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on February 3, 2013
I have neighborhood dogs that bark a LOT during the day and NIGHT, all night long for months on end. I was looking on Amazon for a white noise sleep machine to help mask the barking. Last night I found one on amazon for about fifty dollars. Then I checked Amazon App store and found this!!! I got it. I also use a Fit Bit step :counter gadget which also moniitors how long you sleep and also how many times a night you are woken up. On average Ir was being awakned 19 times!!! So last night I went to sleep at 11pm with the app running on my phone next to my pillow. I just checked and I slept 9 hours and was only awakened TWO TIMES. i WAS ABLE TO GET UP AT 8AM AND I FEEL RESTED. The neat thing about this app is there are 82 different sounds and you can have up to ten of them playing at once, ocean and wind and rain etc. There are also preprogrammed combo's you can pick. You can also program and name your own favorites. It also has a timer, you can time it to run from minutes and up to 24 hours!!!. I put mine on 12 hours. WHATs NOT TO LIKE ABOUT THIS APP??? I love it! I have had several white noise, rain machines over the last 30 years and so far, THIS IS THE VERY BEST!!! WHAT'S THE PRICE OF A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP!!!

UPDATE: I continue to use this app. I still use my phone but with the sound turned down so I can hear it but it is not blaring. I find that a good volume is one that is just low enough that you have to concentrate on the sound to hear it well, otherwise I have awakened up later in the wee hours and it seems too loud and I have had to turn it down then get back to sleep. It works better for me as background noise canceller at the lowered volume. The dogs still bark, but I don't hear them. YAY

UPDATE 2/7/14 This is what I wrote to someone else about the premium version of Relax Melodies:
I had downloaded from Amazon the free version of "Relax Melodies" and I liked it so darn much that I got the paid version, I think it was 2.99. It also plays over my new Bluetooth stereo headset and I am listening to it now for Pre-sleep. It has 3 levels,
1. Concentration mode. Beta brainwave pattern at 20 Herts
2. Relaxation Mid-Alpha brainwave level at 10 Hertz
3. Pre-Sleep at Low Alpha brainwave level at 8 Hertz.

I use the Pre-Sleep while I'm sleeping to block out the barking. And you can set a timer on the paid version for 10 min and on up to 24 hours. I set mine for 9 hours and usually wake up shortly after it turns off. It does NOT use cellphone DATA either.

The nice thing about the Relax Melodies paid version is there are 92 different sounds, from drums, railroad, wind, rain there's 3 or 4 kinds, waterfall, river, stream, ocean thunder, birds, piano, orchestral, Zen, melody, tribal I LOVE TRIBAL, medieval is great, white noise, brown noise and many many more that are amazing, and you can mix up to 10 together and save them and name it to play later. I have about 10 named. I've had it over a year now. In the beginning I mainly used it in bed to block out the darned barking dogs that get thrown into their owner's yards. Pitiful dog owners, they should be arrested for animal abuse. I've been fighting that for a couple years now here in the complex. But now I use it often for concentration too while I am editing books. It does keep me in the Zone of concentration. It always sounds different, so I don't get bored with it either
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on November 27, 2012
The pictures and test drive for this app were misleading. The app contained only a fraction of the sounds shown in the pictures and test drive. Very disappointed.

Edit: Developer e-mailed right back when I mentioned my complaint about this app--supposedly there's an update coming in a week or so to correct the layout and sound loop problems.

As of 12/21 this app has been updated to include all of the sounds on the test drive (plus 12 new ones) and has corrected the looping problem.
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on August 2, 2012
GREAT app...haven't tried out the binaural beats feature, but the selection and quality of the sounds and tunes is amazing. No interruptions from ads so far either, just a barely noticeable banner at the bottom of the screen. Highly recommended!
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on November 6, 2012
UPDATE 12/21/12: The developer pushed an update to this app yesterday, and fixed the issue with the Kindle Fire HD (detailed below in my original review). I finally got to use the app last night while I slept, and it was great. The UI is clean and intuitive, and the ability to create your own "blends" of sounds is wonderful. There's a very nice assortment of sounds included, so chances are you'll find something that works for you. It took a while to get the kinks ironed out, but I finally feel like I can get my money's worth now.

I purchased this app on the strength of the reviews, but now I find them a bit suspect. While the interface of the app is nice and it's easy to use, there are very short gaps or disruptions when some of the sounds loop. I noticed it on several, and they were unfortunately the sounds that I would be most likely to use to sleep. When those sounds loop, there's a brief pause in the sound -- a fraction of a second, while it repeats, but extremely noticeable and very distracting. I tried to ignore it, but my brain just started anticipating the gaps, making it impossible to fall asleep.

If they could fix those sounds, I'd give the app 5 stars in a heartbeat. Until then, it's completely worthless to me. I sent a message to their support email. We shall see if they're responsive.

Please note that I'm using this on a Kindle Fire HD (7"). The issue I'm describing may not exist on other devices. I did write to the developer's support email, and received a response saying that they were aware of the issue and working on a fix, which would be out in a week or two. That was a week ago, so we'll see. If they fix it, I'll be sure to update this review accordingly.

UPDATE: On November 6, "Simon" from Ipnos Soft said that they were aware of the problem and should release an update in 1-2 weeks. It's now been well over a month and there has been no update. I'm lowering the rating to one star.
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on November 30, 2012
But this one can help me sleep when nothing else can. I can pick my mix of sounds, and there are plenty. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because when I try to use it with a headset, no sound. I did contact developers but they had not heard of this issue...

UPDATE: I installed this on my Fire HD 8.9 and it works perfectly headphones or not. I have changed my rating to five stars. They also added some more sounds. I love that I can mix up to 8, I think, since most only allow 3,4 or none. The six binaural work really well, I am sleeping or relaxing with them, love this!
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on May 28, 2013
My only problem with this app is that I love the combos so much that I play with the app instead of trying to sleep. But when I do drift off, it's to my own creative lullaby!
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on May 28, 2013
I bought this a month ago when my real sound machine stopped working and I don't regret it. It was $3 and a new machine would have been at least $20. Plus, this has so many more choices for sounds. I tweak mine a little every night. I do keep my Kindle Fire plugged in all night because it drains the battery otherwise. I wish I would have waited, but I don't mind. Worth every penny, but even better for free!
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on December 11, 2013
Overall: After searching for such a long time on both iTunes and Google Play, I ran into this app which is the best relaxation app around. Relax Melodies Premium is a very nice easy to use app that creates soothing ambiance whenever you need it. Provided are a choice of what seems like close to 100 melodies/ tracks which play over and over in a loop. You can choose which of these tracks to play together so that you create your own calming music.

Pros: The selection is quite impressive. For instance, you can put together the sound of the water on the beach with a thunder storm. Or, chimes can be played with the pleasant burble of a river. There is no limit to how many of the sounds you can play together so there are literally hundreds if not thousands of soundtracks to be made. And, because the sounds are so customizable, you can make one to fit your mood at any time!

Cons: Button selection is sometimes tedious as you need to push the square representing a sound exactly in the center. Also, this app does not have a lockscreen or slide down menu widget which means that you need to be in the app itself to start or stop the music.

Most Useful Features: The timer is handy because you can start the music, let it go and it will stop after a prescribed amount of time. This is very useful for me as I use the app when I put my daughter to sleep. The melody is so soothing that I will usually fall asleep too! Also, there is a ‘Favorites’ selection which is populated with melodies that the app developers provided as a template. This feature enables you to add your favorite combinations as you start to mix and match the sounds.

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on October 29, 2014
Although I have not tried every ambient/white noise generator available, I have tried 20 or more of them in my search for one that actually aids in sleep. So far, all of the Relax Melodies sound generators are the absolute best.

This is available on both Android and iOS, both of which I have used and I don't recall there being any notable differences between them.

The user interface is pretty easy, yet allows for a lot of customization of sounds so users may use single sounds, pre-mixed combos, or make custom combos themselves. Each individual sound's volume is adjustable independently in order to create the perfect combination of sounds. Once a combo is made, it can be saved as a favorite and named accordingly for future use. Other features include an alarm and a timer that can be used to turn off the sounds after a predetermined amount of time as well as a feature to help choose a sound based on "mood" and links to a blog for sleep tips. Every function is pretty straight forward with no convoluted controls or messy menus buried within menus.

As for the sounds: there are enough to choose from that I think it would be rather easy for anyone to find sounds that are suitable for their personal taste. I can't really find a definite theme for the sounds offered in this particular app, but they include a variety of rain and water sounds, forest sounds including wind through trees, rustling leaves, bugs, frogs and sounds that combine these aspects such as rain on a tent. City sounds, humming, chants, space sounds, crowds and heartbeats are also amongst the variety of sounds to choose from, plus there are melodies and other musical tones including music box, bass notes, flutes and piano for those who prefer something more musical. There appear to be around 94 different individual sounds spread across a few pages (not all clumped into one, difficult to use page). Each sound is represented as a small "tile" with the name of the sound and a line drawing depicting a visual representation of that sound. 94 sounds may seem overwhelming, but I assure you that it shouldn't take much time browsing before most will feel comfortable with them.

In contrast to many similar sound generators, I found it hard to notice the seam in the loop of the sound. This, to me, is one of the most important aspects when choosing a sound generator since detectable loop seams tend to be a distraction that annoy and prevent relaxation. While testing the other sound generating apps, this was the most common problem I encountered. For those who don't know what I am referring to, here is a little detail: The sounds consist of a recording that lasts for a certain amount of time. Let's say 11 seconds, just as an example. Once that 11 second recording has finished, it immediately starts over and should form a continuous loop. When that loop doesn't line up correctly, there is either a small *tick* that indicates a break in the sound or a shift in tonality. Those with problems sleeping can usually pick up on the most minute details, just as I have. Relax Melodies is one of the only sound generators where this has NOT been an issue.

Even though I primarily use this app for sleeping, I also use it on airplanes to drown out noises while I read. A friend of mine who purchased it based on my recommendation uses it while meditating and during her massage therapy sessions. I'm sure it can be used for much more.

I am very pleased with this app and highly suggest it to anyone looking for a sound generator. Well worth the price.
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on May 22, 2013
I was recently diagnosed with tinnitus. This is a condition where part of your hearing fails- usually higher pitched tones. The brain stupidly decides it will create that pitch for you- constantly and relentlessly- either in one or both ears. This app creates a customizable set of sounds which cover the noise the brain makes. This is not in your ear. It's from your brain. The app helps me sleep even though it only covers up the tinnitus. There is no cure for this condition.
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