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on November 13, 2012
The Paradise EP is amazing and fits perfectly alongside Born to Die. The only problem with this item is that, though it lists the deluxe tracklisting of Born to Die with three bonus tracks, both on the product description and on the back of the product itself, it is just the standard edition.
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on November 13, 2012
Born into This......Born Yesterday......Born in the USA....... Born to Run.....Born to be Wild...... Born to Lose...... and then......Born to Die. All of these titles to uniquely American songs and poetry with their psychological blues and themes are what "Lana Del Rey" is offering to the Gods.

This is one the most beautiful records produced by an (new) American artist in a long while. Her torch song delivery mixed with all of the 'big" modern sounds of today, goes right for the heart....and the throat. Make no mistake about it, this young woman is an artist and if she never makes another album she has delivered to the listening public an album of truth and beauty and depth, through the medium of "pop" music. This has got a great sound with melodies and lyrics that stay in your mind.

A deep well of young/female desolation and sadness tinged with toughness and desire is present in her music. Her voice and style resonate with American mythical culture and a nostalgic longing.... Gorgeous!

Her videos are very good and the new one, "Ride" (the long story version) is even better than anything else from this album. This video is one of the best ever made about the dark heart of the "American Dream". Musically, visually and psychologically stunning.....David Lynch should be proud to have influenced this artist.

Deep meaning.....deep as the search for life and love....and deep as death.
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on November 13, 2012
The 3 deluxe tracks-- "Without You", "Lolita", "Lucky Ones"-- are listed on the tracklisting, but are NOT INCLUDED!! ...If I would've known this was the case, I would've just bought the Paradise EP.

I can't return this because the CD is consider opened now!! ...This is borderline fraud, if not outright fraud.
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on November 13, 2012
So I just ordered a new copy of BTD:TPE through Amazon (see comments for link) and got what I originally wanted months ago.

Born To Die: The Paradise Edition is really two albums (BTD and Paradise) by Lana Del Rey. The individual reviews can be found below, but all in all, if you like Ms. Del Rey's music, this is the version to get, in my opinion. You get all the main tracks of Born To Die and the same version of Paradise you'd find if you bought it individually. As far as I know, this is the only CD to include all three "extra" tracks for Born To Die on one disc. When I originally bought BTD last summer, I had to track the other songs (13-15 on disc) down individually.

BORN TO DIE (Review): I have fairly eclectic music tastes, but this album absolutely bowled me over last summer. I never would have expected to like someone who is described as a "gangsta Nancy Sinatra," but this album made me like her all the same. Born To Die is a well-written, varied effort from someone new to my musical radar. From the dark, depressed vibe of "Born To Die," "Summertime Sadness," and "Dark Paradise" to the cynical but upbeat "Diet Mountain Dew," I found myself drawn into Lana's world-weary attitude. However, it was the literate and insightful "National Anthem" and "Off to the Races" that really made this album a permanent fixture in my collection and not just a passing curiosity. "Off to the Races" is a superb analysis of a self-destructive relationship from both the masculine and feminine points-of-view, and its insights into the motivations, feelings, and fears of the pair, as well as its references to Nabokov's Lolita continue to fascinate me even after a year of repeated listens. While I don't love every song, this album was my favorite "discovery" of 2012.

PARADISE (Review): To say that I was excited for BTD's follow-up is an understatement; to say that I was disappointed would be the same. Where BTD features songs that feel decidedly different from each other in terms of tone, tempo, lyricism, and subject matter while still being thematically connected, Paradise is eight monotonously languid tracks with little to connect them besides a bored-sounding Lana. There are a couple of highlights, such as "Ride" and "Cola," but even the best Paradise has to offer would only have been middle-of-the-road efforts on BTD. Especially disappointing is the reappearance of several tired cliches in the lyrics, including the reuse of the phrase "[doing something] in the pale moonlight," which was okay once on BTD but should not have been used at least twice here. BTD showed that Lana's versatile voice and world-weary attitude could do different and worthwhile things; Paradise shows that cynicism and vulgarity aren't worthwhile by themselves.


I absolutely love Lana Del Rey's Born To Die album. I bought it on a whim this summer when Amazon had the MP3 version for $.99, and I was absolutely bowled over. I was so excited to buy it on CD (I still love me some physical product) and get the deluxe edition of BTD along with the new songs.

Imagine my disappointment, then, when I just popped the BTD:PE CD into my drive to copy the bonus 3 tracks to my iPhone and found out THEY AREN'T ON THE DISC! This is not an Amazon or Best Buy problem, either; this is an Interscope Records problem, and this CD will not get the five-star review it should from me until this error is rectified.
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on November 13, 2012
This lady needs no awards or accolades, the clear winners are the ones who will play this album and get lost in the imagery Lana Del Rey weaves. The Paradise Edition is the E-ticket for those who didn't want Born To Die to end. It is clear Lana is an avid reader; her love of literature has rubbed off on her and has blessed her craft. If you're not a fan yet, you will be. It only takes one poem to draw you in and you will never want to leave. Make yourself at home with Gods and Monsters, Blue Velvet, Bel Air, American, and Ride. Born To Die is perfect, Paradise is perfect, without question anything Lana Del Rey is a must have. You only live once, you are only young once - don't deny yourself the Lana Del Rey experience.
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on November 19, 2012
Many have complained that the U.S. version is missing some of the bonus tracks although they are listed.

Get the U.K. version that is the Ultimate one for fans. For true die-hards, I would suggest getting the EXCLUSIVE DELUXE BOX SET, embossed in gold and features a special digipack of "Born To Die"( all 15 tracks), The Paradise Edition (with 8 tracks) and comes with an exclusive remix album, 4 card prints, a 7'' picture disc of 'Blue Velvet' and a DVD containing all the amazing videos.

The remix cd contains:
01 Video Games (Joy Orbison Remix) 5:00
02 Video Games (Omid 16B Remix) 5:14
03 Born To Die (Moodymann Remix) 6:11
04 Born To Die (Gemini Remix) 4:48
05 Blue Jeans (Gesaffelstein Remix) 4:36
06 Blue Jeans (Penguin Prison Remix) 5:37
07 National Anthem (Fred Falke Remix Edit) 3:46
08 National Anthem (Tensnake Remix)

This will sell quickly and increase in value!
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on November 13, 2012
If this deluxe edition came with all the songs it promised, then I would be raving about wonderful ALL the songs are. But this CD is missing three tracks! I already own the standard edition of Born To Die and I really like it a lot. The only reason I bought the entire deluxe edition and not just the separate Paradise EP was because I wanted the three deluxe songs from Born To Die, along with the other eight new songs. I really hope this can be fixed somehow. I'm sure this is all some big mistake that no one saw coming.

I give this three stars because even though the three missing tracks is a large negative for me, the music is really great. I would not recommend people buy this however. I wouldn't have bought it had I known it was going to be incomplete. I would have bought Paradise separate and then acquired the other three tracks some other way.
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on November 14, 2012
Yet another review here to say the ad showed 3 additional tracks, the J-card lists those 3 tracks as "Without You," "Lolita" and "Lucky Ones." They aren't there.

It's called _Born To Die, Paradise Edition_, and the UPC is 602537204670. Disc 1/2 says Paradise Edition on it in the small print, but no tracks are listed. Disc also has a number at the end of the fine print: B0017666-72

If you're ripping this into iTunes, you will have to manually-select the correct title from the Gracenote pulldown, but that's another problem: they all say "Lana Del Rey - Born To Die" three times. Which do you choose? If you rip the second disc, your choices are as before (x2) plus "Lana Del Rey - Paradise."

Whatever. I love this album, love her voice, love her modern take on the coquette we all wanted when growing up. I just can't give this a glowing review because I'm PISSED OFF that this comes up short 3 tracks.
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on January 6, 2013
Lana del Rey was an acquired taste for me. Early this year I was slightly drawn to her songs and by the end of the year I absolutely loved her.

To begin, that voice is extraordinary --- one of the most dimensional and complex voices I have ever heard. Although her voice is absolutely original and unique, for short moments it can remind me of Fiona Apple (for example in Million Dollar Man and Body Electric), or Sinead O'Connor (for example in Burning Desire), or the underlying "crying" in Agnetha Faltskog and Connie Francis' voice (for example in Blue Velvet and Without you), or Pat Benatar (on the "falsetto bridge" of Ride), and even Edith Piaf (listen to how she sounds when she sings "Baby can you see through the tears" and in most of the verses of Blue Jeans). At times I can even hear in her voice the pitch and tone of a "singer from Bollywood" (strongly in Lolita and Off to the Races)! Her voice can be edgy and entertaining one moment, incredibly romantic and chanteuse-like another moment; it can be comedic, it can be sarcastic; it can also break just at the right moment and become vulnerable and full of beautiful sensitivity (very much so in Ride, Without You, Video Games, and American). It can be cool (for example in Diet Mountain Dew, and Cola) and with strong traces of soul. It can be extremely sexy (for example in Born to Die and National Anthem). It can be smoky and dark in a light sort of way (for example in Gods and Monsters), it can simply be gorgeous like in Without You, Dark Paradise, Lucky Ones, and the intro. of Radio. I could go on and on about her voice.

On top of her voice there is her songwriting --- it is brilliant! WOW! With flourishing melodies rarely found this day and age --- melodies that could have been written in the 50s or 60s by the elite songwriters of the time, but which she weaves with 2012 relevance and edge --- notes inside melodies that can sometimes make one feel nostalgic, romantic, happy, sad, and ecstatic in the span of a few seconds. Simply brilliant! A classic. An album that gets better with time and one smoothly learns to adore.
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on November 13, 2012
Earlier in 2012, Lana Del Rey released BORN TO DIE -- it was her breakthrough into the mainstream consciousness, and it was met with wildly mixed opinions. I was a late comer to the album, but I loved it the first time I listened to it. I was cautiously optimistic about her follow up to BORN TO DIE, an 8-song EP called PARADISE. On one hand, I was excited to hear more music from Del Rey, but on the other hand, I was worried that 10 months wasn't really long enough for Del Rey and her producers to come through with a quality release. After listening to the EP several times, I can say that I really dig PARADISE, but it doesn't quite live up to the past release.

The EP begins with "Ride," one of the highlights of the album. The song features many of the hallmarks of Del Rey's sound: loungy vocals with slight reverb, layered instrumentation, dark and confused lyrics. The song varies between slower and faster tempos: it makes for a good single and a good indication of where the album is going to go. "Ride" is followed up with "American," whose orchestration is met with electronic percussion. The other album highlight also comes early: "Cola," a vulgar song with a killer melody. The good news is that the first three songs on this EP are great, but the bad news is that it's a bit downhill from there. The rest of the EP isn't bad, most of it is quite good, but it never quite reaches the same early heights. One of the first songs released for the album was the cover of the classic song "Blue Velvet." Instead of Del Rey and her producers giving the song their own spin, it remains a pretty faithful adaptation -- the only marked difference is Del Rey's vocals. It strikes me as a missed opportunities of sorts -- it's a good song, and I would have liked to see what Lana Del Rey could do with it with more creative license. The final track, "Bel Air," is a breathy and atmospheric tune. For Del Rey, whose compositions are usually pretty busy, it's a relatively stripped down song. The song ends PARADISE on a great note.

I will reiterate: PARADISE isn't bad by any means. It sags a bit in the middle, and at its best, it's on par with BORN TO DIE. Listener who didn't enjoy BORN TO DIE most likely will not be persuaded by the music here. Fans who did enjoy Del Rey's past work will find PARADISE a great diversion and a great appetizer for her next album. I haven't heard any news of a new album, so hopefully this isn't actually the dessert. Essential tracks to sample/download: "Cola," "Ride," "American."

ADDITIONAL RELEASE INFORMATION: The bonus track: "Burning Desire" is available on iTunes. It's pretty great, and I would recommend fans go check it out. Another version of this EP acts as an extended version of BORN TO DIE. This release includes her previous album with all of the bonus tracks with this EP (PARADISE) as an additional disc. I would recommend this version if you don't already have BORN TO DIE.
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