lot of ice!

I love well designed, well thought out, beautiful, practical products. OXO is consistent in it's high quality and great design. This earns my highest mark for it's elegance and functionality.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 27, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I just received my new OXO ice bucket yesterday and I would like to review it since Amazon sent it to me to review. At first sight it is beautiful, it is sleek and has a brushed metal coating so, no finger prints. It comes with a pair of tongs and they are very sturdy and has extremely tough teeth. The only thing that I find I do not like is the cover, I have had many ice buckets over the years and most of the covers are thick and insulted, this is not, it is just a thin piece of plastic.
I tested it out yesterday, at 11:30 AM. I filled it up half way with ice, the regular size that comes from an ice maker. I only opened it a few times during the day to simulate normal use.
After about 12 hours I was getting ready to retire I checked it again. Not bad at all, there was plenty of ice in the bucket, there is a slotted bottom that allows the water to wick away from the ice. When I got up in the morning I did not expect any ice and of course there was non but I was surprised to find the water was ice cold. I am very pleased with this item, thank you Amazon for offering this as a review item it will be something I will be able to use for many years to come for sure.
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VINE VOICEon November 26, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Decent looking and keeps ice for hours! It has stainless steel sides but more black plastic than I expected, including the top, bottom, and entire interior. I suppose if it were stainless steel on the inside (as I expected) it might not keep the ice as cold! There are large grooves on the bottom of the interior to collect any melt water and keep it off the ice.

The rubber edge around the bottom keeps it from sliding on a smooth surface. There are also rubber grips on the handle and ice tongs which add a nice feel. The tongs hang fron the side of either hinge on the bucket. They can be locked closed with a sliding tab near the tong hinge, and can be hung either opened or closed. They fit nicely inside the bucket for storage - no losing these in a drawer!

The lid is a dark smoke color but transparent enough to see how much ice is left without opening. The lid seals completely to keep in the cold air, even under the lid handle. There's even a little tab on the back that holds the handle horizontal when pushed back for a nice look.
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on August 2, 2014
Keeps ice in cube form with minimal melting, all afternoon on hot patio in the sun. Very pleased. Nice design. Like that the lid flips up and stays, easier to get your ice out. I thought (after reading other reviews) I would have to buy a scoop, but the tongs can grab plenty, 2 or 3 cubes at a time. Also, I think a scoop would work well in a larger container, but would slide off at the angle you'd need to hold it in this.
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on January 1, 2014
We used this on Christmas day. Filled with ice around 2pm. At 8pm there was still ice in the bucket, with no evidence of melting. Also, my husband loves how the tongs have a place to be stored. When we woke up the next morning, there was still some ice left in the bucket.
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I've bought quite a few OXO products over the years and out of the dozens I own only one has been a disappointment. Needless to say whenever I buy a new OXO product I have pretty high expectations and this met and exceeded them. What I love about this ice bucket is that it is the perfect marriage of style and performance.

Looks wise, I love the stainless steel because it makes it easy to coordinate with other bar accessories whether you're trying to match existing goods or start from scratch. Almost everything I've purchased for the bar from a tool perspective has been steel or stainless steel so this makes it match nicely. It also looks great with the OXO Steel Wine Chiller if you plan to have a party where both cocktails and white or sparkling wine are present.I also love that overall the design is very sleek and clean. I compared this side by side with other ice buckets in the store before purchasing and compared to this model, others looked bulky. For that reason I don't mind the plastic top others were complaining about. I personally think the thinner design of it makes it look more modern and again, keeps it from falling in the bulky territory.

From a function perspective this also delivers. The double wall construction really does keep my ice cold for a very long time and prevent condensation. I also love the deep channels in the inside that separates any water from melted ice from the remaining ice itself. It does make it easier to avoid watered down drinks. I've used this for a few parties lasting 4-5 hours and have been impressed with how well it keeps the ice cold. In fact, I often have to refill it before the ice has a chance to melt substantially. Also handy are the tongs. The hinge motion is smooth making them easy to lose and I love how the attach to the handle making them easy to locate. In theory the see through lid is a nice feature as well, however I'm 5'2" so when the ice bucket is on the counter it is generally at an angle where it is easier just to lift the lid and take a peek then try to look just right to see in side. However it is certainly not a feature that detracts even when I don't use it.

Overall I've been really pleased with this ice bucket. I've always thought of OXO as being more kitchen gadgets than barware, but this definitely left me impressed! I love that it gives me the function I need but still looks great when I have my fancier dinnerware and serving ware out. It's definitely a bar accessory that I'm happy to have on display.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I discovered OXO and their "Good Grips" line a few years back. I am yet to find a sub-par OXO product. I had a couple of old ice buckets and was looking for something to blend better with my kitchen, which has stainless steel appliances and nickel fixtures. This ice bucket/tong set blends perfectly. It has a small amount of black trim on it, while the body of the bucket and the tongs are a nice brushed stainless steel. The bucket cover is a smoked plastic which is "see though" enough to see the ice in the bucket.

The design is great. The bucket is pretty large, holding about 4 quarts of ice. It has a double wall which helps not only keep the ice frozen, but also prevents sweating on the outside wall. the outside wall also does not get horribly cold as with some cheaper buckets. The inside chamber includes a channel at the bottom, so melted ice/water fall away from the remaining ice. The plastic top is see-through so you can see how much ice remains without lifting the lid. When it is time to open the bucket, the lid flips open. The ice tongs hang neatly on the side of the bucket. They also include a small handle which you can push/pull to lock closed or release for use. The bucket handle and base are both non-slip.

The bucket keeps ice frozen for several hours. It is easy to remove ice from the bucket, fill your glass, and re-close the lid without having to hold the lid, or put the lid or your drink down, as the flip-top feature works very well.

As others have commented, this is not an inexpensive bucket. However it is high quality, and has a nice finish, which can increase the cost on a stainless steel product. The tongs alone are high-quality, locking, and add to the value of the set, as most ice buckets will have very cheap, or no, tongs.

Like other OXO Good Grips products, this bucket/tong set is well-designed, well-made, and beautiful. The quality justifies a higher price than a cheap ice bucket.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm really impressed with this ice bucket for several reasons:

- Even after 12 hours in a 70 degree indoor temperature, the ice was still mostly whole in the bucket. Sure some of the ice had melted together but I could still work it apart. I've used some over ice over the 12-hour period and this hasn't seemed to increase melting by much. It took almost 4 hours before the ice started to melt even a little.

- The inner base has a channel with ridges that holds the water runnoff. I filled the bucket with the full four quarts of ice and after 9 hours I was only able to pour off one cup of water.

- The edge of the base has a non-slip grip so I had no fear that my cats would knock it off the counter.

- The tongs have excellent and sharp gripping teeth. I like that they can be closed by pulling on the locking tab and then hung on either side of the bucket handle ends. Also the tongs have a nice comfortable non-slip grip on the handle. The handle on the ice bucket has the same nice non-slip grip on the underside and the bucket is easy to carry around.

- I was pleasantly surprised that the clear lid did not fog up and I was able to see the ice every time I checked it. I also liked that the lid has small grip that makes it pretty easy to open.

One improvement I'd like to see is a gasket around the lid; the flip-top lid simply lays on top and swings open like a door but it is not tight fitting. However, this did not dissuade me from rating this ice bucket 5 stars. For an off-use, I think this bucket would be great to use to take ice cream to the beach. Just put this bucket with the ice cream inside (bars, cups, sandwiches) and then put the bucket inside another very large cooler and it should work wonders. I did this once with two coolors; one inside another and the ice cream I brought stayed mostly frozen on the beach until mid-day.

I wash everything by hand so this doesn't matter to me but per the box only the tongs are diswasher safe. Since this holds four quarts of ice, the bucket is pretty large. I took a flexible tape measure and found the bucket to be 8-1/4 inches tall; 9 inches tall if you count height of the lid grip. It is at little over 25 inches around (about 28 inches circumference if you count its thickest point which is the area where the bucket handles stand out).

Overall, this ice bucket does what it is supposed to, looks nice, and is easy to carry. It's five stars in my eyes.
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