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on November 13, 2012
Here we are at album two and this one is an album of two halves - one good, one not quite as inspired. The first half of Dos is excellent while the last half is not as consistant but contains some nice tracks. Like Uno, is fails to hold up in the second half, but it's a much better album than it's predecessor. Sadly though, it will no doubt sell less copies and not receive the wide-spread praise it deserves.
Similarly to Uno, it's a very Nimrod-ish sounding album but without the variety that Nimrod had - which in itself was good and bad.
The major difference between Dos and Uno though is that I like Dos.
I've listened to this album more in the past week than I have for the past two months with Uno. Though this album has made me revisit Uno and I'm giving it more listens.
After a week or so I found Uno to be boring and haven't really listened to any of it for the past month. The longevity of this one should be a bit better as it has a handful of instant classics. It's good songs are better than Uno's gooduns and there are more of them, however it has a couple of sub-par ones. There was nothing overly bad on Uno, it was pretty consistent, with limited filler. Dos has Nightlife to drag it down and is an album of more extremes - ie more highs and bigger lows. Versus Uno, Dos certainly has more songs that would make it onto one great album.
Lots of songs here have a familiar ring to them.

B- -See You Tonight is a nice opener. Kind of Song of the Century-ish. I like my one minute acoustics.
B -F$%& Time is a fun track though maybe a tad childish for aging rockers
B+ -Stop When The Red Lights Flash is a highlight
A- -Lazy Bones is another highlight and the best track on offer. Love this one though it reminds me a bit of Del Shannon's Runaway
B+ -Wild One keeps the quality high
C+ -Makeout Party falters a bit but rates as good filler
B -Stray Heart is a good track. Not a classic first single but catchy enough. So we're halfway and things are looking very good. Can Dos be better than Uno?
C -Ashley, however, is where things take a turn and the quality drops. Nothing much to like about this one. Filler.
C+ -Baby Eyes is an OK track though. Nimrod-ish but nothing spectacular.
C+ -Lady Cobra - same as the Baby Eyes comment
C- -Nightlife ummm, no thank you. Billie sounds like he has a head cold and that's not the worst part of this awful track. It could have been good without the external input.
B- -Wow! That's Loud has grown on me. So much so I've edited my first review to bump up it's rating from a C. Perhaps too much uninspiring instrumentalism to push it up to a flat B
B+ -Amy is a nice track. An instant liker. It screams familiarity though. Something from the 60's that I can't quite place.

By the end of Tre, one great album of material looks the likely outcome and perhaps what should have been released. Dos tracks should fill many of those spots. But they'll manage to get more than twice the amount of money out of me from the three albums so mission accomplished guys.
My hope was for Dos to be far better than Uno and whilst it IS much better it's not a stand-alone classic Green Day album - but my hopes for Tre are still high.
Add the four great tracks from Uno to the six from Dos and hopefully Tre will have at least six of quality and then you'll have yourself a ripper album.
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on December 26, 2012
When I first previewed Dos on Amazon, after buying Uno, I was slightly disappointed. I felt like these songs might have been the B tracks of the triology that they put on one disc. Then, I previewed Tre, and was blown away by those songs, and bought. Feeling as if it would in complete to not own the full Triology, I bought Dos.

I'm so glad I did! The songs on Dos completely make sense when listened to in between Uno and Tre! Alone, Dos felt like as if I was reading the middle chapters of a book. After hearing Uno, then listening to Dos, and then Tre, it fits perfect musically.

Give it a try, download it, and give it a few listens and you'll hopefully agree :)
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on December 15, 2012
Listening to Dos! as I write this.
Even though Uno! had already exceeded my expectations, Dos! was even better.
Just to start with the packaging--beautiful. Cover goes perfectly with the other albums in the trilogy, great pictures of the band on the insert, the lyrics are displayed both neatly and creatively and overall, it looks very nice.
The music (sorry if I get too in depth here):

See you tonight -- is catchy sweet, heartfelt. I think its the perfect intro to the harder album of the three, even though this is a soft song.
F*** Time-- I personally find it impossible to listen to this song without laughing. It's a crazy, absurd (in a good way) song
Stop When The Red Lights Flash -- fast paced, great guitar work (yay Jason White and Billie Joe), very garage-rocky feel
Lazy Bones -- The lyrics of this song are so twistedly beautiful. If you buy the album for one reason, let it be this song.
Wild One -- One of those romantic-swaying-to songs for me. Great bass line, too
Makeout Party -- for fans of the Green Day side project Foxboro Hottubs. This is such a retro garage-rock sound, you can't help but think of "The Pedestrian" or "Stop Drop and Roll"
Stray Heart -- Awesome song, but after listening to Tre!, I see why it was originally supposed to be on there and not Dos! Doesn't fit perfectly in the lineup, but still a masterpiece. (the music vid is great too, you should check it out, if you haven't)
Ashley -- Perfect for after a bad break up. full of that classic angst of Green Day.
Baby Eyes -- Classic rock n' roll, always the best lyrics (Billie Joe Armstrong is a lyrical genius)
Lady Cobra -- Another Foxboro Hottubs sounding one. upbeat, fun and spunky
Nightlife -- probably my least favorite on the album, but uses interesting lyric overlap
Wow! That's Loud -- I love the riffs on this song, there just so Green Day
Amy -- Puts me on the verge of tears. Its a really beautiful tribute to Amy Winehouse

Well, if you read through my entire fan-girl analysis of Dos!, it's really a great album. I would recommend it to any punk or alt rock fan.
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Better late than never right? I slept on the second Green Day of the album of the year Dos, despite purchasing it when it materialized in November. Regardless, ¡Dos! is consistent with Uno if not more enjoyable and innovative in some respects. Every cut grooves, even "Nightlife," a cut in particular that is slower than the multitude. A contrast to the first album, there seem to be more risks on Dos, which should be apparent to both fans and casual listeners. Unfortunately for Dos, its sells have been even less spectacular than that of Uno - about half to be exact of Uno's debut. A shame, given Dos may offer more triumphs.

"See You Tonight" is a surprising start, lasting all of 1:06 serving as a prelude or intro. There is strummed rhythmic guitar and a brief vocal performance. The introductory cut definitely gives off an air of mysteriousness and unpredictability. The real affair begins with the grooving "F*** Time," which is completely different from anything on Uno. Instead of delivering an ultra quick, punk-savvy tempo, the band opts for a bluesier mid-tempo cut, borrowing its harmonic sensibilities on the chorus directly from the blues idiom. Keeping its punk appeal alive, none needs to look any further than the title to see the sensibility of the band's revivalist style.

"Stop When The Red Lights Flash" is consistent, opening within pummeling drums and keeping the guitars heavy, dirty, and driving. It may not quite reach the compelling appeal of the opener, but it's both succinct and enjoyable, something that bodes well in Green Day's favor on Dos. On the catchy "Lazy Bones," Billie Joe Armstrong's vocals are particularly well produced, most notable on the first verse where he has plenty of space to sit atop the production. "Lazy Bones" also allows for the biting Armstrong to get in his tough, punk talk (there is a reason for that parental advisory warning folks). Four tracks in, it's all good.

"Wild One" is a mid-tempo hit from a first listen. Well written and catchy, Green Day are on autopilot on this, arguably Dos's valedictory moment. While there is no consistent chorus, there are some key repeated portions such as "She's my wild one..." and "She gave up on Jesus, for living on Venus...," both followed with various lyrical variations. "Makeout Party" speeds the tempo back up, finding frontman Armstrong delivering one of the album's more feisty performances. It may not be quite the likes of Uno's superb "Let Yourself Go," but it rocks for sure. Never underestimate the power of an addictive groove and snarling punk-infused vocals.

"Stray Heart" keeps the tempo going and finds Armstrong in top-notch form. "Everything that I want, I want from you/but I just can't have you/everything that I need, I need from you/but I just can't have you" Armstrong belts on the the ultra catchy hook. Pleasant despite the circumstances of the songwriting, this may be the happiest "Stray Heart" ever. "Ashley" doesn't let up or concede one iota of momentum, driving even more than "Stray Heart." The brighter vibe of "Stray Heart" is abandoned for minor key sensibility, in which Billie Joe Armstrong asks 'Ashley' such pointed questions like "...are you running around? now you're crying at a bloody murder!" and "...are you bumming around? Now you're crying on my cold shoulder!" He also declares she's no bleeping "saint." Green Day at it's best.

"Baby Eyes" drives within its brief 2:21 duration ("I pulled the trigger from the shooting stars/I am the motor in your crashing car...") as does "Lady Cobra," which features a simple but effective harmonic progression. The guitar solo is a highlight here as are the background vocals, adding even more color to the cut. "Nightlife" slows things down, but not like a ballad - there is still a strong, discernible rhythmic groove. Sensually-charged, Lady Cobra adds a bizarre rap, something we definitely haven't associated with the band ("What's that I hear? You want to go for a ride? Well, don't be afraid boy to come inside...") It's definitely interesting - and to each his own. I definitely dig the groove - jury's still out on Lady Cobra's seductive, whispered rhymes.

"Wow! That's Loud" is just that. Additionally, it is the album's lengthiest cut at just shy of 4 ½ minutes - Green Day know how to keep things brief. "Amy" closes the effort with Armstrong accompanied only by electric guitar. More of a notable statement like Uno's "Oh Love," "Amy" finds the band opting for more serious fare than what constitutes the majority of Dos. It's solid and Armstrong performs it well, but I wouldn't call a 'favorite.'

All-in-all, Dos is solid and enjoyable album. If you have grown accustomed to 'heavier' Green Day, this is not it. This album like ¡Uno! avoids the depth of either American Idiot or 21st Century Breakdown. Some will laud that, others will scrutinize it. Personally, I fall between both extremes. I do believe, regardless, Dos is a solid album, weird Lady Cobra raps or not.
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on August 30, 2014
¡Dos!, the second album of this trilogy, brings on with 13 tracks, which in a way, are more poppier than ¡Uno!, resembling to a certain extent to their 1997 release “Nimrod” or their 2000 album “Warning”. Most of the songs particularly “Fuck Time”, “Stop When The Red Flights Flash and “Ashley” are pop/punk at best. “See You Tonight” is a short intro that paves the way to “Fuck Time”-which in a way reminds me of The Beatles, at least in the music performance and vocal harmonies, but with a little dose of guts. The next track “Stop When The Red Lights Flash” is classic pop/punk at best, probably it would rival to songs like “Hitchin`a Ride” or “Minority”. “Lazy Bones” sounds like a left-over from 21st Century Breakdown. Wild One is a slower punk song- an unusual thing on a punk rock band- that reminds me of songs like “Macy`s Day Parade” or “Warning”. In fact, it is a song that should have been specially recorded for the “Warning” album. Makeout Party has a 1980`s new vave-ish vibe., although slower than any new wave song from the early 1980`s, though it has a much heavier sound. Stray Heart is like the follow-up to “Blood, Booze and Sex” from the “Warning” album. Like the previous track, it follows a new wave sound with some punk strong vibes. Ashley is probaly the best track on this CD. It is purely and simply classic Green Day. Baby Eyes follows-up, but IMO, it is a bit generic. Now, Lady Cobra is pretty much stronger than than Baby Eyes-although I don`t know if it refers to the guest star, Lady Cobra who appears on the track Nightlife doing some rapping. Nightlife, in fact, it is not bad at all, but needs more punk fuel. Wow! That`s Loud is a repetition of songs like Ashley and Stray Heart, though it sounds generic. Amy is a slow paced track dedicated to the deceased British funk singer Amy Winehouse as a tribute to her short-lived career destroyed by her drug and alcohol excesses. Undoutedly, it is one of the highest points on this album. Overall, ¡Dos! Is not based on punk rock, but on an accesible, catchy pop/rock you may found on the radio. Still, it is a good disc.
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on December 19, 2013
I recently purchased Uno!, Dos! and Tre! at the same time. I opted for the clean versions for a couple of reasons. The first is because I have young kids and I want to share this with them. The second reason is because I like the creative way they replaced all of the F-bombs Billie Joe likes to drop using sounds like an electric guitar fill or other sound effect. I originally bought the regular version of Uno! and I actually prefer the clean, edited version. Go figure.

I've read a lot of the reviews online about these 3 albums and it seems most people are missing the point. Sure, the timing of the releases in relation to what the band was going through at the time, the amount of songs to digest in a short period of time and the seemingly lack of marketing on these CD's seems to have hurt the sales but good music or good art is not about sales.

I believe the point Green Day is trying to make is they can make an epic trilogy of music the same way George Lucas made an epic trilogy of movies. Each album stands on its own just like each Star Wars movie stands on its own but when taken as a trilogy they really fit together and are even better than the sum of their parts, just like Green Day themselves.

These 3 albums will grow on you if you let them. It took about 3 times of listening to Uno! front to back to finally sink in where they are going with this trilogy. After that the other two albums fell into place and it all made sense.

Uno! opens the trilogy with a Green Day sound that falls somewhere between Nimrod and American Idiot. It's the most punk rock power pop CD of the set. I compare it to Star Wars Episode IV because it sounds more like Green Day when they were young and hungry much the same way it felt to watch the young and hungry Luke Skywalker when he was realizing that he is a Jedi. I really love every song on this CD but if I had to pick the weakest song it is ironically the single Kill the DJ. I really like the guitars in Kill the DJ but to me the lyrics and melody are not very creative. It's surrounded by two killer songs though, Let Yourself Go and the awesome Fell For You which should have been a single.

Dos! is the darkest and rawest album just like Empire Strikes Back is the darkest of the Star Wars movies. It sounds more like a follow up album for Foxboro Hot Tubs than a typical Green Day album. If they weren't making a trilogy this album may not exist as a Green Day album even though it stands on its own. The guitars sound more like Gretsch guitars rather than Gibson or Fender guitars on most of the songs on this album. They have a kerrang quality to their sound although they still rock hard. They have one filler on this album though, Nightlife. I do give them credit for stretching their boundaries though since this is the least sounding Green Day song I've ever heard from them.

Tre! brings Green Day back up to date. It is the most adventurous of the trilogy and is a satisfying climax. It feels like the most natural progression of Green Day coming from 21st Century Breakdown but without most of the politics. I think if Green Day made only one CD instead of 3 they most likely would have chosen the songs and direction on Tre! I'm really glad they decided to make a trilogy instead of one CD though because I really like 35 of the 37 songs and the two fillers are still good! It would be great to see Green Day one day be publically recognized for what they accomplished here. It would also be great to see Green Day perform the whole trilogy from start to finish in concert. Idiot Epic!
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on March 8, 2013
I got "Uno" and it was a pretty decent pop-rock album that succeeded for the most part in what it was supposed to accomplish. When I popped in "Dos", I wasn't expecting the old Green Day or even "American Idiot"-esque quality music; I just wanted to hear some good tunes.

Don't get me wrong, "Dos" has some really good songs on it and the musicianship is really good across the board but there are some songs here that are either not fully thought-out or are just a complete waste of time. This album is 39 minutes and for 5 songs to be sub-par, it pretty much narrows it down to an EP. I actually almost felt cheated the first time I played this album the whole way through; it took me 2 more listens to appreciate a couple of the tracks more.

The following songs here are the ones that I really think should've been left off:
"F*** Time" (kind of a blues rock number that has potential but never really takes off), "Make-out Party", "Stray Heart" (this also had potential but the lyrics feel generic and everything feels forced), "Lady Cobra", and "Nightlife" (I understand this is supposed to be experimental or something but it fails miserably and should've been a B-Side at most).

One thing I'll say for this album is that the songs have more edge to them than the ones on "Uno" for the most part. Also, the good songs on this are really good. Songs like "Lazy Bones", "Wow! That's Loud", and "Amy" are really amazing songs. The band really should learn a lesson here with this album: quality over quantity. If they keep releasing albums as uneven as this, I might not bother with Green Day anymore sadly.

If you're a die-hard fan of Green Day, you'll most likely pick this up regardless of a review.

If you're a casual Green Day fan, there a couple good songs on here but I wouldn't recommend buying this new at full price; I would buy it used at the price that an EP costs.

Mediocre with flashes of greatness.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 3, 2012
I'm not one of those Green Day fans who sullenly complain that Green Day don't sound like they did in the 90s and that everything they do these days is powerpop - I loved Green Day in the 90s, I loved Green Day in the 00s, and in the 10s? I still love these guys. "Uno" was a great little record, way underrated, and had it's share of catchy numbers and enough moments to remind me of why I love Green Day. Unfortunately, the follow-up, "Dos", is less impressive record.

I'll start with the songs I liked. "Stray Heart" might be the best song on the record. It's ridiculously catchy and has this bouncy, toe-tapping bass that you can dance to and not just pogo up and down to like in live shows but actually dancing. It's very un-Green Day in that its not punk-pop but it's still a really fun and enjoyable tune. Conversely, "Ashley" is the most Green Day sounding song on the record ("Nimrod"-era GD) with a catchy hook and driving beat, complete with trademark Tre drums. The closing song, "Amy", is Billie-Joe's tribute ballad to Amy Winehouse but beside the sentiment is a really great tune and is the song I've come back to more than any other on this record. Great sound, it has a very bare arrangement with just vocals and guitar. "Wild One" would be my final pick of the good songs on this record. It's catchy as hell with a slow and pounding beat. It sounds like a Noel Gallagher song from "Morning Glory" era Oasis complete with full on have-it guitar solo.

There were only a couple of songs I completely disliked. "Lady Cobra" is a total rip off of the White Stripes' "Fell in Love with a Girl" but not nearly as good and "Nightlife" is this record's "Kill the DJ". It's just plain bad, slow, stupid, interminable, and has this horrible rap throughout. Really wish this had been left off the record.

As for the others, well - you know the phrase "damning with faint praise"? That's what sums up the rest of the songs. "Baby Eyes", "Lazy Bones", "Stop When the Lights Flash Red", and "Wow! That's Loud" all have nice moments, a cool riff, but are ultimately forgettable b-sides. "**** Time" has this really weird moment where Billie-Joe goes "aaahhh aaahhh" into the mic. You know when someone imitates a large crowd cheering? That's what it sounds like. And "Makeout Party" is funny (middle aged guys rocking out about spin the bottle and truth or dare) with a great bassline but is still a really average song.

After a strong start with "Uno", "Dos" is a dip in quality but has a few excellent songs on it that are definitely worth checking out. Here's hoping Green Day finish their 2012 trilogy strong with "Tre".
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on November 24, 2012
I have been a Green Day fan ever since I first saw the video for Longview many years ago. I have faithfully purchased every album Green Day has produced, and usually pick the new one up as soon as it is released. Knowing Green Day throws out an album every couple of years, I hadn't really followed any recent news since 21st Century Breakdown, an album which I think is excellent. I figured I'd do a search a few months ago to see if they had anything new in the works, and sure enough, I wasn't surprised to see a new album coming my way. I was pleasantly surprised, though, to see we were getting a triple dose of back to back to back studio releases. Yes! 30+ more songs I will have instantaneously permeated into my brainwaves! Forward several months later: Picked up UNO! and enjoyed all the songs on this album, but didn't find anything too different, from previously released albums except for KILL THE DJ, that really reached out and grabbed ya'. There were some vocals and chords/rhythms that were pretty reminiscent of some past Green Day tracks thrown in, but you usually notice that on their albums, I guess it's just their style. Still an enjoyable CD, as their past CD's, I will listen to it repeatedly until I have nearly every track memorized. Now, fast forward again, two months later: Picked up DOS! and, damn.. this, in my opinion, is my favorite and best Green Day album to date. For everyone that says they don't like the poppy sound or style that Green day has embraced over the years,(not my personal opinion at all) please give this album a listen! I have listened to this album close to ten times now, and every song has it's own uniqueness and catchy sound and vocals that just completely blows UNO! out of the water. Every song on here is amazing, even the rap-esque song, and I despise rap music with a passion. Thank goodness they try something different on their albums. Who wants to listen to the same old style again and again like you get from other mainstream bands? If there ever is an album to display how good Green Day really is, this is the DEFINITIVE Green Day album to own that shows just how talented they really are. After all these years, there is still much, much, more to look forward to as far as great music from this band. Honestly, when has Green Day ever produced a bad album? Never. Thank you, guys, for producing such a fantastic work of art. This is your crowning achievement.
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on November 13, 2012
¡UNO! delivered a more classic Warning/Nimrod era Green Day sound and I wasn't exactly sure what to expect with the arrival of ¡DOS! six weeks later. I didn't have much to go on other than the fact that the band called the album a "Party Album" and a "Dirty Rock" record. So what exactly is ¡DOS!?

First off, this record is very different from ¡UNO! in that it has a ton of energy. Most of the songs pack a punch and the record as a whole is almost unrelenting in terms of pace. This isn't the same punk energy that you would have found on the early Green Day albums. This is something different and clearly inspired by early 70's rock. The first comparison that comes to mind for me would be The Rolling Stones "Exile on Main St", but there are about 200 albums from that era you could list that Green Day could have taken inspiration from here.

Lyrically this could not contrast the serious political messages in American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown more. Although the content is just as real, it is different because the focus is more internal and self glorifying topics. From "F*** Time" to "Makeout Party", the guys were clearly just trying to have fun on this and not taking themselves or the lyrical tone too seriously. This record seems to be an authentic reflection of the rock star element of their lifestyle, for better or worse. The lyrics provide a window into Billie Joe's excessive lifestyle and mindset during the last few years which can be really interesting. Part of me is glad to see them let loose here and just write songs they enjoy and not care about repercussions, but some listeners on a moral high horse may be turned off by the lyrics.

So how's the music? Overall it's catchy, and well written. There are definitely just as many fantastic songs on here as on ¡UNO!. That said, it's really hard to compare the two because these tracks are blisteringly fast reinterpretations of 70's singalong rock songs--not pop punk. The tracks "Lazy Bones", "Baby Eyes", and "Ashley" are probably the best constructed songs, and there should be no surprise that these tracks also sound the most like classic Green Day tracks. Another highlight for me is "Wow! That's Loud" which has a chorus on it that will make any fan of The Who squeal with delight. The only two songs which break from this aforementioned fast pace are "Nightlife", which shows Green Day experimenting collaborating with a female rapper, and "Amy", which is a gorgeous acoustic track about the late Amy Winehouse.

Overall I have to say I really enjoy this record. I feel the casual Green Day fan may have a negative reaction to this album because there's no "singles" and they probably never heard the Foxboro Hot Tubs project, or have a great appreciation for late 1970' rock. Selling over 60 million albums worldwide, Green Day has become a household music brand name at this point. This brand name correlates with a certain amount of refinement and production that this record simply does not have, and that lack of polish is the exact point of this record!

As a rock music junky I absolutely love this record, but for marketing purposes this record maybe should been a second Foxboro Hot Tubs album. I say that because that's really the context you should listen to this album in. If you haven't heard that Green Day side project, grab it now. Grab it BEFORE you listen to ¡DOS!. You will enjoy this record much more.

All in all this is a really fun Rock `n' Roll record and that's all it was meant to be. Don't take it too seriously and might have a really good time; I did!
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