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on November 13, 2012
Really impressed.
Couldn't ask for more.
What I like the most:
Its super sensitive touch screen
Nokia City Lens (maps). Gorgeous!
Nokia Music, which puts its rivals to shame.
Nokia Pureview. Wont believe it. The pictures are amazing! 8.7 megapixels.
Its low-light performance. This alone makes it a must buy!
Its wireless charger, love it.
Battery life, excellent.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks NOKIA!
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on November 14, 2012
Excellent phone! Would recommended to everyone! So happy with it!!!
Worth every minute of waiting! Thanks Nokia and MSFT!
Excellent apps, connection, good battery life and it looks INCREDIBLE!!!
Just its camera and maps makes it the phone of the year!
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on November 17, 2012
This is one of the best phones I used in a while. I've had an iPhone 3.x and 4.x and the Nokia 900 over the past few years... and I really like each one of those phones. But, the Nokia 920 blows them all away! It feels solid in your hand. The screen is crisp and clear to read... even outside. The price point is absolutely unbelievable! The camera takes fantastic pictures! Wireless charging is something you won't be able to live without after you get it! I went for the Yellow 920 and I couldn't be happier. I love the glossy finish! Aside from feeling solid, it just feels nice to the touch! I'm very happy I didn't choose an extra row of icons, never mind the extra cost (the iPhone 5) over the Nokia 920! If you been considering going with a Windows Phone, you just need to go do it! You won't be sorry!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon November 20, 2012
I've had two Lumia 900s, both suffered drops that cracked the screen (though they also made it safely through quite a few drops, I am a klutz). So I decided to get the 920, and I am thrilled with it. It comes in some gorgeous colors (bright yellow!), and it has such a beautiful and sleek form factor that I'm loathe to put it in a case (hence my blue Lumia 900's vulnerability to drops). It gets excited looks and questions wherever I go. Last week I took it out during a meeting with about 15 of our marketing folks (predominantly young guys), and it ended up getting passed around the room with lots of positive chatter - until the conversation turned to apps. I agree, it has most of the apps I want, but not all of the ones that I used consistently on my iPhone, and that has been the downfall of Nokia phones in recent history.

The marketing campaign for the 900 was all about how everyone had been a smartphone beta tester, and this was the real deal. Followed closely by a software glitch bad enough that Nokia then gave a credit to everyone who bought a subsidized phone that made the phone FREE. I'm sad to say there are still some big problems with the Lumia line. This Lumia has had some rebooting issues, the short battery life is still a big letdown (you are running on vapors by the end of every day), and it's hefty. It fits in a pocket, but you really feel it, especially if you sit down. All in all, however, I do love this phone and I love having something that not everyone else has.


*Form Factor: it's different, and gorgeous, and a conversation starter. People want it, or want to try it.
*Camera: It has a great 8.7 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization (Carl Zeiss, as always with Nokia) and takes good images even inside my house even with curtains drawn. Sharp.
*Screen: 4.5 inch screen with gorilla glass, stunningly sharp 1280 x 760 resolution and blur reduction. It is also impressively sensitive. Nokia is based in Finland, and they have 10 months of cold. Nokia engineers have been very motivated to make a phone that can be used while wearing gloves.
*Operating System: The Windows operating system features bold, bright colors, animated images, and a very intuitive and easy interface. I try to restrict my conversations with friends because inevitably people ask to play with the pretty interface and seem to have no qualms about opening my personal email, work email, and texts. I'm still not sure how much I like it that this phone is so attractive and attracting that it makes people forget boundaries.
*Responsiveness: Superb. It has a dual-core processor, but it's optimized to run smoothly on slower chips. 60 fps screen refresh rate. It's zippy in most everything you do. 4G/LTE supported.
*Maps: best in the business, and Nokia Drive is awesome. I used the 920 when I was in Chicago and it got me where I wanted to go via buses (I know, I'm cheap) every day with no issues (bus times, stop locations, etc).
*Some sweet extras: wireless charging and near field communication. And they finally give you a way to resize your tiles, a lack that annoyed me with the 900. Also interfaces with my Xbox 360. I still can't set up my TV programs to record (via my cable provider) like I could with my iPhone however.
*Sound: one of the things that seems improved - music quality is not bad if I forget my headphones and I can carry on business calls via speaker.
*Price: a LOT cheaper than an iPhone.


*Size: heavy, big in your pocket and just slightly too big to be comfortable in your hand.
*Battery: you know that sinking feeling you get when you have a low battery warning at the end of the day and there is something important you have to do with the phone that you may not be able to if you can't get to a charger. Yes, it's a jaw-droppingly beautiful display, but this is the result.
*Operating System: Still some glitches. Nokia did spit out the Lumia line pretty quickly after the partnership with Microsoft was inked, and they are still on an aggressive timeline. The company is in trouble, and clearly is trying to strike the balance between getting this phone into people's hands while still maintaining quality.
*My plea to Nokia: I want to see the time/date and notifications without activating the phone. I loved the N9 for that. Please bring that functionality to Lumia.
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on November 19, 2012
What an amazing phone, but the yellow stole my heart. The Windows phones seem to be leading the way when it comes to color, and why not? They are special and unique phones, why shouldn't they stand out? Of all the flavors of 920 you can get, the Yellow is the stand out.

Back to the phone. By now you've heard about how great the case is. I really like the curve that molds the phone to my hand. I'm torn though. The case is strong enough to keep as is, but can I afford to see my yellow phone scuffed? Torn. If I get a skin, it will be clear.

What an OS. The Windows Phone 7 OS was innovative, fast and a breeze to use. The 920 is in all ways even better. No matter the OS you come from, you will love Windows 8. Who would have thunk it that Microsoft would be the lead innovator? Yet we've seen with Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface that it's true.

Get this phone, or a color of your choice. You won't regret it.
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on December 8, 2012
Nokia Lumia 900 was OK, but Lumia 920 will surpass your expectations!

One thing you will love immediately is the Screen. It is gorgeous, bright and crisp!

Windows Phone 8 makes the 920 look even better with all the tiles in the Home Screen. Your home screen isn't just a screen with static icons anymore! Yes, you might not find some of your favorite apps if you are moving from iPhone, but if you are looking for something new, fresh and something that reflects YOU, then you should try Windows Phone. Lumia 920 is a great device to give that chance.

Camera is another feature that you will love! Cinmeagraph is fun! And the photo quality is great!

I did notice few issues with battery and Bluetooth usage. There are also some reports of constant reboots in the Nokia forums, but I haven't experienced those. Nokia Drive Beta app is the culprit that drains your battery like anything! But hey, its a beta app and I think it is expected. With regards to Bluetooth, sometimes it will not connect to my car's Bluetooth. Will have to switch off and switch on Bluetooth to make it work. Just to be clear that these issues might very well be related to the OS and Nokia can fix it with an update.

It does not have a SD card extension but hey you get a massive 32GB storage! You can store a lot of things with 32GB! And with apps like SkyDrive, Box etc., you can keep your contents in the cloud so you can access it across your other devices.

And yes, NFC Tap + Send is AWESOME! :)
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on February 1, 2013
Having had in the past HTC's, Nokia N81 unlocked(which was my favorite and in my opinion the most advanced at the time, expect for iPhones keyless keyboard) iPhones and Samsung galaxy2. I was in the market for an upgrade. Judging from past experiences and researching and reading reviews...I knew I didn't want another iPhone, as many have said not much innovation thru the years(my Nokia N81 had video calling 6yrs ago even thou no carriers in the USA provided the service)yes some tweaks here and there, yes they are lighter but most definitely more fragile. I see many people walking around with cracked screens especially iPhones and galaxy 3s, the one great thing about the iPhone 3GS was it's build and quality it can take a beating and not break.
I was very close to purchasing a galaxy 3 nice looking screen good sound better than iphone 5 in my opnion, but something about the build didn't quite convince me so I decided to wait for the Nokia Lumia 920 and check it out (wasn't ever interested in Samsungs Note 2, way to large). I'm glad I waited for the 920 It feels like a premium device it reminds me of the iPhone 3GS great quality, the screen is beautiful, the color options are great(got a yellow one), Windows 8 OS works great for me the live tiles are a breath of fresh air you run you finger along the screen everything has a smooth feel, great speakers, the Nokia apps are great Nokia music pretty much unlimited music, Nokia city lens is an innovative app, Nokia offline GPS app and on are all free. NFC, Yes finally wireless charging, I lost count of how many chargers I've purchased for my Iphone. Last but not least...the camera it's awesome in dark light conditions its like magic you can't believe it, and it shoots great videos as well with image stabilization...having kids this phone is great don't have to worry about carrying a separate camera.
Some people say the 920 might be on the hefty side, but if you put a case on your phone the weight is about the same, the 920 doesn't need a case checkout the YouTube videos out there.
The App Store doesn't have nearly as many apps available that you can get on a iPhone or Android stores, but I have most of what I need. The OS is new so more apps will be available soon, I can see the difference in the month I've had the device they've multiplied.
Some minor things might need to be tweaked with the OS, but I've been getting updates which is good, they seem to be addressing the issues.
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on December 9, 2012
-The speed is great.
-Beautiful screen and great in sun light.
-Touch screen works in the cold and with ordinary gloves on.
-Great Sound, video and still shots.
-hard uni-body of the phone seems very durable
-tethering is simple to use great to use.


-Customization is lacking can't customize SMS notification tones, system font, etc.
-No reminder LED for missed texts, current e-mails, or missed calls.
-Camera settings - not enough of them.

I have had this phone for about two weeks and I love it. The battery life is great the phone runs lean so it doesn't run the battery down. The screen is beautiful to look at and use. I live in the northeast so it is getting cold and I love that you can use the touch screen while using regular gloves. The colors coming out of that screen are beautiful and vibrant.
The phone is very fast and responsive so it has no problem running the new Windows 8 that it comes with. The camera is very nice and it takes some really nice pictures even in dim light. Voice calls are the clearest and the most noise free I have heard on any smartphone that I have owned so far. The outer shell of the phone is very strong and tough although it is a bit slippery for me at times since I picked the Yellow one. I got it while the offer for the free NFC wireless charger was offered so I have that as an accessory and it is really neat. Like that I can just lay the phone onto the wireless charger and not have to mess with the tiny USB connector for the regular wall charger. The wireless charger seems to take little longer than the wall charger. Overall Nokia has done a good job at the phone design like they have in the past. I owned a Nokia 5160 and that bad boy was heavy but tough as nails. The Lumia 920 reminds me of that toughness.
Now what I don't like about the phone is the lack of features and setting in the software. Yes the Windows 8 tiles interface is easy to navigate and figure out. Yes you can move the tiles around and "customize" where your tiles are on the screen. Yes you can "pin" things and apps to your main screen. What you can't do is really customize the phone to be "for each of us" like Microsoft advertises. You can add special ringtones for your calls but you can't do the same for anything else. You are stuck with the boring and not as loud notification tones setup by Microsoft and Nokia. There is no notification led light on the phone for missed calls either. I could have said that during while I was talking about the hardware but since everything is controlled by software they could have used the software to control some of the navigation lights that are present in the front to notify you that there was a missed call or a message waiting for you - perhaps light up the "windows logo" light to a constant pulse. You can't change the phone's system fonts or much of anything else that you could think of. I am sorry if it may seems petty but if the phone's operating system is advertised to be "for the each of us" that means customization to the max and I don't see it in the Windows phone 8 OS. Add more customization to your OS Microsoft, please, "for each of us".
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on December 4, 2012
This has been the best phone I've ever owned. Previous smartphone use was an iphone4, which is a good phone, but it is boring and stagnant by comparison. I was going to get an iphone5, but think Apple flopped big time on that one and decided to venture into the uncharted windows waters. I am glad I did. The live tiles are very cool, the camera on this phone takes stellar night photos and video, and the customization makes it very cool. Being able to pin tiles to the start screen of the people you contact most is awesome - 1 click and you get a screen where you can text/email/call with just one more click.

The voice activated function works pretty well and the speech recognition is good, especially with microsoft's translator app which is very cool (text and voice translations).

Nokia music rocks as well, you can download upto 4 music collections to use offline and they have very good songs in every collection I've checked out.

Phone feels very solid and the yellow color is a stunner. Screen is bright and vibrant, especially compared to the iphone.

I really like how the e-mail syncs and the way texts look with a black background and white writing.

Battery has to be seasoned in order to work properly - charge to 100%, drain till it turns itself off, charge up to 100%, drain again, then charge back up and you should get full use of the battery. Pretty much everyone is doing this and it is no big deal.

Highly recommend this one. App selection has been pretty good, albeit some local merchants or smaller retailers haven't come on board yet, hopefully they will when this thing takes off.
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on December 31, 2012
The phone has a really great screen, with currently the highest resolution available on any Windows Phone, (and quite high for any phone). The phone is extremely fast and takes great pictures. The yellow exterior is very tough and resists scratching well. I have received many positive comments on the phone's unique color and design. The Windows Phone store is filled with fantastic apps that take advantage of the platform. More apps are released every day and Microsoft and Nokia have been constantly adding improvements and features to this phone. Highly recommended!
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