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on July 7, 2005
These secrets are so secretive that they are taught in every mainstream business negotiations class in America. Pretty secretive, eh? Having properly derided the excessively puffy title, let me say that the book is good. The book is basically a series of tricks to play on the other negotiator. If you don't, you risk having him/her play them on you.

However, this book is not sufficient in and of itself. G Richard Shell's "Bargaining & Advantage" is needed to get the perspective needed to avoid shooting one's self in the foot -- all the way up to the knee.

On the other hand, Dawson's presentation of the tricks is much more clear and compelling than Shell's. Get 'em both.
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on March 21, 2002
I don't have to do high powered negotiations very often but when I do, I review this book. It clearly maps out the process that one must go through to achieve the most successful negotiations possible from the planning stage through the final process of getting the contract language the way you want it. Roger defines success as having both parties feel that they won. He shows how to set up the negotiating process so that both parties come away feeling successful. He explains the psychology of negotiating very clearly so that the reader understands why each thing that they do is important. The value of the book is more than just as a roadmap however. Knowing what techniques that the other party may use (by intent or otherwise) and being able to recognize them is of immense value. What is especially useful if knowing how to handle the tactics that the other side may use. This is not cheating or tricking the other party. It is just being smart. When millions of dollars are on the table both sides are very wary and want to make sure that they are getting what they want. Stumbling when well known negotiating tactics are used by the other party is often avoidable for those that don't negotiate very often. Simply review the book and then follow Roger Dawson's suggestions. I like to listen to the audio version of the book as well when I am coming up to a big negotiation. It gets my mind focused on the process. I then go over what happened after a negotiating session so that the concepts get burned into my memory and the responses become automatic. A great book. Try the audio tapes also. Highly entertaining!
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As you read Roger Dawson's now-classic book, you'll find yourself nodding your head saying, "Those guys used that gambit against me last week." And then you will say, "Never again!" This book is a rarity: A "Secrets of" book that actually provides you with useful tactics that you can employ in daily life and business. In fact, the knowledge you gain from this book will come in just as handy in everyday situations, like buying a car or setting your kid's allowance, as it will when your business' survival is at stake. While the secrets themselves can be reduced to common-sense approaches, many are intuitively brilliant, like the advice to psychically flinch when you hear the other side's first offer. We [...] recommend Dawson's insider insights to all readers, because everyone can benefit by negotiating a better deal.
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on May 26, 2006
Roger Dawson's SECRET OF POWER NEGOTIATING does not necessarily contain any secrets about negotiations but good points on many and varied aspects of negotiations. The author correctly points out that negotations are simply crucial in life; we are constantly negotiating, whether we realize it or not. I am confident the book would proof useful for anyone interested in enhancing one's understanding of negotations and skills.

The book as a total is organized fairly well, and the author discusses gambits employed in negotiations to techniques used to understand the other side. It is very important to point out that the author believes in "win-win negotiations." That is, it is critical for a negotiator to determine what truly interests the other side and explore how that interest can be met.




A few techniques the author suggests using include but are not limited to:

(1) asking for more than you expect to get, (2) flinch at proposals, (3) play reluctant, (4) use the "vise technique," (5) reference higher authority, (6) never make a concession without the other side reciprocating, and (7) taper down concessions.

It is important to note that the author explores how you should counter such techniques if the other side uses them.

The author also touches on many important additional topics in the book on business, psychology, and other disciplines that relate to negotiations. I found it particularly useful how the author mentioned that the value of services diminish over time. If you are in the service industry, negotiate and settle on a fee prior to delivery/performance.


Power Negotiator


A power negotiator must be prepared to walk-away from any negotiation if it no longer makes sense. Further, the characteristics of the power negotiator include: courage to probe and ask tough questions, patience, integrity (pursue win-win), sound listening skills, a toleration for ambiguity, and no strong need to be liked. The power negotiator believes in a win-win outcome and understands the other side is under pressure. Most importantly perhaps, a power negotiator focuses on issues.


Negotiation and Negotiators


The book covers how to prepare for negotiations, the processes of negotiation, and what to do subsequent a negotiation. The author points out the differences between an impasse (disagreement on a single issue), stalemate (negotiation but not progressing towards an end), and a deadlock (lack of progress lead to frustration and negotiation is not viable). The author also discusses how to resolve each of the above.

The author adequately explains different sources of power that people hold, from legitimate power to charismatic power. Further, the author discusses several negotiating styles, primarily based on assertiveness and emotion. The author goes into depth on their flaws and their strengths. The book also covers the different negotiating styles of different cultures, which I really enjoyed reading.




As a total, I think the book is beneficial and worth reading. I deducted one star because I do not believe the book reads all that well; i.e., there is a lack of flow to the book. However, I hope that does not discourage anyone from reading the book, particularly those whom need to enhance their understanding of negotations, the process, and techniques. I would also like to mention that the author suggests correctly to never gloat subsequent a negotiation. Once a negotiation is consummated, you should always congratulate the other side. Learn the other side's true interests, and always help them fulfill that interest but not necessarily at your expense.

I hope the above review was useful for you,

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"Secrets of Power Negotiating" is one of the most complete books on negotiation that I have ever read. Logically organized, it carries the reader through the entire negotiation process. It covers the most common gambits and how to use them as well as how to defend against them.
The book is divided into seven sections. The first section is on negotiating gambits and principles. Negotiating gambits include the common reluctant buyer/reluctant seller, handling impasses, nibbling, positioning for easy acceptance and well as many, many others including unethical ones like the red herring. The second section is on how to resolve tough negotiating problems. The third section covers how to use pressure points in negotiation. Then comes negotiating with non-Americans followed by attitudes and beliefs of a power negotiator. Section six covers developing power over the other side and section seven covers the various drives that motivate people in a negotiation.
Simply one of the best books on negotiation, it is a highly recommended read and should be kept near at hand for the occasional review whether to assist you in dealing with the car salesman, the children, or anyone else you deal with.
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on June 2, 1999
Roger Dawson does an excellent job of explaining his techniques in languauge we can all understand. Everything is so easy to apply, there is no reason why you won't be a better person after this read. Every chapter is relevant if you are in business or deal with people every day! Worth the time, I guarantee it.
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on May 30, 2001
Roger Dawson has been one of my success mentors for years. Since almost every dealing in our lives involves some type of negotiating, this book should be on everyone's book shelf. His wisdom is clear and eloquent - but more than that it is right on! Even before you finish The Secrets of Power Negotiating for the first time, you will be a changed person - it's that incredible. I say first time because you will want to read it again and again.
Roger Dawson covers all of the proactive bases: smart thinking, system thinking, futuristic thinking, and positive thinking. If you are truly seeking the kind of success and abundance that makes your life 100% livable - you must read this book. Some of Dawson's ideas are found in SUCCESS BOUND, another book that can help you proactively deal with problems and turn them into opportunities for success.
Everything that I have put into practice that Dawson has recommended has worked. The dozens of gambits and recommended strategies will bring you success. Read it and you will believe that you can negotiate anything that you set your mind to. My copy is worn with highliter and pen marks all through it from the numerous times that I've returned to it in order to study it again.
You will find that this exciting and informative book becomes a part of you. Don't hold back - let it happen. In fact, you should spend 10 to 15 minutes every morning focusing your thoughts on the truths of this book, thereby allowing them to seep deep into your subconscious mind. If you do this I guarantee this wisdom will most assuredly bring you the success and abundance you deserve.
Enjoy the book and your new proactive life.
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on February 5, 2005
I just listened to all seven of these CDs, and I feel like I went to a top-level negotiation course. I've never gotten so much expert assistance for less than $20 on audio before!

Roger Dawson says that everything in life is a negotiation, and after listening to this, I'm convinced. Day in, day out, we're constantly trying to get people to give us more of what we want then they are willing to give. Personally, I've always been a little intimidated by having to negotiate for myself. Not anymore! Not only do I realize how important it is for to be able to negotiate, I understand how its is a skill that can be mastered with practice and attention.

Dawson's power negotiation principles make it easy for anyone to stick up for yourself without seeming overbearing-even without letting the other person realize they've giving you what you want!

The bonus CD - on how to buy a car and get a raise - is worth the price of the whole package. I wish I'd had this when I leased my car last year!
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Dawson accumulated "gambits" that people use in negotiations. The value of learning about this is that each gambit has a probable reaction associated with it. Through years of testing and research, Dawson can give probable responses to these gambits.

I found myself in the probable responses. In other words, Dawson's gambits would probably work on me, but maybe not so easily now that I know them. Many of these gambits can be used when sales people try to be pushy with you or attempt to wordsmith an outcome. After all, salespeople have been trained to sell that which they're selling. Many are skilled in technique. You can use Dawson's gambits or counter-gambits to quickly respond, and be faster on your feet.

One of the reasons why people rate this book so highly, other than for accuracy in probable responses, is that it's entertaining. This is a book about human nature. It doesn't advise to be confrontational, because that doesn't usually work. It doesn't advise that tactics alone work. The fact of being able to walk away from a deal is a foundation of negotiation success. If you can't walk away, tactics alone will not give a good probabilistic outcome.

Dawson relates negotiation to several other areas. Time pressure is critical to negotiation. And that is driven mainly by time management. From this theme, Dawson shows how better time management can boost negotiation success. He cites Pareto's Rule, that 80% of the results come from 20% of the causes. He says 80% of the concessions will be made in the final 20% of the negotiation. Because of this, Dawson says don't reveal your deadlines as we're vulnerable under time pressure.

The one with the most options has the most power in a negotiation, Dawson says. This means we have to do our homework to create more options for ourselves. He uses the tugboat analogy to illustrate how we can turn the other side around persistently a little at a time. But even so, we should walk away if the deal is not the right thing to do. The principles Dawson teaches relate to many areas of life. Therefore, this book can be helpful to anyone.
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on March 31, 2014
While there are some helpful chapters in the book, I feel the book is misleading. The sub-title is "Updated for the 21st Century" and the back cover promises to include "new and expanded sections" on how to negotiate over the phone, by e-mail, and via instant messaging. There are NO sections like that in the book. And that was the main reason I bought the book.

I also e-mailed the author Roger Dawson who supplied his address in the book and encourages you to e-mail with questions. NO RESPONSE. Thus I feel this book has a major issue with misleading or false advertising.
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