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on October 24, 2012
Okay, I've had this little gem for about 5 days now. I was looking for a ten inch tab, but didn't have a lot of cash. I already have the Acer Iconia A-100, which is a great tablet. But i wanted a 10 incher. When i first got it, it ran fine but there was no Google App Store, bummer, So I got the Amazon App Store. everything was working fine but when I loaded Netflix it didn't work, the app loaded fine but the screen would just go blank. I called Coby Customer Service and they said it was a problems with Adobe flash not running right? Anyways, with Coby you actually get a live person however, you may not get one that knows anything. So i looked around on the internet and found that this is a problem with the tablet. I also found a solution. A tech advised to reboot the system and erase factory files. Here is the message ---- "Power the unit off (holding power buttom) and selecting Power off, then hold simultaneusly back button and on buttom 8 seconds,when the android icon appears press the back button, in the menu select wipe data/factory reset pressing home buttom and then press back buttom, in the next screen select "yes delete all user data" pressing back buttom, and in the next screen select "reboot system now" with the back buttom and wait. IT WORK FOR MY TABLET." ------

After doing this download the Good e-Reader app store through Getjar. The Good e-Read app store has everything. Netflix now works great on my tablet. I was also able to down load pretty much every app the Google Play Store has. They even have the Google Play Store app. Anyways, after doing this my tablet runs smoother, seems to be faster and everything works. Took this tablet from a 3 to a 5 star. I now love this tablet. Oh, when doing this it will erase things (music, pics, videos) on the tablet but not on the SD Card.
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on September 15, 2012
This is for the 10" coby. I got it to replace the functions of an e-ink kindle. I wanted to be able to read books, surf some simple web pages, maybe check my e-mail and calendar, play some simple games. I liked the idea of a bigger screen that I could see page-size pdf (and maybe a comic book) on. It turns out that this tablet is fine for those needs.

It actually seems made pretty well. The touch screen seems to work well - by way of comparison, I've had a couple of older tablet pc's, and older windows ce pda's, my wife has an older resistive touch 7" android, I have an android phone. So on the one hand I've used a lot of touch screens, on the other, I can remember when you had to have a proprietary batter-powered stylus to use one. So to me, the touch screen seems pretty good, but I don't know how that will translate to others. It is a finger print magnet and picks up smudges like mad. It is perfectly adequate for e-book reading and playing simple android games.

I am an average sized male and the size is fine for me for a big book reader. The trade off of the bigger screen is that you have a bigger device to hold. I can just "palm" it with one hand - it is 16 X 9 so it seems longer than it does wide. I don't think it is too large to be a comfortable reader.

The wi-fi connected in a snap, couldn't be easier. One thing that is sort of annoying is that everytime I resume from a suspend I have to disconnect and reconnect the wi-fi for it to connect. I haven't figured a way around that yet, but I think it may be an ice cream sandwich "feature." It connects easily to our linux computers with the cable.

I found that I was more bugged by the lack of google play marketplace than I thought I'd be. As best I can tell, everyone who has tried rooting the 10" has bricked it. So I didn't root it. You can get the apk for google play easy enough and side load it, but the device isn't on google's list of approved devices so the apk won't run and connect to the market. Because you can't root it, you can't edit the boot file to spoof it as a device on google's list. So unless you root it or google adds it you won't be connecting to google play.

Which isn't really that big of a deal. It has a get jar market on it, but I had already put on amazon market before I bothered looking at it, and there's really not much use in it. The amazon market is easy enough for anyone to add - just point the web browser to amazon and follow the directions. Of all things, the only thing I wanted to put on it so far but wasn't able to yet is tux math for the kids - it is on google play but not amazon market and I can't find the apk on the web. It was easy enough to side load other apks. It runs the angry birds apps fine, and the cut the ropes, fruit ninjas, temple runs. I had a devil of a time getting where's my water/Perry to install. It just wouldn't install. I tried different versions and nothing, then one time I tried it for a lark and both just installed and now they play fine. I must have installed something with a needed library or something along the way. Who knows. I downloaded free solitaire and freecell from amazon and they work fine. That's enough games for me, so I haven't bothered putting any emulators on it, without hardware buttons I don't care to.

It has both a regular size usb and a micro usb, which is nice because you can use something like a usb key board. The power plug is an additional little port. The batteries last longer than I thought they would - good enough for me to read and play some games. I put some videos on there just to see them and they worked fine. The kids watched some youtube on it and that was fine. I couldn't get netflix to install on it though.

It has an micro sd card slot, that is important to me. The file structure is a little wonkey, but you'll find the sd card if you look around. After the first time it didn't really matter to me because it remembered the location in the history and I can just click the short cut there.

It comes with a book reader built in. I side loaded an epub file and it seemed to present it just fine. I went ahead and put the cool reader app on it because I like the flexibility of that app. I used it to read A Dance with Dragons an it was a good book reading experience - I turned off the background and just use white text on black or yellow on blue. Honestly I didn't miss e-ink and I was a fan of it.

It isn't an ipad and it isn't a tegra 3. It is $150 bucks. So if you want the ipad or a tegra 3 don't get this. If you have some basic android experience then this will seem familiar and easy, and if you want a basic tablet then this is a fine one. I got lucky here, it fits my needs very well - so if you are looking for something like that, book reader, web, simple games, with a bigger screen I'd recommend this to you.
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on July 23, 2012
Arrived quickly, and I was very happy with how it looked!

Things to note:
- This takes a very small, 5V DC power supply, which is unusual to me.
- It is an unsupported Google device = no Play app store, and still can't figure out how to get HBO GO to work on it, and can't get Facebook created app (unless someone tells me where else you can download it from!)
- Has a very sensitive power button - last 3 times I've put it in my backpack for use at work, the power button has been hit in transit and I arrive with it drained and unusable. Could probably be remedied by buying a better case than by using the slipcover it comes with.
- Back button often exits you out of something, rather than taking you to your last page/position.
- Browser, while effective, does not have near the same functionality as the browser on my PC.
- Browser feels slow to me, and it's annoying.

Other things to note:
- Sound quality was surprisingly good for what it is.
- Keyboard is awesome and works really well, which surprised me.
- Absolutely zero lag in streaming of either music or video - win!!!
- You can still do lots of great stuff, like use other social media apps that allow you to view Facebook, or use the browser for it (can't get browser version of HBO GO however, *sad clown face*).
- Use Amazon app store for lots of good stuff even if you can't use Google Play app store - the Get Jar app store was surprisingly limited. Might just be the brand new O/S.
- Picks up home wi-fi & mobile hotspot (wi-fi from my phone) just great, never had a problem with that!
- Renders books really well and is fun to use for reading.

Overall, because it is less than half price of any other 10" tablet out there, I will give it a "like" rating and deal with what it doesn't do. But the HBO GO thing was a major blow and the big reason behind losing a whole star. I've heard that they are supposed to be coming out with a new version of the app that I can get to and will work on this O/S, but my fingers are still crossed on that . . .

Also, in case anyone from Google is reading this - you majorly effed up by allowing others to license your O/S by NOT also allowing anyone with said O/S's devices to be able to access YOUR CONTENT. Lose move IMHO. Retarded.
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on October 16, 2012
Watching you tube videos on it are great, decent processor speed, and the fraction of the cost of an Ipad. Quality seems pretty good, great for internet surfing and emails. Apps through Getjar are limited but there are plenty of games. I got this tablet because I wanted something to surf the web, watch youtube videos, and let the kids play games. If you expect an ipad with cameras, apple store and all that I would save up and buy one of those. If you are like me, and don't need lots of extra bells and whistles, I'd get it.
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on December 8, 2012
Coby Kyros 10.1-Inch Android 4.0 8 GB 16:9 Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen Widescreen Internet Tablet with Built-In Camera, Black MID1042-8

I was searching for a tablet as a SUPPLEMENT for my Ipod touch. I mainly wanted a better experience playing games, viewing apps like Google Earth and streaming Collage Football games via the Watchespn app. As good as the i-pod is, it was just too small for some situations. I wanted to upgrade to an I-pad, but the
I-Pad was just out of my price range.

So after much research, I decided on the 10" Coby despite the fact there was no access to the Google Play Store. I verified that I could download Google Earth and Watchespn from The Amazon App store so that wasn't an issue.

I ordered my Tablet with the keyboard/case and the 16GB micro memory card. Both I would highly recommended getting. All 3 came in a very timely manner.

This is my first Android device but I quickly found my way around and downloaded a few apps from Getjar. The best advice for apps is going to Getjar and download the "Good E reader Android App Store" they have a better choice of apps and from there you can also download other Appstores such as Amazon,1 Mobile and Appbrain.

Great price. At present time $149.00
Great picture quality for both photos and videos.
Lots of storage available for apps (8GB internal)+ up to 32GB on a Micro memory card.
HDMI input
Streams and plays UTube videos well
Good choice of accessories available from such as cases,keyboards,screen protectors, Mini HDMI to HDMI cords and mini sd cards. All reasonably priced and wont break the bank.
Good battery life. Lasts about 6 hours.
No problems with the WiFi.
Good for gameplay
Ideal for E-Books
Touchscreen has good response.

Poor camera quality. Useless
Preloaded Browser crashes constantly. I use Google Chrome, it works much better.
The 1042 Wont win any races while surfing the net.A bit slow loading pages. Some patience required!!
No Google Play.Its a deal breaker for some but it shouldn't be.
Speaker sound is fair at best. You can use headphones or amplified speakers to improve sound.

I am very happy with my purchase so far. I think people who gave this Coby Tablet a bad review just didn't give it a fair chance. Granted you get what you pay for and this Tablet can't compete with the high end Tablets for performance but for the price it holds its own. Hope this review helps.
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on February 6, 2013
The graphics are beautiful, processing is faster than my lap top, very user-friendly, touch screen is really responsive.

So why the 1 star rating?
Because the company stinks.

Within two days of use, the wi-fi on my tablet crapped out. At first it would just randomly disconnect, which was annoying, but I just reconnected and moved on. By the next day, however, it wouldn't connect at all. It kept telling me the wi-fi was out of range, even when I was sitting right next to it. I took it to a few other places - on the off-chance it was my wi-fi - still didn't work.

Bum deal. But that's what warranties are for, right? Aside from the wi-fi issue, it's still a nice little tablet.
I called Coby and after being on hold forever and bounced between 3 different reps, the not-so-nice lady told me I had to pay to send the tablet to them (insured) AND pay a $15 processing fee AND wait 6-8 weeks for them to fix it or send me a REFURBISHED tablet.

Seriously? I get to pay an extra $30ish dollars for a REFURBISHED tablet?
I will never again buy a product from Coby. EVER.
Baaaaaaaaaaaaad Coby.
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on December 17, 2012
Update I called Coby today about my Coby MID7042-4 tablet thay've had for 67 days to repair. Coby response I should recevie it Thursday. Almost the same response I've gotton everytime I've called. Below is my orignal review:
I usually don't review products I've bought. However I thought I'd share my experience with Coby tablet repairs. The speakers quit working on my Coby tablet after 32 days Amazon couldn't help because more than 30 days had passed. I called Coby and was told repairs would be less than 30 days. I returned the tablet to Coby they recevied it on 10-9-2012 today is 12-12 2012. I started calling Coby once a week after 30 days their reply has always been the same; tablet was shipped 2 days ago. I called today 62 days after I returned the tablet for a less than 30 day repair and got their usual reply the tablet shipped 2 days ago. If you buy a Coby product and need factory service I hope your experence is better than mine.
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on November 25, 2012
This is the review of the Coby Kyros 10.1-Inch Android 4.0 8 GB 16:9 Multi-Touchscreen Tablet MID1042-8. I bought a new one - not a used one ...

I read the reviews before my purchase and now I'm mad at the lower ratings that mislead buyers into thinking they would NOT be able to log in to Facebook or YouTube. You have full access to the internet; Anything you can log in to on a PC you can log in to with this tablet.

As a matter of fact the only thing the poorer ratings said that was true was you can not get Google Apps ... but who cares ... You can get all the popular applications for free using their GetJar ... Push one button and it takes you to Angry Birds, Star Wars Angry Birds, hundreds of games, the free Avast Anti-Virus, Video Phone, Personalization ... I could go on forever.

This tablet is great. The only critique I have would be the battery life. The battery displays a standard 3 hours lifespan. I can get 4 to 5 hours depending on whether or not I'm watching a movie, videos, or playing games. It uses none of the battery while it's off.

The number of hours you spend on the tablet will account for the number of hours you'll need to recharge. I don't like that.

I would like to just plug it in to an outlet and continue using it beyond the battery life, but the User Guide warns you not to do that. As long as the tablet is plugged in - it is recharging - and it could overheat or even catch fire. It's a warning that comes with any portable PC I know ... I just find it unacceptable. Can't they just set it so you can run AC power without using the recharge?

I would recommend this tablet for anyone that doesn't care about name brands or wants a tablet for less the price. I would recommend this tablet to anyone that doesn't care whether or not they that can download user made applications from Google. I would recommend this tablet to anyone that isn't an Apple Cultist. Like I said - all the POPULAR Apps are available to you, by pushing the GetJar button on this tablet's desktop page.

I love this thing. It does everything I wanted it for.
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on July 29, 2012
This tablet does all your basic functions: search the web, read books, facebook, play games.
Unfortunately it would not stay connected to Wi-Fi, even after resetting to factory settings
a number of times. Returned for Amazon credit.
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on September 24, 2012
Amazon-- for whatever reason -- lumps all these Coby Kyros reviews together by product generation. The 7 and 9 inch screen Kyros are easily rooted by now, and I'm sure the 10.1 inch version will eventually be rooted, but even without rooting the little device is FANTASTIC.

Don't get me wrong, the tablet has flaws and if I cared about using the internet browser, I'd most likely not be as satisfied as I am.

I knew what I wanted when I bought the tablet. I wasn't 100% sure that the Kyros would accomplish everything I wanted, but I took a gamble and came out very satisfied.

The first thing you're going to want to do if you're not rooting the tablet is get Amazon Market app from on the device's browser. After that...

1. I wanted something to read comics while at work without bringing my physical copies with me. I downloaded ComicCat from the Amazon Market app. The app let me import and read every CBR file I'd all ready had in my PC's library. It works great on this device.

2. I wanted to be able to draw and sketch with the tablet. Once again, I hit up the Amazon Market app and downloaded SketchBook Pro. The app works great, with only a very small delay between my strokes on the screen and the brush's stroke through the app. If you want to use SketchBook, you'll definitely want to get a stylus for your device. Works great though.

3.I wanted to read Ebooks, and the Kindle for Android app works great on this as well.

4.I wanted to play some simple games. The Kyros has handled everything I've downloaded for it.

The SD card expansion is great. You can even use an external USB HDD for removable storage but it's not as convenient as the SD Card. If you're wanting to watch videos you could buy multiple cards and fill them with video and just pop them in and out of the device for unlimited storage.

So the stuff that would have disappointed me if I'd been into other activities.

The screen position sensor is a little wonky and sluggish at the same time. If you want to turn the tablet and change the view mode from portrait to landscape, the device will take a little over a second to make the transition... but on occasion the sensor will tell it that the little wiggles and body shifts natural to holding the device without resting against a desk or something means that you want to shift it to another view mode. This means you have to wait for it to shift, then wait for it to shift back. In apps where this becomes annoying, I just turn off the app's use of that function.

The keyboard is sluggish at times. If you're wanting to write a book or something, I'd definitely recommend getting something else.

You'll want to periodically fully power down the device and make sure that you aren't running extraneous apps in the background to prevent over taxing the processor. As long as you're somewhat attentive and patient, the tablet is fantastic. If you can't take a few seconds to set up your apps to counteract the tablet's flaws... then maybe you'd be better served spending several extra hundred dollars on a Xoom, Touchpad, or Ipad.
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