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on November 13, 2012
Let me start with a caveat...I LOVE me some Aaron Lewis! And it does pain me to only give this album 3 stars, but I just can't give it more.

There were only 2 songs I enjoyed ... songs I have already heard before the album came out. But the majority of the songs seemed like he was trying to hard to drive home he's country. I wanted to scream - "yeah we get it!"

I could hear classic country influences in the melodies and though I liked those, sometimes the lyrics seemed like he was reaching and it just wasn't what I was hoping this album would be.

And the last song - Party in Hell - yeah that should have been forgotten. We get there are drugs and hard living in country, but that's just not something that is glorified (trucks, beer - those are glorified...not hard drugs!)!!... like the lyric about Keith Whitley being in Hell rubbed me the wrong way and I felt offended for Lori Morgan and his family....and really you could leave out the reference to cocaine.

I think Aaron can do good as a country singer with that voice, but STOP TRYING SO HARD ...we get you are a good ol' boy who bleeds Red, White, & Blue and is proud of your Granddaddy's gun. There are a lot of us like that - we are just as proud of it without having to beat others over the head so they `get it' too.

Still a fan, still rooting for you. Wish you could have included your cover of "What Hurts the Most."
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on November 19, 2012
Aaron Lewis, in my opinion, is one of the reasons of why Staind became famous. His lyrics, his voice, his tone, his emotions, and his storytelling all have made him one of my favorite artists. First with Staind and then with introduction to country in Town Line. Now that The Road has finally been released after such a long wait with record deal problems, it is safe to say that Aaron Lewis went all country on this one--

The Road is very much a country album. In my opinion, Aaron Lewis' EP Town Line was minimal country; almost a blend of what Aaron Lewis wanted to do to enter the market. With some of his success with the song 'Country Boy', Aaron Lewis decided to go all the way. The music is twangy, the music is bold, the music is very much sorrowful. To all the hardcore Staind fans, this is not like the latest self titled album from Staind with hard songs like 'The Bottom' or 'Now'. This really isn't in my opinion like Town Line with the exception of 'Endless Summer' and 'Forever'. This album fits on GAC or on a great local Country station. Much of the lyrics fit with the country lifestyle. However, some of the lyrics are very repetitive in quite a few songs. 'The Road' being one of those songs... the same line is repeated. The variation is mediocre and could have used some more creative lines for these songs. This is my only complaint about the album. I knew the album was country and it most importantly *FITS*. This album is good and the musical outline may help to explain why I feel this way.

Musical Outline:
The Road starts off with the song '75' speaking of Aaron Lewis rolling down in his "bedroom" down the road 75. A basic tale of an artist's trouble with being on the road. Getting tired of the same old, tired of the drive, tired of missing his family. We then continue onto The Road, the same basics as the first, and then off to the melody of 'Endless Summer'. Fans who listened to Town Line will be pleasantly happy with this single as it is not too country... not too twangy, very upbeat, very happy- "Zoe- go and grab the fishing poles." Red, White, and Blue and Lesson's Learned move onto a very American filled lyrical style. I am happy to see that pride displayed. 'Forever' is a somber song in which Aaron Lewis describes the trouble filled life style of being on the road and what could ultimately be interpreted as speaking of his wife. My personal favorite, "Granddaddy's Gun' is heart filled and speaks of an old 12 gauge that Aaron Lewis keeps above his mantle and the stories behind it. Anyone's who's fired a gun will be able to relate. And lastly, "State Lines', 'Anywhere but Here', and 'Party in Hell', finish out Aaron Lewis' solo album with basic country themes that will keep you awake.

I rated this album 3 out of 5 stars as I felt that this is a good album but perhaps not the best lyrically. I will always see Aaron Lewis as my hard rocker badass from Staind but I have enjoyed seeing him come into his own with country. The lyrics are decent and the music isn't bad. To the Staind fans who like hard rock, you may want to pass on this one. Or listen online first before buying with a service such as Rdio... this is country. Not a blend. If you like it, buy it by all means.

Thank you for reading.
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Aaron Lewis
"The Road"
(Blaster Records/Warner Nashville, 2012)
This is commercial country with an admirable amount of twang. A rocker from the alt-metal band, Staind, singer Aaron Lewis "went country" a couple of years ago and signed with producer James Stroud's short-lived Stroudavarious label. He's still working with Stroud on this solid set of chunky neo-trad twang -- it's not quite in Dwight Yoakam or Alan Jackson, but maybe more like Montgomery Gentry or Tracy Lawrence in their rootsier moments. Still, it's a welcome change of pace from the usual high-tech Nashville pop of today. Lewis adds robust vocals and writes almost all the songs... This is commercial country, but with some grit - worth checking out if you're looking for mainstream stuff with a little edge. (DJ Joe Sixpack, Slipcue Guide To Country Music)
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on November 13, 2012
I loved Aaron Lewis first solo album "Town Line" and felt that he was much better in the country music venue than rock. So.........I awaited his second release "The Road" with eager anticipation. Aaron took a while getting this album released, but it was well worth the wait. The Road is awesome throughout, with fantastic story telling combined with heart felt lyrics. He also shows off his vocal abilities and wide range with songs which take him down almost into the bass range and also those that push the tenor envelope....much like my own vocal capabilities and range so I can relate. My Son (also named Aaron!)has been a fan of Stained for quite some time and introduced me to Aaron's "country" music side, and quite frankly.........I'm hooked. This is a SUPER album that is sure to please anyone who loves country music as much as I do. One caviat.....spring for the "deluxe" edition. It includes some awesome live performances that also showcase Aaron's talent! Well worth any extra cost.
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on January 27, 2013
"The Road" is a 2012 country album from Aaron Lewis. Aaron Lewis, most known for his work as lead vocals for the popular rock/metal group known as Staind attempts to make the transition to country music, similar to other artists such as Kid Rock. "The Road" is not Lewis's first attempt at country music however as he released an EP in 2011, "Town Line", to generally favorably reviews.
Overall I believe that "The Road" shows that Aaron Lewis has the potential to become a successful country artist. Some might believe that Lewis would choose to sing in a more southern style voice comparable to many popular country artists today but the low, gravelly that Lewis has became known for strangely seems to fit country music well. The sound of "The Road" has a much more traditional country feel to it with more pedal steel guitar and fiddle which is different from other popular male country acts today such as Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. It makes the album feel much more country otherwise it would sound very similar to Staind, just with country lyrics.
There are several notable tracks on "The Road", each showing Lewis's different country music abilities. "Endless Summer" was the first single released from the album and is a light hearted, almost pop-like, summertime song about spending time with his daughters. The upbeat lyrics are much different than the dark, moody songs that Lewis is most known for with Staind and could be considered a summer anthem. Most of the other songs on the album are about traditional country themes. "Red, White, & Blue" is a patriotic song, similar to something Toby Keith would sing, discussing some of Lewis's family history and showing his conservative values. Several songs also discuss living life on the road. Although Lewis never drove a semi-truck as most country road songs are about, he has spent a considerable amount of time touring giving his lyrics more credibility. The title track, "The Road", is a moderately upbeat tune about some of the simple pleasures of being on the road. "State Lines" is in a tempo similar to "The Road" but is much more about being a touring singer and the success and the good feelings that accompany the traveling. "Forever", the second single off the album, slows the tempo somewhat and begins discussing some of the hardships of being away from family. This song comes off as the most heartfelt song on the entire album as it shows the toll that being famous can have on a family. Finally, "Anywhere But Here" is a much slower song similar to "Forever" about the hardships and problems associated with separation. This song seems to be more of a tribute to Lewis's previous work with more depressing lyrics showing painful emotions. "Anywhere But Here" doesn't seem to fit the album as well as some of the other songs and would be better fitting if it was released with Staind. My personal favorite track on "The Road" is "Granddaddy's Gun". This song, the only song not written by Lewis, is about a family heirloom gun belonging to Lewis's grandfather and his memories with it.
There is some room for improvement if Lewis decides to continue to be a country artist. The biggest problem I see with the album is nearly every song seems like Lewis is trying to prove that is country. For some fans this may be somewhat necessary but I think he should just use his talent and sound to prove this, not so much his lyrics. Also, if Lewis wants to be a successful country act he needs more songs like "Endless Summer" which is what really sells records and brings fans to concerts, even though his talent is best suited for slower ballads.
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on November 15, 2012
When I heard that Aaron Lewis was coming out with a country album I instantly thought "Why fix something that isn't broken?". He's got an amazing voice that makes me cry during ballads (Tangled Up In You) and break my neck with the harder hits (Mudshovel).

When Aaron's first attempt at a country album hit, I wasn't surprised to see it not do well. The one song that everyone seemed to love made my country roots cringe. You can't be a hard hitting rock persona and instantly switch to a down on the farm country boy. Just ask Darius Rucker, it took him YEARS to become a believable country musician.

Yesterday when I tuned to The Road for the first time on Spotify, I admit my first thought was "The girls on ABC's cancelled "GCB" had to fake the twang less than Aaron is doing right now". Then, once I listened to the whole album a second and third time, the southern accent started to feel like it belonged. By my fourth time listening to it today, it's become believable.

If I had to pick which songs will go on Country radio and be successful hits, I'd go with:
Anywhere But Here - Perfect "new" country ballad

Endless Summer - Once again I feel like Aaron took a cue from Darius Rucker and made a fun, catchy summer tune that parents will love to sing with their kids.
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on November 22, 2012
I bought this album in a local chain store i saw one video on C.M.T INTRESTING .I am a stained fan as well i bought this as a gamble not really not knowing what to expect. I REALLY LIKE THIS it is different in a good way. A lot artists try the cross over and it is a disaster and your looking like i just wasted my money on this. I dont know if this is for everyone though, everyone has there own judegment iam not a music critic by any meens i have over 2,000 cd's but this album works for me BLUE COLLAR , nothin sugar coated some of my favroites are THE ROAD , RED WHITE & BLUE, DADDY'S GUN , FOREVER.

I think for stained fans it may need some time to get to use too but it is different and good.the more you listen to it you will appreciate it , it is a huge risk to do a complete 360 from a really agressive hard rock band to country. WHAT THE HELL THOUGH YOU GOT TO TAKE A CHANCE i like that in an artist.

There is a lot of good old school background music steel guitar etc, TRACK 6 FOREVER & 7 GRANDDADDY'S GUN listen to those and you might have a new reason to appreciate what he has done i do. I am going back and will buy his 2011 release.

This is an album i would listen to outside on a late fall warm day on my porch with my favorite beverage .Take a chance and buy his albuum .
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on February 21, 2013
How many times can these country artist, i guess he is now, rehash the same tired worn out lyrics. Amazing! Try somebody like Shooter Jennings... he is the real deal!
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on November 26, 2012
Bought last album and played it so much I needed some more. Must have for a long road trip. If you like Aaron's country side you'll love this album!
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on February 3, 2016
If I could give this Four and a half stars, I would. I save the five star ratings for very few albums, things that I consider the greatest of all time. This is a great CD by an artist that I used to listen to when he was the front man for Staind. I keep having to remind myself that this is the same guy. He's got talent and this CD is quite good. Yes, there are a couple of songs that feel a little too formula-driven and I don't feel the soul in them, but that isn't the case for the whole run through. There are a handful of songs that alone are worth price of the album. This is real country, not the Bro-country-pop stuff we've been fed lately. All together this album is a steal for the current $5 price through mp3 format. Well done, Mr. Lewis. Lesson learned, I'm a fan again - I hope you keep at it in country. Don't let the Nashville Machine get you down. I'm just sorry this album didn't get more attention when it came out.
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