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on October 12, 2012
This is a great case. It looks good, fits perfectly, has cutouts in all the right places, has its own buttons that line up exactly with the power and volume buttons, adds a lip so the iPhone doesn't rest directly on its face when put face down and has a kickstand that works for both portrait and landscape modes.

Other cases with kickstands fall down when the iPhone or the table is bumped; the "rubber band" effect causes those kickstands to fold away when bumped. By design, the kickstand on this case stays out until you put it away. No amount of bumping will allow this kickstand to accidentally fold up.

The kickstand's weakness is that its viewing angle isn't adjustable. When I use the kickstand in portrait mode for Facetime, the iPhone is always angled at 75 degrees or so. This means that I have to sit close to and above the iPhone so people can see me in the camera. It also means that the view is a little awkward because the background behind me is pretty far up the wall which looks odd to the viewer. It'd be nicer if I could adjust it to a steeper angle, like 80 or 85 degrees or so. My workaround is to put an Post-It notepad under the kickstand or find something else to wedge behind it for a closer-to-90-degree angle. It's not a deal killer but it's a minor drawback.

It doesn't have a cutout for the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone; some people like having that.

The case is rubbery plastic. It was protect from scuffs and most drops. But it isn't a "candy shell".
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on November 3, 2012
My last case was a leather Case Mate that was pretty torn up after 3.5 years, but provided terrific protection most of that time. With my new iPhone 5, I needed a new one and preferred to have the built in kick-stand. The Speck offers a unique solution to this and overall consider this a decent buy.


-Good design concept
-Doesn't add unwanted bulk (in fact, I wanted something that made the iPhone 5 fatter for easier grip)
-Good materials and decent grip


-The bottom cross bar that goes underneath the Home button is weak a point as it is loose already. My expectation is that after being pulled out of my pocket 100-200 times, it will pull and begin to sag - becoming both unattractive and a liability.
-While the stand is novel in it's design, it seems very fragile. If it lasts a couple of years, it's genius.
-The stand is too vertical, standing at about 80 degrees in both portrait and landscape mode. This makes viewing close up difficult (as on an airplane)
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on September 25, 2013
This case has a nice kickstand.

And It adds a little protection from scuffs and drops.

But its sides are too slippery. I helped that situation some by spraying epoxy grit on the sides. That helps a lot, and the grit doesn't seem to be rubbing off-- but only time will tell how well the spray on grit will stay on.

Also, when you are holding the phone to your ear, you will likely notice a "sharp" edge surround the back of the phone. This is because the back of this case is made with hard plastic that sticks out farther than the soft sides. Speck put a bezel on the back plastic piece, but it is an angle instead of a rounded edge, and since it is wider than the sides, you can easily feel that edge. A lot of people might not notice or care, but I bet they would prefer one with a softer not "sharp" back edge. I will likely take some sand paper and see if I can smooth out the edge some.

This is my first case with a kickstand, and I really wanted a kickstand. Maybe all cases with kickstands have these or other problems. And maybe this is the best kickstand case out there. And if it is, then maybe this deservers more stars, but it seems like Speck could have made a few small design changes to fix the slipper sides and the "sharp" back edge issues-- and if they took the time to do that, then I would have been happy to give this 5 stars regardless of what other kickstand phones are out there.

UPDATE: Most of the spray grit wore off in a week. But the texture that is left seems like it will stay and that it is more than it had out of box. I took a knife and carved off a bit of the back edge. On closer inspection, I think the "sharp" edge was a bead of leftover product when they melted/joined the sides together with the back. It is much more comfortable to hold now, but it is not nearly as nice as other cases. But then again, this case has a kickstand. With my modifications, I am happy with this case.
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on January 16, 2013
First off, this is a good case that is, in my opinion, solidly built. The stand mechanism is surprisingly sturdy especially considering that its first impression is that it would be pretty flimsy. Everything on the iphone 5 is well accessible with the case on, no issues connecting cables/headphones or pressing any of the buttons. The slightly raised bevel does well for protecting the phone when placed face down.

My only ding on this case is that the stand, in my opinion, was placed incorrectly. The stand works perfectly for landscape view. However, if you want to want to use the stand in the portrait orientation you cannot have headphones or the lightning cable plugged in. Most of the time this is not a huge deal because most of what you would watch is landscape, but for certain apps like Pandora (which for some reason dropped landscape support) it makes things a bit awkward.

I gave the overall case 4 stars but I would give the stand 5 stars in landscape and 1 star in portrait.
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on January 25, 2013
This is the best iphone case I've ever had and the stand is awesome! It is lightweight and doesn't add too much bulk to the phone.
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on February 5, 2013
I purchased this case along with the Moshi iGlaze Kameleon and the Incipio Dual Pro to determine if I could make a stand case work. Thanks to Speck, the answer is a resounding yes. The Moshi is basically a stand only offering no protection. The Incipio is a great product, equal in its feel, coverage, protection and quality, except for the fact that its stand is a standalone product which you'd have to carry separately. Not an option for me.

The SmartFlex is an excellent full coverage case. The case completely wraps the phone and allows you to set your phone face down without making contact with the surface. The speaker and headphone cutouts work well. The volume buttons are extremely crisp. As noted by other reviews, the top On/Off button does feel slightly softened or muted but I've had no issues with getting it to engage. This case is not bulky. Its bigger than the slim cases, but nowhere near the size of the Ballistic or Otterbox style hockey pucks for your pocket.

The stand is slick! It slides and clicks in-and-out of place with ease and can be used in either Landscape or Portrait positions. If you're looking for a full coverage case, that isn't too bulky and has a stand ideal for Facetime, Skype, Sonos, or any type of "active" control/app, then this is your case. There simply isn't another comparable product on the market that combines all of these features.
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on January 12, 2013
I bought this case because I really wanted a case with a stand on it.

Here are the positives about this case: The stand works great--it allows you to stand the case up vertically and horizontally, and then it snaps back in and is tucked away. The case has a solid feel, but is still pretty thin. It has a nice cut-out for the camera and LED light.

Here are the negatives: The biggest oversight that Speck made with this case is that the hole for the headphone jack on the bottom of the phone is too small. The case actually covers the bottom of the phone, leaving spaces for the headphone jack and the Lightning cable port. If you're using the Apple headphones, the headphone jack's "head" is very skinny and will fit in this case. If you have headphones or an auxillary cable that have a fatter "head," (and all of mine do), then they do not fit and you can't plug them in with the case on. This alone was reason for me to return the product. The other negative is that the case covers all of the buttons--the volume buttons and the sleep buttons. While the volume buttons lose a little bit of sensitivity, they work fine. The case interacts strangely with the sleep button to the point where you can't feel the sleep button clicking--so you actually have no idea if you're hitting it or not. Sometimes, the slightest touch can turn the sleep button on or off--sometimes you have to push harder. This was a smaller but fairly annoying issue. Also, the case covers the edges of your phone partially. The actual glass portion of the phone is exposed--the case stops right at the point of the edge of the glass.

If you care that much about having the stand, then perhaps you can live with everything else about the case. Practically speaking, I use the headphone jack and sleep button far more than I need the stand, so the case was not worth it to me.
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on January 22, 2013
This case is slim, and does not increase the bulk of the iPhone 5 much.
The phone fits well in my holster with the case on, and feels good in my hand.
The stand works well, as described.
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on December 23, 2012
Great product, good price, excellent fit and quality, light weight.
Great product, good price, excellent fit and quality, light weight
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on November 29, 2012
I like the kick stand in general but the edge of the case is not so comfortable to hold. If you hold it for an extended period of time, it feels like the unrounded edge is cutting into my hand.
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