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on November 13, 2012

This is a really good laptop for the price. When I first buy this i thought it would be too big, cause it's 17.3. But I was wrong It's Perfect! And it's not heavy.

It also heave a really good ventilation system, Keeps it really cool.
Beside that I can play almost every game in Market with good settings. I can play Dota 2 everything on maximum with 0 lag, it did not tested other games yet tough.

But, for 700 bucks it's a really good deal! RECOMEND.
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on December 6, 2012
So far so good, ive been testing it for a few days and runs everything smoothly, nice temps, its also quiet....
im able to play borderlands 2 at 720p everything maxed out at 40-60 fps, i havent tested BF3 yet but i figured it shouldnt have any problems, in conclusion the 640m is a very capable gpu backed up by an incredible ivy i5 processor
the build quality seems quite solid, usb 3.0 ports are pretty much appreciated..
on another hand the screen doesnt have a good view angle so it could be a pain if you dont watch it right in front

bottom line, very good laptop for the price, if you dont need a huge gaming laptop but still want to play some decent games get this one!
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on November 4, 2012
While I did have 1-day shipping, the laptop came well packaged and in perfect condition. I first opened the box to see a VERY large and shiny new laptop and began to mess with it. Turned it on, typed in my preferences, and got going in about 5 minutes. There was not a whole lot of bloatware; it was gone fairly quickly. Over the next few hours, I learned about all of the wonderful features that I did not pay attention to when I bought it.

*Large screen; 1600x900 resolution
*Bright colors
*Great Processor, Nice RAM, good Graphics card
*plays all of my games on highest graphics with no problems (LoL, GW2, D3, minecraft)
*Runs quiet
*Dolby Home Theater; the sound bar sounds almost like surround sound. The sound is simply amazing.
*HD camera / Mic
*Windows 8 is AMAZING
*Fantastic internet connection
*Dual Hard drive support

*Kind of slow Hard drive; this is okay because there is support to put in an SSD (only costs around $100)
*ultra finger print magnet
*Being a gaming Laptop, you are going to have a low battery life and there is really nothing you can do about this no matter which gaming laptop you get, even being low end as this one is. However, this is okay because you will have it plugged in all of the time anyway since the laptop can run in high performance when it is plugged in.
*Being a glossy type screen, the colors are brighter, but it is very glary outside. This is also not a big deal because you will need it plugged in most of the time anyway.

Final Thoughts:
I love to play games, but I needed a laptop over a desktop and I needed it to be cheap. $700 for a low end gaming laptop is an amazing price (This would be a good price for even a desktop). Other laptops with the same stats should go for $900-$1000, but Acer is a great company with an amazingly low price. With all of the extra features, this is, BY FAR, the best laptop you could possibly buy for only $700. I would suggest this to anyone looking for a gaming laptop on a budget.


So I come home today and my power jack is cracked and it got pushed in, completely trashed; I have to find a way to fix it myself. I call acer and ask them if it's covered in the warranty and they told me that it would cost $199 to fix a power jack that is pushed back. I'm not going to buy anything from this company again, I am genuinely disappointed in Acer for this. The laptop is made of cheap plastic and it's only a matter of time before everyone has the same complaints as me. Don't buy this laptop.
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on December 11, 2012
This laptop was a steal considering i bought it for only $650. Looked every to find this latop for a lower price but it could not be achieved. Newegg had it for $750 and acer had it for $ 720. It play modern games with no problems. At first i hated windows 8 but i know love it. It just takes time to get use to.
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on December 12, 2012
Just as the title implies. I bought this laptop about 2 weeks after black Friday for $600 along with a copy of Far Cry 3. The game runs excellent. I run it on "medium" settings flawlessly and it still looks really good. The game automatically put my settings on medium but I wanted to see how it played on higher settings. I tried playing on both high and ultra settings which surprisingly worked pretty well. The FPS was pretty playable even on ultra however the computer would run a little hot so I keep it on a very playable tweaked medium setting (tweaked as in I set a few of the settings to high). Still looks/plays great. If your into games a little older like Skyrim, you will be pleased to know this computer can handle Skyrim pretty well on high settings. I haven't played Skyrim to much on this laptop so I don't know if having a large battle raging around you may slow it down or not but I'm sure if it does you can tweak the options a bit to make it run great again.

So overall I am very pleased with how this computer runs games. Its got a great i5 3rd generation processor, decent webcam, a little heavy but that's to be expected of a 17 incher. The battery isn't all that great, but I'm sure most people will keep this guy plugged in, especially considering how large this computer is. The touchpad is just ok, a little wonky. But just as with the battery, I am sure most people will use a USB mouse so it is a non-issue. Windows 8 is meh. Its not bad but I prefer windows 7. Desktop mode does a decent job of simulating windows of olde but adding a mod to include a start button may be needed for those of us who were perfectly fine with windows 7 or even XP. (I still try to forget about Vista) However this is software, not hardware so it doesn't really change my rating, besides W8 is completely workable, just a little ugly, for me anyway. Also, if I were a little less impressed by the guts of this computer I would have knocked a star for the purely aesthetic problem of a super finger-print friendly paint job. Seriously. Finger prints LOVE this big guy. Otherwise for the price (and I did a LOT of browsing and comparing) this is an excellent computer for budget minded gamers.
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on January 7, 2013
as far as expectations, everything has been completely awesome!
i play guild wars 2 on medium high setting, which looks great, with no lag or problems.
screen size nd resolution is sweet, graphics are awesome, keyboard isnt necessarily loud but still has that little satisfactory click when your going crazy on online games (gamers you know what im talking about)
for the price, this is the best deal i found after a lot of researching. acer is doing good things with computers lately
cons are it has sucky battery life,, like 2 hours tops if ur actively using it for games. i keep mine plugged in for the most part. also like everybody else kind says it attracts fingerprints like crazy. thats no big deal to me, if you dont like it u should get one of those sticky decal covers for it.
the 3rd gen i5 is great, along with everything else, no regrets im lovin this laptop
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on April 9, 2013
I was debating between building my own desktop or getting a new laptop. One of the key features that I wanted was the ability to run games. Luckily, this laptop was around the same price point I was willing to pay for individual desktop components for a custom desktop. I don't have a lot of PC know-how in building but this was a cheaper, arguably better option for me. Anyway...

This laptop is pretty amazing so far. I purchased it March 27th and received it the next day. I immediately booted it up and tried a few things out. Does come with some bloatware but it's nothing that can't be resolved easily. Windows 8 is... Well, I'm still getting used to it but I don't hate it. I can't say I prefer it over 7 but I think when the moaning is over people will actually use the interface pretty intuitively. I like the ability to use one of the "Metro," apps at the same time as the main desktop.

Onto the performance. This laptop runs games very well. It runs Fallout New Vegas on Ultra and the newest Tomb Raider game at very high settings pretty smoothly. The laptop has a number keypad which I find to be absolutely crucial. The keyboard is wide and fits my hands perfectly. I had another 17.3 inch laptop before but for some reason that keyboard was a bit too big for my tastes (Toshiba Satellite C675).

The mousepad is a little finicky. I find myself accidentally clicking so I'm assuming it's a bit sensitive. I use a USB mouse though, and the fact that it has 4 USB ports makes me not hate the fact I only have 1 other USb port available.

A 750gb hard drive is a very nice addition as well. My one complaint is the lack of a blu-ray drive on it. But I personally think blu-ray movies look like stage plays on public access television... Watch Batman Returns on Blu-ray... Weird looking right? But blu-ray is probably how larger games will be put onto disc (but there's always Steam...)

Anyway, this laptop is pretty amazing for the price. I got it for $650 and comparing it to my girlfriend's $780+ i7 laptop that doesn't have the GPU that this one has I'd say I got a great deal. It's a little heavy... But it is a 17-inch laptop after all. HDMI and VGA out work well, lack of DVI has me slightly confused but I've got no qualms with that. The screen, I feel, could be a little better. Some viewing angles hurt my eyes but that's on rare occasion and may be due to binge gaming.

Very good graphics card (not, you know, the best but it'll run the newest games at better than console quality)
Can handle lots of programs at once
4 USB ports, 2 2.0, 2 3.0
Lots of hard drive space for said games
Powerful, fast, sexy.

Getting used to Windows 8 (though it's not that complicated and it's actually kind of fun)
Runs a little hot (get a laptop fan. A cheap, $20 one will suffice)
Battery life is meh (gets around 2-3 hours depending on usage... Though I wouldn't expect a gaming laptop to last more than 2 while playing games unplugged).
3-prong a/c adapter. Kinda sucks when you've only got access to 2-prong plugs.

I'll keep in mind to note any issues I have with this product in the future but overall it's a great machine and feel like I replaced my desire for a custom desktop at a budget price. Thanks Obama!

Fyi, my budget for the custom desktop was $750 (not including peripherals and monitor, which would have pushed $875). I got this laptop, and an extra monitor for $750 and feel that I definitely got my money's worth. I'm no Crysis 3 ALL MODS TURNED ON graphics enthusiast but I appreciate the fact that Tomb Raider on my laptop looks better than Tomb Raider on my 360.
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on December 27, 2012
Got it a few days ago and I did A TON OF RESEARCH to find the best gaming laptop for 700$. I think I can honestly say that I scored. As I said I did a lot of research to find it, but this is definitely the laptop I was looking for.

Great display

Runs many games smoothly at medium to high settings.

All tested on high settings (some high and some maxed) by myself and run very good:

CS:GO, Battlefield 3, Darksiders 2, COD Black Ops 2, Mirrors Edge, Left 4 Dead 2
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on February 28, 2013
I just received this laptop yesterday and so far it is running perfectly. I've tested it out with Flight Sim X and Railworks 2013 and it performs flawlessly! This is vast improvement over my old Dell that will be retiring soon. Tonight I'm installing Trainz 2010, and I expect it to run as smoothly as Railworks does.

Also, being a Ubuntu fan, this machine is powerful enough to run Ubuntu 12.10 in a Virtual Box VM.

After reading all of the various reviews of Windows 8, I now have some experience using this OS. It is definitely a different feel than Windows 7 or before, but I think the direction Win 8 is point towards is a good one. Kudos to MS for taking the chance and developing this new flavor of Windows. If I had a touch screen, I can truly see the value of the Modern UI. Once you get used to the jestures to use on the touch pad, Win 8 is really not that bad. I actually like using the various Apps available. Also, when you install your software make sure that you have it intall an icon on the desktop. That will prevent you from having to jump to the Start screen (modern UI) to launch your software applications.

If you are a desktop fan, one tip is to put the laptop in sleep mode after your session. This way, when you return Win 8 will start you up where you left off--on the desktop. Press Fn F4 to put the laptop into sleep mode.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase!! Way to go Acer!

If you are looking for a good gaming laptop for a reasonable cost, this is the one for you!
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on December 26, 2012
Excellent product for the price.

Good graphics, and apps that comes pre-installed by Acer.

web-cam is ok but the wi-fi has good connection and keeps the network connectivity all day long.
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