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on September 28, 2012
I am not into this kind of music, until less than a year ago, so any terminology, and lingo or jargon that pertains to this kind of music - I don't know it. I don't need to know it. I just know I like this. I've never like anything "dance" my whole life. I listened to Nine in Nails, but that's about as techno as I go. But I saw Deadmau5 play with Foo Fighters last year, and that got me hooked. I loved this album. I don't think it is as good as Random Album Title, however, it is still quite amazing. I can't stop listening to it on repeat.
The only song I absolutely dislike is Failbait with Cypress Hill. I have never been a fan of them, and I deleted that song from my playlist. My favorite songs on the album are Professional Griefers and fn pig. Both are outstanding songs.
So, I suppose this isn't much of a review as it is just my opinion coming from a guy that would prefer metal over this music, but with that said, deadmau5 has turned me on to a new kind of music. He is the master of this craft. And this cd is a perfect example!
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on September 26, 2012
Contrary to popular belief, deadmau5 isn't your average sellout DJ. Yes, he has given permission to use his songs in pop culture (I'm looking at you, Jersey Shore), and the mau5head is a widely recognized symbol nowadays, but that's mainly due to his singles, read Ghosts N Stuff and Raise Your Weapon (which I consider great songs).

Despite his breakthrough into mainstream acceptance, I can hardly call most of his songs "mainstream", by no means. If we just go back to his last albums (i.e. 4x4=12, which is my favorite album), you see that there are songs as Cthulhu Sleeps, which at 11:00 and using a repetitive sound progression is prone to annoy the masses, rather than entertain them.

This new album I bought kind of scared. For Lack of a Better Name has both Ghosts and the masterpiece Strobe, but the rest of the songs are subpar. Still, I decided to buy it. What a pleasant surprise.

Superliminal is a heavy track. Fantastic, though a little repetitive.
Channel 42 is a highlight, but with Wolfgang Gartner it was foolish not to expect it, especially after Animal Rights. It's easily one of the best songs in the album, its upbeat and happy and has some nice drops, without being brutal.
The Veldt is fantastic as I already knew thanks to Youtube. Reminisces his slow tunes like the beginnings of Strobe and Raise Your Weapon, but with vocals. The mix is very balanced and the vocals help those not into repetitive riffs.
Fn Pig as also there, a fantastic 8+ minute majestic piece with all the mood changes you could expect from a song. The buildup and the drops are orchestrated fantastically. This is probably the best song in the album.
Professional Griefers, wow. That has some shoes to fill, as the non vocal version was released a bit ago, and it made my car's side mirrors vibrate with the bass. One of my favorite overall mau5ongs, I feared Gerard would destroy it. Quite opposite, I find myself humming the song more and remembering the lyrics. It was a great choice, but I'll always cherish the original better.
Maths was another one released a bit ago. It is very happy as well, bouncy if you will. It's good and catchy.
There Might Be Coffee is fantastic. Great song development and the song is heavy but cheery. Another one of the best songs.
Take Care Of The Proper Paperwork is messy. It makes up for it near the middle, but it's definitely not noteworthy.
Closer is another great one. A slow, dreamy song with a cathcy high pitch riff, like a mix of Faxing Berlin with Slip, its a progressive jewel.
October is a song that builds up through most of its duration and never really explodes, which is kind of sad, but the atmospheric beat is very good.

Unfortunately, only the first 10 songs are good. The last three are very poor, specifically Failbait. I guess you could enjoy Miscommunications, but I certainly didn't.

Long Story Short:

If you like deadmau5' work as full albums, this is definitely for you. The production is masterful and it's certainly the modern Joel you'll be listening to, no surprises there. If you just know a couple of songs, maybe use youtube to find out how his non singles sound like. If you enjoy songs like Faxing Berlin, Cthulhu Sleeps, Aural Psynapse and HR 8938 Cephei, you might consider buying this album.
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on September 25, 2012
Holistic Overview:

After spinning the CD >album title goes here<, I noticed it has the distinguishable "Deadmau5" sound throughout the first portion, but the execution is definitely different from his previous work for better or for worse. Overall, it is a very distinct album by him but is definitely not what comes to mind when fans think of Deadmau5. Fans may bicker about how good (or bad) this album may be, but it is worth a listen. There will be parts or songs that everyone is sure to enjoy but equally as much, there will others where everyone will not. I give 4 stars instead of 5 because I know there are other albums of his that rank better but it is not simply a 3 star because it still has many redeeming qualities. New listeners to Deadmau5 should be advised to pick up one of his other albums before giving this one a listen but I encourage fans to give this album a few spins before jumping to any conclusions.

Detailed Overview:

The most noticeable aspect of the whole album which may bother some electronic enthusiasts is the lack of transitions between each song. Personally, one of the best parts about electronic music are the seamless and elegant transitions between songs, none of which this album has to offer- each song is stand alone. However this does not mean that the order does not matter; similar songs are set back to back against one another and complement each other well.

For the majority of the songs, the beginning of each has a fairly slow buildup and depending on the song, either has a rewarding or disappointing drop. Comparatively to his previous albums, this one is a bit slow and is not meant for the impatient but given the time, I think the buildups are a distinct part of this album.

Split in the album-

Part 1:
This half and then some of the album is what you might typically expect to hear when someone mentions Deadmau5 and mimics a bit of 4x4=12. Closer and October are extremely similar to Strobe so anybody who enjoys the latter should definitely give the former two a listen.

Part 2:
However, during the song Sleepless, the whole album takes a fairly drastic (and non-Deadmau5) turn. The return of the voice from "Some times things get complicated" or the Stephan Hawking voice, comes up in Sleepless. The song in particular sounds nothing like Deadmau5 and instead would be expected in the lounge of a hotel or even the background of the menu to a video game. The next two songs are equally as eccentric. I'm no expert in hip hop but Failbait featuring Cypress Hill sounds as if it came straight out of one of his own albums with very few elements of Deadmau5 to accompany it. Similarly, Telemiscommunication featuring Imogen Heap sounds as if the track came off one of her own albums as well. More or less while the album still has that distinguishable Deadmau5 sound, this last portion sounds little to nothing like him.
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on September 26, 2012
ATGH has a completely different feel from any of his previous three efforts. Personally I prefer the electro/house style he delivered on Random Album Title and For lack of... to the more varied styles and collaborations on 4x4=12. I like the structure and flow his music once had. Flow is something sorely missed on Album Title goes here. Each song for the most part stands on its own with little or no transition to the next. He makes an obvious case to evolve his sound with this record but i still prefer tracks like "Closer" which reminds me of earlier work. A few more stand out tracks in my mind but unfortunately I found myself skipping or getting bored with 1 too many.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 1, 2012
I enjoy mau5music very much and one of the things I like is Joel Zimmerman's sense of humor. Take the whimsical album titles, for example. This time it's "> album title goes here <." Amusing. Or, what about the music itself? Try listening carefully to "Sometimes Things Get, Whatever" on the "Random Album Title" CD and see if you can avoid breaking into a smile or, perhaps, even an outright laugh. Also, I subscribe to the deadmau5 page on Facebook. It's hard to keep up with the goings on of deadmau5 and Meowingtons. The guy must really be wired to turn out all this stuff and maintain his concert, writing and recording schedule. Really wired! Well, take a look at the song titles on "> album title goes here <." How about "There might be coffee?" Oh yeah, it fits! Lots of coffee. Then, a couple tracks later there's "Sleepless." Joel, take care, and my condolences on "Take care of the proper paperwork."

"> album title goes here <" starts out with a no-frills primer ("Superliminal") on deadmau5 music. It's interesting, informative and sets the tone for the 11 tracks that follow. "Channel 42" (2nd track) elaborates and is much more interesting and makes for fun listening. Now, in my opinion, "Fn Fig" (4th track) should have followed as it makes an excellent extension of the previous two (as listed above) and is one of the better songs on the album.

With "The Veldt" deadmau5 presents the first of four guests. Chris James has a pleasant voice and the track has an excellent background, but it's intrusive and seems out of place. the same could be said for "Professional Griefers" with Gerard Way and for "Telemiscommunications" with Imogene Heap. They just don't fit. Then there's "Failbait" featuring Cypress Hill. This track boldly stands out as not belonging on the album. It's not a bad song and is interesting that deadmau5 can present it, but it ruins the continuity of an otherwise fine album. All in all, I'd say that all of the guest spots detract from the main deadmau5 offerings and the album would be better without them.

In general, all the tracks are rather good. I'd say that "The Veldt" and "Take Care of the proper paperwork" are the weakest. In my opinion,"There Might Be Coffee" is the best track by a slight margin. It's elaborate, complex, has good melody and is almost symphonic. Nice job! The album is quite good and ranks with "Random Album Title" and "For lack of a Better Name" as one of the best deadmau5 albums.

Gary Peterson
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I didn't care for 4x4=12: there were just too many passages that droned on too long, and so the album quickly lost its charm. ">album title goes here<" is a much better release, and I enjoy it a lot. We have some guests like Wolfgang Gartner on "Channel 42", but most notable names here are Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) on "Professional Griefers" and Cypress Hill on "Failbait" (on which Deadmau5 takes a back seat and they dominate). "Channel 42" and "Fn Pig" represent everything I wanted to see in 4x4=12: a compelling electronic beat and the knowledge of just how long to spin it before changing it up. "The Veldt" runs over 8 minutes and you barely notice--it has a tinge of retro synth sound with breathy vocals by Chris James. I also love how "Closer" opens with a re-do of the alien synth theme from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and bubbles its way into a tune reminiscent of Daft Punk's recent scoring of Tron: Legacy.

If you like modern-day electronic music with a bit of pop and the occasional retro nod, ">album title goes here<"" is a good investment. It has both more style and more substance.
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on September 30, 2012
The album is not as poor as some of the reviews would make it out to be. Sure, the continual flow from "Random Album Title" is non-existent, but songs like "Closer," "Fn Pig," and the ingenious "There Might Be Coffee" are structured much in the same vein as the aforementioned album. Of course, you've already heard "Professional Griefers," which in my opinion is a great song, even with the addition of vocals. Look...deadmau5 is obviously now more popular than ever and open to all sorts of scrutiny, but at the end of the day -- as a PRODUCER -- he is a master of his craft. I do not, however, blame anyone who shall discontinue listening after "October," simply because for me, the album stops there. Many of the negative reviews make note of the oddly-placed Cypress Hill collaboration, "Failbait," and I will admit, it is quite random. I won't necessarily say that it is a bad song, but it serves as more of a throwaway bonus track than does "Sleepless" and "Telemiscommunications." Take the first ten tracks in as an album by itself and it'll become clear that this is indeed a deadmau5 record. The buildups, transitions, and climaxes are all there, but temper your expectations. This is nothing new or ground-breaking, yet serves as a more-than-satisfactory album in a world of increasingly-muddled and generic EDM...

1) Superliminal: 4/5. Nice intro/kick in the head. Similar to "FML."

2) Channel 42: 4/5. Solid material here. Similar to "Hi Friend" and "Moar Ghosts."

3) The Veldt: 3.5/5. Somewhat similar to "I Remember," but not really. Just a really chill tune.

4) Fn Pig: 4.5/5. Similar to "Bad Selection," but the intro/various sound effects are quite reminiscent of the Megaman video game

5) Professional Griefers: 4.5/5. Of course, you know this one. Similar to "Sofi Needs a Ladder."

6) Maths: 3.5/5. Catchy tune, but different. Difficult to compare to previous work...actually somewhat similar to Justice's "Phantom."

7) There Might Be Coffee: 5/5. Far and away, the best song on the album and a career top-10 landmark track. Again, some nostalgic Megaman-ish sounds throughout...but damn, do they fit (seriously, Google Megaman if you are confused). Similar to "Aural Synapse" and dare I say it, "Strobe." Yeah...I cannot stress this is THAT good.

8) Take Care of the Proper Paperwork: 3/5. Meh...this one isn't bad, but serves more as a transition between the two marvels that sandwich it. Sounds like a collaboration that might have occurred between NIN and Prodigy...though an actual collaboration of that magnitude might make this very song shrivel up and die of humiliation.

9) Closer: 5/5. The other gem of the album. What starts off like a "red yellow green blue green" SIMON sound effect (which might also be recognized from the "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" film), quickly sweeps you far away to a random Asian paradise...simply masterful. There are certainly some elements uncannily reminiscent to "Slip," yet the track climaxes nicely into something akin to "Not Exactly."

10) October: 4/5. Good tune...but not necessarily great (just wished it climaxed into something greater). However, it is the last TRUE piece of what deserves to constitute as one cohesive album. Similar to "HR 8938 Cephei."

I won't even go into tracks 11-13 because as I have already mentioned, I don't quite consider them part of the album, but instead as simple "bonus tracks." Go into the album expecting some great building tracks that you've come to expect from "The Mau5" and disregard most of the negative feedback. Give it a few spins and judge for yourself...
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on November 6, 2012
First a quick glimpse at to some of the music I listen to. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Rachmaninov (classical music), Mumford and Sons, Muse, Metallica, Paul Van Dyk, Sasha, BT, Sigur Ros, Nine Inch Nails, K&D (dub...not dub step), Jimmy Eat World, Beatles, Beach Boys to name a few. Bottom line, while it's not everything, I appreciate a wide variety of music. I play guitar, and have done some of my own "computer music" before as well.

I am a pretty recent fan of Deadmau5. I picked up 4x4=12 after seeing him on the Grammy's as I thought Raise Your Weapon was a very smart, awesome track. In general I thought it was a great CD. I haven't purchased anything in the house/trance subgenres for a while and it was refreshing to hear a good 'artist album' of that genre. I picked up For Lack of a Better Name shortly afterwards and based on those two albums, I've decided that Mr Zimmerman is indeed a talent at audio production, at producing and composing banging house tracks, and will probably sound like that for the rest of his career.

Out of boredom one day I did a little more research into this seemingly quirky character who comes off as a total prick in print interviews, but watching some live interviews, he was surprisingly very humble and genuine, yet opinionated, and seemed to be really into a large variety of music. I checked out this soundcloud (especially when trent reznor tweeted a link to Deadmau5's awesome mix of survivalism) and picked up Get Scraped and Random Album title.

and particularly with Get Scraped...that's when it hit me. Deadmau5 made it big with his banging house that's what he's ran with. You see him branching a wee bit out of the norm at times (right this second, the long intro of strobe, raise your weapon, FML), but for the most part it's always been fun dance tracks. But is that the music Deadmau5 really makes for himself??

Now there's this unmixed album and, while it does have some banging dance tracks, there are a few tracks that are "head scratchers" to some. and some of those dance tracks have long 2+ minute non-danceable intros. and the result is some confusion from fans, which is understandable.

However, from my perspective, this is just Deadmau5 doing what he enjoys, and it shows. Does it make for a cohesive "album". No. This isn't The Wall, heck it's not even 4x4=12 or For Lack of a Better Name. In fact in interviews he states himself that this is an album of a bunch of one offs that hasn't been properly released.

But this album does show Deadmau5's incredible range, his love for music, and his technical proficiency. I am hoping this album is a bridge to a "mangnum opus" type of album for whenever he decides to release his next. He has such a clear progression of improvement in each album, and while this one might be a little more "out there", i like it for that very reason. If he can experiment a bit like he did on this album, make it a little more cohesive, and make it a continuous mix...with his talent and passion an album like that could be generational.

In a meantime, I'll have this little gem on repeat. If you're a fan of his previous work, you'll no doubt love at least half of this album. If you're a fan of electronic music or music in general, this is a great CD, and hopefully you won't be thrown off by quite an amazing collab with imogen heap. :)
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on June 24, 2013
The last time I listened to house was back in Brooklyn Bounce times and The Second Attack, and thought it was a music for younger ppl.

But I found this one to be a great album. It's a very mature house music, unlike the most you find at clubs.

What one reviewer said here - "Unfortunately, only the first 10 songs are good." - really made me laugh. I personally don't remember the last time I loved all tracks on an album, and the last three tracks are just different and not bad at all, chilling you out kind of :)
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on May 24, 2014
I had never hear of deadmau5 until about 6 months ago when I saw his 2012 Toronto concert streamed on Netflix and I was hooked. I have always liked electronic music but this artist just set the bar extremely high with his creativity; he really knows how to throw down some complex rhythms and compositions. In my opinion, ">Album Title Goes Here<" is the best of the deadmau5 catalog to date (the 2014 album is due out soon). There is hardly a song on here that I would consider bad, although some appear to be just filler but are decent compositions nonetheless. My impressions of each track is as follows:

1. Superliminal (10/10) - A great start to the album with a punchy sound that kicks it off nicely. This will certainly get you moving.

2. Channel 42 (9/10) - A song that builds nicely to a point in which it gets into a groove; The interlude dragged a little but once it gets going, it pumps it out.

3. The Veldt (9/10) - A nice melodic song and the first on the album with vocals.

4. Fn Pig (10/10) - I am not sure of the connotations that the title could imply but I will leave the social commentary out of my remarks. Musically, this is the BEST SELECTION ON THE ALBUM! This is a true sonic marvel and just gradually builds to a transition with one of the funkiest beats that you will ever hear. (The longest selection on the album).

5. Professional Griefers (10/10) - The 2nd song on the album with vocals. I actually preferred the "non-vocal" version on the 2012 Toronto concert DVD better but this just comes out of the blocks with such powerful rhythms that it sounds great regardless.

6. Maths (10/10) - A very nice, catchy rhythmic tune with some nice hooks and a pumping bass.

7. There Might Be Coffee (8/10) - A decent tune which starts out slowly but does transition to a moderate beat.

8. Take Care Of the Proper Paperwork (8/10) - A freestyle, experimental collection of different sounds. A good attempt although it just lacks that something which would make it special.

9. Closer (9/10) - Starts out with a melody similar to the "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" communication tone (for those who know the movie). It does build into nice, easy going rythym.

10. October (9/10) - A nice easygoing, bouncy, rhythmic selection with some nice changes.

11. Sleepless (9/10) - Starts with computer altered spoken voices and gets into a slow, groovy tune with what really sounds like a true bass and not a computer generated one but since there are not credits acknowledging a musician, I guess it has to be assumed the bass is also computer generated.

12. Failbait (7/10) - Although I am not into rap, this tune actually does have a nice rhythm but what kills it for me is the extensive profanity and mentions of violence (then again, it is a rap song!). If you are OK with that, then you will probably love this song. This is, obviously, the only selection that I don't play when my kids are around. There has not been a similar song on previous deadmau5 albums (I only have the previous 3) so hopefully he is not moving in this direction!

13. Telemiscommunications (9/10) - A very nice, easygoing tune with female vocals and the shortest selection on the album.

I have read some of the negative comments on the album and as can be gleamed from my review, we certainly don't share the same opinions. I think this is a sonic masterpiece and Joel Zimmerman appears to be a composer that is really moving the genre of electronic music to new heights. I eagerly wait the release of his new album!
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