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on November 13, 2012
Let me get this out of the way - despite my rating, I absolutely love this album. Disciple's "O God Save Us All" is a competent, fast-paced rocker that ticks all the boxes necessary to make a great rock album - and I like that. The problem? It's inconsistencies are puzzling.

The truth is that there are probably two good albums here. Exactly half of this album is comprised of fast-paced groove metal, reminiscent of Disciple's self-titled album or even "Back Again." In fact, the first three songs collectively have more energy than possibly anything the band has released previously, with "R.I.P." standing out as an album highlight and as one of the best rockers in the band's lengthy discography.

Then things slow down. I understand why, since an album full of "Outlaws" would be absolutely exhausting, but the problem is that it slows down for a long time. The next three entire tracks are radio-ready ballads. Hear: these would be some of the best Christian rock ballads playing on the radio, but Disciple is always at their best when they're at their heaviest. By the closing of "Someday," the listener will be more than ready to jump straight to the hard stuff again. That's disappointing, because the otherwise excellent "Draw The Line" begins to bore from the first line, if only because of expectations.

"Kings" gets things back into top gear with an industrial crunch, and Disciple finally delivers a real guitar solo in "The One," but the final two songs crawl the album to a close. Again, these slower songs are good, but they mean the metal portions of the album come to a screeching halt all too often and all too quickly.

Fortunately, "O God Save Us All" has some of the best lyrical work from the band. It should be unsurprising that there are a few lines, especially in "Unstoppable," that border on cliche, but for every trite word here, there are three or four more that are genuinely meaningful. It doesn't hurt that Disciple is up front and straightforward about their faith (vague and nonspecific religiosity is a sad trend in Christian rock).

"O God Save Us All" is an album with an identity crisis. If you're a fan of groove metal, you're inevitably going to love half of this album. If you're a fan of rock ballads, you're inevitably going to love the other half. And if you like both, like me, you'll probably still enjoy the entire experience. Still, I can't help but wish that the record were more cohesive and consistent. For that cohesive experience, I have to instead recommend Disciple's "Southern Hospitality" or even Red's "Until We Have Faces."

Ten-Point Scale: 6.0 out of 10.0
Genre: Christian / Rock / Groove Metal
Objectionable Content: None
Recommended: Somewhat
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on December 16, 2012
Brand new Disciple listener here - I'd briefly listened to their 2003 release "By God", and hadn't heard from them since till this album popped up on my "recommended" list. Gave it a whirl, and was totally sold. The music is gritty and a little less harsh than some of their earlier releases - sounded more melodic overall to me. And the lyrics... man, I'm still recovering I'm afraid. These guys are in-your-face, no-apologies types. Just... wow.

Rock on.
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on November 24, 2012
Positive God centered lyrics! Love it! Download it now and enjoy a great southern based rock band. God bless Kevin Young!
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on December 19, 2012
From - 20 years is a long time to be successful on the music scene. And though Disciple didn't break through from the underground scene until around 10 years ago they have proven that time and experience are the key ingredients to remaining relevant in today's ever changing music scene. So with the release of O God Save Us Kevin Young and Disciple have once again proven their staying power.

Musically there's something for every generation of Disciple fans. If you remember and love the days when the band used raw power cords and dirty guitars then you'll love tracks like "Outlaws"O God Save Us" and "Unstoppable." If you like the radio friendly rock songs that the band does so well then you'll be captivated by tracks like "Someday"Draw the Line" and "Beautiful Scars." The only drawback is that these Radio friendly rockers make up half the album, leaving fans wanting more of the dynamic raw rock everyone's accustomed to.

The instrumentation may also surprise some long time listeners, as it did on their 2009 release Horseshoes and Handgernades. One song unparticular that stands out is the keyboard driven "Once and for All" which manages to make keys and piano into a fairly heavy rock song. Meanwhile Young's vocals are complimented perfectly on the album closer "Trade a Moment" where you hear an unnamed female vocalist that only adds to the already powerful love song.

Lyrically Disciple continues to age like a fine wine. It is obvious that they have grown in their own walks with Christ. "O God Save Us" talks about our what it's like when we try to walk the Christian walk alone. Young speaks out against Legalism and abusive leadership on "Kings." While "Outlaws" talks explicitly about those in Christ being separate from the world, and "Unstoppable" talks about having courage in the face of persecution.

Like on previous records some of the slower tracks will become instant favorites. "Someday"Draw The Line" and "Beautiful Scars" The first song talks about our the day when our sins are forgiven and we are free in Christ. The second talks about our own sinful desires that sometimes surface and are responsibility to put them to death, not allowing them to control us. While the last song talks about the power of Christ's salvation to save us from our sins despite anything we have done.

If you're looking for both a powerful and moving addition to your music collection look no further than Disciples latest O God Save Us. It should keep old fans satisfied and draw in new and make a good addition to any collection.
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on February 11, 2014
I wasn't there from the beginning. A church goer I knew back in 07 knew I'm into hard rock and heavy metal and recommended this band to me. While parts of the band were as I expected, they're certainly not Dream Theater nor Rush on the instruments, I really dug the songs, and by 08 had their entire discography. Now I knew ith Southern Hospitality, an album I do enjoy, there were going to be problems, as a majority of the original musicians had left, but then their previous album came out and those fears were more realised. Even still there were several songs I did enjoy a lot.

This album is the culmination of my fears and what I expected way back in 07 when a church goer recommended them to me, except less preachy oddly enough. Their more preachy stuff was better!!!

This album feels like it lacks emotion, heart, drive or really anything interesting. It's a bunch of radio friendly rock songs, mostly ballads that put me to sleep. And even the rockers lack heart. Now I guess I don't want to accuse these guys, the singer mainly as I'm guessing it's his band, of putting nothing into the album, because it is hard to write a really good song, and he's written many inhis career, but I find no connection with any of these songs.

There are way too many ballads. Back when they had 1 or 2 ballads per album those had something behind them. I can still get chills from songs like Whatever Reason, Mercy, No End At All, and One More Time. But this dreck I can't stomach. I feel like hearing this album is like listening to a Nickelback album. Disciple was always at their best rocking out with meaningful lyrics.

There is not 1 song that does anything for me on here, not 1. The rockers are tolerable and the ballads are horrendous and overall I just find listening to this album a bad experience. I also realize these guys weren't too far from being radio friendly before, especially after they changed their sound a bit ont he self titled, but this is too much.

If you like radio friendly rock this might be ok for you, but I don't like much of that, and this album is the end of the line for me with this band unless some of the original musicians come back and are contributing to the writing process.
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on December 16, 2012
I bought this as a gift for my 17 year old son. I know it will bring great joy to him come Christmas morning.
Recieved the item on time and with no damage. Excellent product from an excellent vendor.
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on December 8, 2012
Been a fan of Disciple since the beginning (I have two disciple VHS's and their first cd if that gives you any idea) and this is definitely one of their best albums yet. No disappointment here!
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on November 24, 2012
This is another album full of powerful lyrics, passionate vocals and tons of musical talent. It's hard not to love these guys.
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on December 10, 2012
This is a band unlike the usual mainstream. They just keep getting better with no compromise to the ministry they started 20 years ago. If you love Jesus, hard rock and an amazingly unique voice then you must add this to your CD collection. This is 11 hard rockin' songs about real life and hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.
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on January 1, 2013
With a career spanning 20 years, Disciple has consistently turned out great albums. Over this time span we have seen the rise and fall of grunge, nu-metal and hardcore. There have been major changes in the last few years, so that Kevin Young is the only original man standing. The band now consists of Kevin Young (vocals), Rich Ward (lead guitar), Josiah Prince (rhythm guitar), Jason Wilkes (bass) and Trent Reiff (drums). Their style changed to a mixture of hard rock and southern metal for `Southern Hospitality' (2008) and continued in the hard rock vein for `Horseshoes & Handgrenades' (2010) and `O God Save Us All' (2012).

`Outlaws' has a raunchy rock approach, before they stomp all over your face in `O God, Save Us All' with "And every dream that I chased I watched it all be erased / It is just like trying to capture the wind / And the hole we find ourselves in is sinking / Misguided, divided / We have nowhere left to fall / O God save us all / Mistaken, forsaken / With our backs against the wall / O God save us all".

`RIP' reprises some of the `This Might Sting a Little' era sound as they ditch the radio-friendly format and Kevin spits out the words with aggression. The first three tracks notch up the raw power before pulling back into a slick rock ballad `Once And For All'.

This is followed by the reflective `Someday'. Having suffered through hard times as I watched cancer destroy my mother's body and my sister's mental state spiral out of control, it seemed to speak directly to me. "There are days when all the color turns to gray / and it feels like there's no solace from the pain / And I'm on my knees asking for a reason why / but the answers all seem miles and miles away". Thankfully her long-standing faith helped my mother see it through to the end. "Someday we will rise above the pain of this world / Someday the grave and death will lose their sting / There'll be no more tears and no more shame / And all our scars will fade away / Only love will remain / Someday".

There is the more commercial rock of `Draw The Line' followed by the freshly-minted `Kings' with its harder-edged industrial influences and the glorious metallic stomp of `Unstoppable'.

As we have come to expect from Disciple, their lyrics continue to be faith-filled and are bound together by strong song structures and tight musicianship. Whilst the album does not have a new sound, it does recap on some of the previous highlights as well as sprinkling in some newer ones.
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